Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Northerners: Wealthy from NY NJ MA CT or PA, intend to return back to the North. Party Hard. Jewish Southerners: Wealthy preppy "good ol'boy and southern belle" types. Don't party as hard. Very "country club"


rich, snobby, arrogant


Vandy students are filthy rich, arrogant, elitist douche bags/douchettes. All the girls have eating disorders and care way too much about outward appearance. All the guys are lucky to walk on the same ground as the much-too-attractive female students. Vandy students are smart.


They are all Greek and preppy, with access to Daddy's credit card and a love of labels.


That everyone is southern, that everyone's an evangelical Christian, that there is a lot of 'Old Money' on campus, that you have to go Greek to have a life, that everyone drinks a lot, that it's easy to get A's


Vanderbilt in general is an all around quality school. From Monday morning math tests to Friday night Frat parties, Vanderbilt seems to have a lot going on; at least that is what I encountered during my four lovely years there. The stereotypes people hear about Vanderbilt are usually heard before one arrives on campus as a Freshman or from outsiders you meet along the way. And like most stereotypes some have stretched the truth a little. A few stereotypes that I will touch on are: A) Super Hot Girls, B) Dressing Up for Football Games, C) Wild Crazy Party Scene... Let me begin. Everyone you come across and drop the Vandy name too will many a time reply "Oh cool, lot of hot girls down there huh?" and too which you reply "Oh yeah! That's what I'm talking about." But in the back of your mind you are really thinking "Yeah there are some real hot blonds, buttttt there are many more average looking girls than the American Public doesn't know about, making them the American Public." This isn't a very important point, but something that should aired while the opportunity shows itself. NEXT! It's fall time and time for football. Always a good part of the year for any young co-ed; who doesn't drinking to extreme and pondering the idea of a football in their mind while shotgunning another beer? I did/do! Home games are always a blast at Vanderbilt, people are just generally happier. But with this happiness comes another STEREOTYPE, dressing up for football games. Granted I did it myself a few times, but after a while it became old and seemed a bit silly. There is a lot of "tradition" in the idea and I assume many people think it makes them classy, but in my opinion slugging down PBR and the cheapest Whiskey you can buy ar FrugalMacdougals DOES NOT classify as classy. Although. i say if it makes you happy and you have a better Saturday for it, then go right ahead brother and rock that Vineyard Vines and Country Club Vodka! Wow, I've already wrote too much, so on the third note a.k.a C), the party scene is fun, but the administration is cracking down so FUCK THEM. Make the kids sign waivers or something, just let us party harty, it's COLLEGE!


Vanderbilt students dress very nice everywhere they go and a lot of them are very wealthy. People think that if you go to Vanderbilt you must be very smart and are usually very impressed. Vanderbilt also has a reputation as a school that is very big on partying/drinking and is full of beautiful women.


That they are all really rich smart kids who like to party a lot. It used to be a Southern school but now they are recruiting heavily from the North to get the smart kids but they instead just get the kids from the North who want to party in the South.


The most common stereotype is that we are all rich, racist, elitist Southerners who are where because of our parents' wallets and not because of our own personal accomplishments.


There are a lot of stereotypes about Vanderbilt and Vanderbilt students. The biggest is that it is a very southern school, where all of the girls are blonde southern belles with pearls. It also is looked at as a very wealthy school, where most of the people are stuck up.


That they are rich, upperclass, southerners


all rich, preppy, stuck-up, smart


A lot of people think that we are a bunch of rich, preppy kids that have too much money and too much brain power.


- All the girls are good-looking and blonde - We’re the prissy “smart kids” - WASPy - Lack of diversity


Rich Snobby White Smart Racist


Vanderbilt students are all just a bunch of rich kids here to party for the next four years. The girls here are perfect, always completely put together.


There are stereotypes that all greek students are spoiled rich kids, especially girls in sororities. There is also a lot of stereotypes about racism on campus and which frats are racist.


Work hard/ play hard all the girls are blonde skinny southern belles alot of coke heads we wear dresses and have dates to tailgates for football


Preppy, only social option is greek, a little snobby, not diverse.


rich, ppreppy, stuck up, racist


Vanderbilt is a very Southern school that draws bright students from all over the country. We are a very preppy group of students who "work hard and play hard".


Many people think that all Vandy girls are blonde, tan, and gorgeous. They also make the presumption that everyone is extremely wealthy. There is also the stereotype that Vandy kids work hard and play hard.


That all Vanderbilt students are white, smart and rich.


Girls are very good looking Rich Southerners Southern Ivy Work hard, play hard


Very attractive, work hard play hard attitude, very intelligent, many are members of greek organizations, preppy, wealthy/upper-class, not much diversity, southern


rich, southern, attractive, snooty, don't care about the world, smart


The stereotype of the blond, rich, WASPy Vandy kid still prevails, I guess. The motto here is basically "work hard, play hard" and so there's a pretty big emphasis on going out and having fun after class and on the weekends.


rich, snobby, southern and proper


I guess the typical stereotype of a Vanderbilt student would be that they are ultra-conservative, slightly southern, very preppy, and most likely wealthy. Girls are in sororities and guys are in fraternities, and, while the students work hard, partying is a major part of a students life.


Well there's the one that all Vandy-girls are hot. And locally, theres the stereotype that all vandy students are super-rich and super-nerdy, as if we never leave the library and think that taking shots means taking pictures.


Rich, obnoxious, Southern, beautiful girls, not very good-looking guys, smart, work hard play hard


Preppy, Rich, Intelligent, Attractive, Party Animals


Vandy girls: skinny, rich, fake, catty, and shallow. Vandy guys: preppy, rich, racist douchebags Vanderbilt in general: rich, elitist


General stereotypes of all rich white kids who get to do whatever they want with Daddy's money. Lots of smart kids and attractive kids. Highly conservative place with very few minorities on campus. Highly preppy...


Coming from the North, Vanderbilt was stereotyped as a very southern, conservative school. People think that everyone at Vanderbilt is very pretty, rich, and smart. In addition, people stereotype that every girl has to wear pearls all the time and that you have to dress up for every football games.


Stereotypes would be: smart, rich, somewhat pompous, more social than many of the higher ranked schools


Preppy and totally Southern Big stereotype: HOD (Human & Organizational Development) = waste of a major Everyone's gorgeous, full of dumb blondes Very Greek Work hard, party hard


I think the girls with pearls stereotype is the one that I heard the most about before coming here. Another one that the girls who come here are only at vandy for their "mrs." degree.


Coming from the north, everyone associates Vandy with Lily Pulitzer, pearls, and Polo. My perceptions about Vandy were that everyone was really preppy and superficial. I think the main stereotype involves Vandy's "work had play hard" motto. I think that people associate Vandy with having smart, spoiled students who love nothing more than getting completely wasted (at frats)on the weekends, and weekdays.


rich, southern, preppy, smart


Mrs. Degree Everyone is really good looking Getting dressed up for football games Very preppy


Rich preppy guys and Hot blondes


We are all stuck up rich kids. We blow a lot of coke. Everyone is blond and preppy. People are book smart but lack common sense.


The biggest stereotype is probably rich, white, southern students.


Vanderbilt students are stereotyped as "work hard, party harder" and attempting to become a New Ivy. Within the school, students are futher stereotyped based on undergraduate school, Greek affiliation, dorm, etc. Students within Peabody are viewed as having a much easier coarseload than the rest of the student body. There are oftentimes negative stereotypes associated with members of Greek life, especially with the stereotypically most "popular" stereotypes such as being superficial, blonde, and relatively bitchy. The general Vandy student is viewed as being well dressed, outgoing, and conservative.