Vanderbilt University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Work hard. Play hard.


Work hard and party hard.


Vanderbilt is diversity, hard work, and parties all combined into one prestigous campus.


Vanerbilt is truly an amazing place with teachers who will help you accomplish anything you want in life.


Vanderbilt is an all-around awesome place to be: we have brilliant professors, yummy food, new dorms (for freshmen :) ), fun people, a beautiful campus, Nashville is a fun city, and we have good weather.


Well balanced socially and academically.


Vanderbilt is a very academically strong school but has a very large Greek social scene as well.


Vandy is extremely challenging academically but its also a huge party school. Greek life is huge and runs the social life on campus, but there is a place for everyone. The school makes sure that you are well prepared to get a job out of college and that you are passionate about what you are doing, but the largest aspect is that you have a good time for the four years that you are there.


Vanderbilt is an academically rigorous, extremely social and friendly Southern school.


The stereotypical Vanderbilt student with blonde locks and daddy's money is alive and well. Don't fear, however, if you do not fit this mold. The campus is large enough that students exist with whom you will form fast and strong bonds. Freshmen orientation activities make finding these friends very easy.


Vanderbilt perfectly balances academics and social life; students always get their work done and still love to have a good time.


A very great place to get an education.


Find people you like, choose a major that your intersted in and you'll have fun.


Vanderbilt is a school with good students, good teachers, and a nice campus and worth attending.


beautiful, attractive, wealthy, snobby


It is a fun, demanding, liberal arts school that offers many opportunities without being so big as to make you feel lost.


Strong southern influence in hospitality, traditions, and mannerisms.


Vandy is a school of anomalies: we're a park in the middle of a city, a home to classical music in the heart of the country music city, and a small southern college trying its best to be more diverse.


Flying over Nashville, TN, including shots of the Vanderbilt campus.