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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


For the northerners you will find that many from the northeast/west (LA) are jewish and very wealthy. They do party a lot but you'll def find northerners who stay in and hit the books as well. There are a lot of jewish people. Many northerners only dress the part (i.e. wear sundresses, cowboy boots, pearls) because they're at Vanderbilt not because they actually dress like that There are some typical wealthy country club southerners and they do have their own set of beliefs and mannerisms. They see Vandy as "the Harvard of the South". The prep image is actually what they wear on a daily basis. They do party, but it's a different type of party in comparison to the northerners In general the stereotypes will be fulfilled by some but there are a lot of people who don't fit in these stereotypes. give everyone a chance and you'll find people you like. The student body also has a large portion of very religious kids.


for very few people who go here


For the most part, everything is true. Except the part about Vandy students being smart; most of them just weren't challenged enough in high school so they made good grades or they let athletes in for far lower standards. As always, not everything applies to every single student. There are some good ones out there, too.


To an extent. It's more like an image the students like to try on. I've enjoyed playing up the preppy stereotype on occasion, but I'm far more comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, and I think that's the case for a lot of students.


There is more Old Money on campus than I've seen anywhere else in my life, but there are thousands and thousands of normal, middle-class kids. The stereotype that everyone's a Bible Belt Christian is pretty unfounded; Vanderbilt has a thriving Jewish population, and a pretty visible Muslim community, and I have many friends who are anti-religion as well as those who are very outward about their beliefs and those who are strongly religious or spiritual but keep it all private. No, not everyone is southern, but if you come from a background unfamiliar with southeastern Americans, you will most likely find your peers from that area to be very different from yourself. Everyone will say that you miss out if you don't join a Greek organization; it's definitely a huge part of Vanderbilt's social scene, but it's not as if all the cool kids are Greek and all the losers didn't make it--there are plenty of loser Greeks and plenty of cool non-Greeks, though you can definitely feel the distinction. As a freshmen girl, most people will say, "Oh, when you rush..." as if it's unfathomable that you wouldn't. And as you get older, it doesn't matter what house you're in or even if you're at all involved with your frat or sorority, but it does go noticed if you're not in a house at all and people might wonder why not.


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They are accurate for a large chunk of the student body but the stereotypes also leave out a large chunk of the student body.


Very much so.


This is certainly false. Despite the fact that the student body is less ethnically diverse than most colleges, Vanderbilt still has enough diversity for it to be easily recognizable. Also, the student body is very intelligent, and it's hard to meet someone who doesn't impress you in and out of the classroom.


There are people that fill the sterotype of the school - but it all depends who you surround yourself with.


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very true with a few exceptions


I would like to say no, but these kids are here.


The student body is definitely quite attractive, particularly the ladies?this is not just a rumor. Overall, we are not overly pretentious, although everyone is intelligent here, and knows it. There is definitely a certain Southern elitism that exists on campus. There is also somewhat of a lack of diversity, although, the Vanderbilt population has become increasingly diversified over the past few years.


Relatively true


While there are definitely people that fit the stereotype, you can always find people that don't. Coming here definitely inspires a better wardrobe. Guys and girls alike love the frats. Partying is big, and the girls do love their pearls.


I feel like both are not entirely accurate. While there are plenty of rich vandy girls on this campus, the majority of the girls in sororities have jobs, work hard and don't spend exorbitant amount of money on clothes, partying, etc... But you also have to keep in mind that a lot of people don't receive financial assistance and therefore are able to pay the full price tag of Vanderbilt; therefore, they are more affluent. But that doesn't necessarily make them stuck up. Some of the richest people I know at vanderbilt are the most humble. As for the racism on campus, I feel like it does exist. In fact, it's more prevlaent than most people think. The issue at rand is a good example, and this needs to be addressed in a more direct way.


most are accurate in context, obviously not everyone is like this. Not everyone is blonde, but the general stupid body is fit ( skinny). Coke heads are concentrated in certain groups, but thats everywhere. In my experience its not more than any other college, just the kids hear have money to support it. Football tailgates are more of a social see and been seen event with dresses , button downs and ties. we work hard and play jsut as hard as any party shcool, we just get better jobs when we graduate.


All stereotypes have some basis in truth; yes, there are vanderbilt students who wear polo shirts with popped collars or pearls and sundresses to class, but it's by no means everyone and you are certainly not pressured to do the same. So if you're not preppy, you should have no problem finding people who dress like u to hang out with. Personally, the frat scene is worth checking out, but it gets old. Luckily, we're in Nashville, a good-size city, and you can easily find other things to do than get drunk at a frat house. If you do not drink, dont worry- there's always something interesting to do on campus where you will not feel pressured. Some Vanderbilt students are pretentious, it's true, but there are also snobby students at Harvard, UPenn and the University of Michigan. Look, we're smart and we know it, but that doesn't mean we're all overbearing and obnoxious about it, and the ones who are dont seem to have that many friends... Vanderbilt is socially, racially, and economially diverse. We have cool people of all different backgrounds, you just have to find them.


just like any stereotypes, the stereotypes about vandy arise for a a reason. Although the people who exhibit this sort of behavior are not the majority, a silent majority is not heard.


I would certainly say that there is some truth behind these stereotypes and I would assume that the incoming Freshmen are aware of these things and choose (for the most part) to adhere to them.


While there are a lot of blonde, tan, gorgeous girls at Vanderbilt, they are not necessarily the majority. In fact, a lot of girls at Vanderbilt, even the stereotypical "Vandy" girls feel pressure to live up to this expectation. Not everyone at Vanderbilt is wealthy. While Vanderbilt is not inexpensive, many more people are on financial aid than you would expect.


