Valparaiso University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone that is mentally ill that can cause harm and danger to students and faculty.


People who prefer larger schools and classrooms, people who do not want to be surrounded by religion, people who would like to be close to city life, and people who are not prepared to buckle down and focus on school work.


Someone who cannot see past the stereotypes of frat boys and sorority girls should not attend. Lehigh University is a lot more than that. Go deeper. This school rewards you for expanding yourself and for the giving of your thoughtful observations of the educational institution.


A person should not attend this shcool if they are not interested in a liberal arts education. This is a prominent focus at Valpo, and penetrates all fields of study. For example, in my chemistry class, we are asked to write abstracts for our lab experiments. In biology, we write review papers for various seminars and lectures also. If someone is focused on a particular area of study, and feels that liberal arts would add unnecessary "busy-work" to his or her studies, then this school is not for them.


A person who likes to party; this is a dry campus, a smoke-free campus, and a very small and moral community of people. There's no room here for people who want to play around, have a lot of parties, or get involved in the darker side of college. There are parties here, don't get me wrong, and we all have fun, to be certain, but in a healthy and morally acceptable environment.


Someone who wants to be at a big school or in a big city. Someone who wants there to be constant action and partying.


Someone who does not like the cold, or can not get along with other races.


People who are not hard workers because the acedemic standards are higher than many other colleges.


If a person is not very motivated to do well, or if they have no idea what they should do with their life, they probably shouldn't come to Valparaiso. VU has classes and programs to assist a person in discerning what he/she wants to do, but this requires that a person has some idea of what they may want to do. This school is expensive so it is probably best if the student took time to decide what program they would be interested in before they made the decision to come here (just to save some money).


The kind of person that should not attend Valparaiso University is someone who does not want to aspire to be their best or someone who does not want to work hard and receive an amazing educaitonal experience.


Someone who does not like to read, write, or do research. There is much more reading then writing papers at my college and when it is time to write those 10 to 20 page term papers its time to hit the library and internet for hours trying to find enough information to write about.


It is hard to pick a kind of person who should not attend this school because it is a school that offers a wide range of degrees. I would have to say that this school is not for someone who wants the minimum. Valparaiso University is not inexpensive by any means,but it offers a Lutheran spin on things by always looking at life's experiences through a Christan lens. So, Valparaiso University is not for someone who wants the most basic degree and does not want connection and discussion with others about God.


A very free thinker, someone who has a random out look on life.