Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst and the best thing about my university is the amount of pressure students put on themselves. The students' drive for success causes many to blur the lines between working and over-working. In my opinion, students begin their career at this university excited but very overwhelmed. It takes time to adjust to the balance between school, healthy living, and maintaining a social life.


Not enough diversity


Social life can surround Greek life, but there are other things to do.


The worst thing about my school is cost to attend coupled with the difficulty to obtain additional financial aid options from the school.


Honestly, I cannot think of a single thing that I don't like about Vanderbilt. Sure, some of the people might be snobby, but you get that anywhere.


Stereotypes. Unfortunately, students at Vanderbilt tend to stereotype other students, based on their clothes usually. This is very present on campus, but is not always a negative thing. If you are a confident person, it is easy to overlook what people expect of you based on your appearance. I do not fit the typical "Vandy-girl" stereotype, but that does not bother me, and it has not really affected me as a person.


The worst thing about Vanderbilt is the social dynamic. Vanderbilt is a party school and academically vigarous, so our slogan is naturally "work har, party hard." However, I feel that greek life is an aspect of a university that must die in order for that university to progress academically. Vanderbilt's socially conservative and immature environment really hold it back from rising in the rankings and becomeing an even more outstanding liberal arts college.


The large introductory classes becasue it is easy to get lost in the crowd.


Mediocrity in football.


Vanderbilt is expensive. However, they meet all of your financial need and just implemented a new financial aid policy and did away with all need-based student loans in financial aid packages and replaced them with need-based grants from the school. I'm so pissed they didn't offer that when I attended the school.


Housing. Manditory on cmapus living in substandard conditions espeically for how much it costs compared to housing in the surrounding area.


racial cliques, drinking, a lot of pretty shallow people


Not enough diversity


I consider the worst thing to be the enormous amount s of homework we recieve.


There is a lot of peer pressure to conform to expectations.


The fraternity and sorority scene seems a bit overboard sometimes. As a former member of a sorority, it seems that a lot of times, if you don't belong to the Greek system, you can feel out of place.


Lack of diversity; political apathy; a more conservative atmosphere; hardly anyone is allowed off-campus housing and they try to have everyone stay on campus even though we don't have enough room