Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag most about how well the school prepares its students academically. I am now a law student, and even though the course load in law school is certainly more rigorous than undergraduate classes, Vanderbilt certainly prepared me to balance school work with my personal life. The professors at Vanderbilt expected nothing but the best work from their students, and that established a great foundation for my discplined work ethic now in law school. I find the work challenging, but not overwhelming because of the preparation I received at Vanderbilt.


The city of Nashville, the friendly people, happy student body, great atmosphere, accessible professors, classes that you WANT to attend.


I brag about the beautiful campus, the relatively small population, the great city around campus, the small class sizes, the facilities, etc.


I brag about the work hard, play hard mentality of the campus. We've got a lot of smart kids at Vandy, but most everyone knows how to have fun outside of the classroom. People know when to buckle down and study and when to have that "college experience." And when looking to have a good time, there are just so many things to do, both on and off campus. You will never be bored at Vandy.


Since I'm from Chicago, my friends are always jealous of Vanderbilt's weather in the winter. It's also a great university, my teachers are awesome, and the food is pretty good. Freshman dorms are nice, and we get to go to all of the football and basketball games for free.


Vanderbilt is truly diverse in ethnicities, backgrounds, and student interests. After transferring here from Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, I greatly appreciate the wide array of opportunities we as Vanderbilt students are given to get involved in the community and further our academic interests.


Social Scene, City, Eduation, SEC


The beatiful campus, the southern hospitality, the interesting classes, and there is alot to do on the weekends.


The people here are so worldly and are the kind of people that you can really see changing the world one day!!


The academic to social ratio could not be better. Vanderbilt is a work hard, play hard school. Students there are focused and driven to excel at their studies and when they can relax they love to have fun and enjoy the Nashville scene.


Beautiful campus, enthusiastic students, lively social life, strong reputation, challenging but informative classes, strong research environment, strong emphasis on volunteering and community service, wide variety of student organizations. This school will teach you academics as well as essential social/networking skills which other schools don't emphasize nearly as much. Upon graduating, it'll become clear to you that you are much more well-rounded than graduates from other schools that usually fall into either academic or social extremes. Vanderbilt gives very generous need-based and merit-based financial aid, so ambitious overachievers hoping for scholarships ought to apply here.


drink hard with smart kids