Some but most are not.


Girls are getting uglier The others are accurate


very much so. most of the people here come from very well off families, little ethnic diversity, appearances are emphasized and most people are attractive (especially the girls), people get their work done but also party quite a bit. it's not as southern as people think, however, and is definitely not as conservative as the location may indicate.


To some extent, but there are many exeptions. This campus is more diverse than it appears at first glance.


As for Vandy girls, there's definitely a ruling image of a rail thin sorority girl. I think there's a little bit of truth in that, honestly -- girls here pay an incredible amount of attention to their appearances. It is rare to find someone walking around in sweatpants, and sundresses are commonly worn to class in the right weather. As the student body has changed to become more diverse, I think the stereotype of typical Vandy kid should change along with it. My guess at the reason why we all still think of Vanderbilt as a school full of rich, southern WASPs is because people tend to self-segregate on racial lines here. People blame the greek system for the racial divide, but I don't know if I agree with that.


some of the students are all of these things, but, largely because of the efforts of the admission office, some students are none of these things.


In some ways the stereotypes are accurate and in some ways not. While the student body does tend to be a little bit more well dressed on average than on other college campuses, not everything about the stereotype is true. In fact the majority of the students aren't from the South and while there tends to be a lot of conservatives on campus, there are almost just as many liberals. And yes, the majority of the students are Greek, but you don't need to be Greek to have a good time. One thing though is for sure, that students at Vanderbilt do work very hard, but partying is a huge part of almost every students life.


I mean, what stereotypes really are? theres a grain of truth in all of them, but not to this extreme.


Most students here are not obnoxious, some are wealthy, many are not.




On some level, they can be - there are definitely Vandy students who fit the stereotypes. But, that's probably true for any school. There are also plenty of interesting, genuine, intelligent and really cool people here. The one stereotype that I think is most true is the amount of wealth here. I come from a very middle-class family, and am awed by some of the excess that many students take for granted.


To some degree, every stereotype is somehow founded on a shred of truth and at Vanderbilt it is no different. There are a number of kids with lots of wealth, but not everyone is rolling in cash. There are many smart and dumb kids, pretty and not so pretty, but on the whole I would say the stereotypes about Vanderbilt are often more accurate than not.


After spending almost a year at Vanderbilt, I can truly say that many of these stereotypes are very far from the true Vanderbilt student body. Although students are smart, wealthy, and pretty, this is far from the universal norm and a lot of diversity does exist. I think that believe stereotype Vanderbilt as being a southern, conversative school in a negative light when in fact that is what gives Vanderbilt its unique atmosphere. Although people do dress up for the football games, it is something that everyone loves to do because it is a special tradition. Stereoypes will always exist, but I wish these stereotypes could portray the friendly and dynamic qualities that Vanderbilt students truly embibe.


Yes, for the most part. Most students are EXTREMELY well-off. Also, most of the students are pretty smart (but there are definitely some stragglers). However, vandy has many 'naturally smart.' Those kids dont really have to work that hard to get the grades they desire whereas many other schools have people that work really hard to get good grades. There are many snobby people because they are from well-off families and dont understand where the rest of the world is coming from.


Agood majority of the campus likes to look good for class (even guys), but it's not like The OC here for the most part. The campus is definitely not overrun by Tennessee hicks. You never hear "y'all" or see cowboy hats, unless there's a theme party that weekend. I don't even know what HOD is. These people barely go to class and take the most elementary courses...they say it's our equivalent to a Business major, but....nah. Even though the Vandy community for the most part is made up of beautiful people, what is commonly overlooked is the fact that everyone here is smart; brilliant, even. Many around Tennessee call Vanderbilt the Harvard of the South, but with friendlier, more diverse people. Vanderbilt is VERY Greek, but is also very welcoming to everyone interested in exploring Greek life. Everyone's invited to the famous frat parties, and almost all girls can get into a sorority if they want to. Work hard, party hard = Vanderbilt University.


I think to a certain extent the "girls with pearls" and "guys with ties" stereotypes are accurate. Personally though, I have always enjoyed getting dressed up and am not really offended by that. However, the mrs. degree is totally false.


I think to an extent they are, but I feel like most schools have a "work hard play hard" atmosphere. Although I haven't seen anyone I would label as a "goth", and althought I feel like Vandy's students generally dress the same and look the same, I feel like there is more diversity on campus then an army of Lily Pulizter clones. I think that students here are hardworking when they need to be and know how to unwind. However, I have friends here that drink moderatly, are completely trashed every weekend (and some weekdays), and some that don't drink at all.


a lot of people fit some of these stereotypes, but they by no means define everyone.


Some of them - tailgating


They are somewhat, We have a really good looking campus. I think the most accurate but probably lesser known stereotype is the high amount of Christians on campus. Nearly everyone you meet is Christian. I'm an atheist and I think I've only met one or two other atheists since arriving at Vanderbilt in the Fall and it's now the middle of March.


School is what you make of it. If you believe these stereotypes then they will be true for you, but you can also choose to ignore them and find your own meanings of Vanderbilt.


Not accurate at ALL. There is such diversity here at Vanderbilt, and I have very close friends that do not fit into any of those stereotypes.


Overall I mostly do not believe these stereotypes to be true. While the majority of the student body is very well put together and concerned with appearance, it is no more prevalent than at other campuses of the same category. The stereotypes associated with Greek life are somewhat more reliable and can be self-perpetuating based on students cross-rushing and being typecast into certain organizations. Other than that my experience at Vanderbilt has shattered many of the stereotypes I had about the school going into my Freshman year.