Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Each college tries to determine who should attend during their acceptance process, and Vanderbilt University seems to do a very good job. In my opinion, the kind of person who should not attend Vanderbilt is one who is unmotivated, anti-social, or intolerant. Vanderbilt is a challenging school, so determination and a good work ethic are essential. The freshman experience is designed to help new students make friends and become involved in campus life, but like anything, this is a two-way street. Lastly, the student body at VU is diverse, so you need to be able to embrace that.


You should not attend if you are cut throat and competitive about academics. There is a community feeling to Vanderbilt and people believe more in sharing then competition. You should not attend if you are extremely liberal or want a small campus/student body.


Hard working, focused, self-motivated, career oriented


Someone who is looking for a light academic experience. It is a school known for academic excellence and involves a great deal of rigor. It isn't a school for the student who is academically challenged. One needs the intellectual horsepower to pull through.


People who don't study.


Someone who doesn't want to get involved on campus, gets stressed out easily, hates the South, and doesn't like to dress up occaisionally. People that are generally high strung probably wouldn't do well at Vanderbilt.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is the kind of person who has no innate self-discipline. Many of the professors do not tediously monitor the completion of your assignments. Thus, if you do not hold to your own standard of excellence it is easy to fall behind when it comes time for the big test or paper that determines your grades.


someone who doesn't understand/ accept southern views




Someone who is not prepared to work hard and play hard.


boring, not smart, lazy, antisocial


Someone who doesn't want to have to work for their grades


someone overly liberal who cannot take a conservative balance; the type of person who would go to Oberlin.