Valparaiso University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is probably that you are able to make life-long friends there through classes, clubs, and school events. This is also quite easy I think compared to other schools because Valparaiso University is very open and kind toward different cultures and ways of thinking. While obtaining one's degree is quite important, it also very important to make close friends at one's college. They are your family away from home that can help you in any obstacle you may come across at your university.


The best thing about Valparaiso University is the way the professors interact with you. We had such a small class size that it was easy to have class discussions and engage every student. This helps everyone so that they do not become bored and can have an opinion about the topic we are discussing in class.


I love the people that I have met here so far. Also, I like the class sizes and the amount of resources that you have to help you with everything and how accessible the professors are.


The close-knit feel, that is sort of true of the entire community. Everyone seems to be friends with everyone else; everyone knows each other, and things are incredibly calm and peaceful here. That's not to say that there isn't the typical drama, of course, but it's not the focus of t he university. We're all happy here, comfortable with each other. Everyone on campus is a member of my extended family.


My school gives a promising opportunity for a diversified student population. It also maintains its academic standards at a high standard. Last of all, the learning experience is unforgetable. Teachers are very devoted to their students. The same is true when it comes to the students.


The best thing about Valparaiso University is the opportunity to be involved. Even as a freshman, I have become a member of the Premed Club, I am a College Mentor, and I have been involved in many intramural activities. I have also just joined a sorority, which is opening the doors to many more opportunities to be involved. I also love the class sizes at Valpo. All of my professors know my name, and they are always available if I have any questions outside of class.


Close proximity to Chicago, small class sizes, walkable campus, nice dorms, dunes beaches.


The friends I've made here. The academic potential here is great, but it doesn't set itself apart from other similar schools until you meet the people here. I've made good friends with peers and professors, and they have all been wonderful parts of my life.


Class size, concentration on undergraduate studies, acedemics


The best things about this school are the ability to make friends and the small class sizes. It's easier to get to know the professors and talk to them about the course, and get a real answer from them because they know you and your personality.


I love the small classes and faculty who are interested in giving students personal attention.


The personal size of the classes make Valparaiso University an easier environment in which to learn and grow. Small classrooms provide me with the opportunity to participate in discussions more frequently.