Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Vanderbilt is that everyone here is just as driven as you are; while we love to have fun, everyone at Vanderbilt has their own dreams and goals and puts their work first. This is a great atmosphere to have, because it keeps everyone else on track academically, but also allows us to take those crucial study breaks and spend a few nights with friends to make the college experience more enjoyable.


Most people are nice


The people are by far the best thing this school has to offer. You will meet some of the most diverse, talented, and inspiring people in your life. The most amazing part is that in this diverse, vibrant community, you will also find friends who share a surprising amount in common with yourself, in addition to enough differences to challenge you to grow as a person. Due to its students, this university has such an active extra-curricular community that encourages lasting friendship and personal growth in terms of social and leadership skills.


It was a concern of mine coming from a small high school that I would not be able to ask questions if I did not understand but here the professors are really approachable and helpful. In general the faculty and staff here are very friendly.


Vandy's a beautiful campus with trees and quads and green everywhere. You would never even realize that you're a five minute ride away from the heart of downtown. It's the best of both worlds really. I'd have to say one of my favorite spots on campus is Central Library...Just kidding. It's Memorial Gym on basketball game days. There's nothing better than being in the student section when Kentucky or Tennessee comes to town. I, along with many other students, live for basketball season.




Vanderbilt's location allows its students to practice independent living without all the perils of big-city living. Nashville is a good location.


Financial aid. You will receive full-ride if you don't have money to pay for college.


I think the best thing about the school is the quality of the classes offered and the professors who teach them.


All of Vanderbilt is amazing. Attending university there was the best decision I ever made. The vibrancy of the campus is tangible. The student body is enthusiastic and welcoming. The campus lawn is well-manicured and there are always a beautiful array of flowers in bloom. Vanderbilt students pride ourselves on working hard and playing hard, so there are always people willing to study with you, and then go out and enjoy the music scene available in Nashville. The campus itself is like a dream.


One of Vanderbilt's greatest strengths is its student body and the fact that the administrators recognize this. When the University makes key decisions, it really looks for student input, which is so important. Four young alumnis elected by the student body serve on the Board of Trust to provide a student perspective about key university decisions. Another example was the way that the university consulted students when constructing the five new Houses for the First-Year Commons. A committee was established to make recommendations. Similarly, the student government has a great working relationship with many campus administrators.


Vanderbilt is a really balanced school. Its the perfect size, it is in Nashville but it is still definetly its own community. People say at Vandy the students work hard and play hard. There is a good mixture of academics and social life including extra cirricular activites.


I love the academic status of my school.


The social scene and the fact that it has a national arbitorium


I think the best thing about Vanderbilt is its combination of hardworking students who can also have a good time. Although the campus leans more toward academics, students are still concerned about sports and extra curricular activities.


StudentVU video about the annual Vanderbilt gingerbread-house building.


Living-wage rally at Vanderbilt.