Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is intellectually curious and willing to work hard and to learn. Someone who will appreciate the warm and friendly people and be willing to treat others in the same way. Someone who wants to take advantage of a manageable city that is fun, easy to navigate and full of great music.


You should attend this school if you like to have a balance between acadmics and social life. The attitude at Vanderbilt is "work hard, play hard". Students take their class work very seriously, but also want to have fun. The campus is friendly and people work together in classes by sharing study guides and studying together. In addition to acadmics there is always something fun to do on campus. There are fraternity parties, tailgates, football games, basketball games, philantropy events, and restaurants nearby. You should attend if you are serious about , but also want to have a fun college experience.


The type of person that should attend Vanderbilt is one that is driven, intelligent, and social. He has to have a passion for his school and his school's teams, an outgoing personality and the determination to do everything that is required of him in the classroom and more.


Only people with a strong work ethic should attend this school. If you don't keep up with the workload it is easy to be overwhelmed. Other than that, this school is accomodating to most lifestyles.


People who want to go to a respected institution (on a beautiful campus) and get a great education, but simultaneously live in a fantastic city and have a great time socially.


Anyone with with a serious work hard, play hard attitude.


Smart, Creative, Hard Workers


Someone who likes to work hard and play hard.


Someone who is willing to hold onto their identity and self-security.


Someone who enjoys learning and playing. Vandy has the best of both worlds.




A very motivated a very social person. We have a very strong greek system.


Someone who is interested in working hard and getting a really good education. Don't come to Vanderbilt if you don't want to put in the hard work. You have to wokr hard to get a B and really hard to get an A. You have to know how to manage your time well because it will quickly fill up with social events and other activites and clubs that you really have to plan in enough time to study.


Someone who is driven to succeed, but interested in having an active social life.


Students who want to work hard and play hard, who want college to be a time of fun because they know they're going ot have really buckle down when they get a job.


Anyone who lives by the work hard, play hard mantra will love Vandy. There is not typical Vanderbilt student. Anyone who is friendly, driven, and likes to get involved can find a niche here.