Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The most amazing school with warm and welcoming staff and students that makes you feel like you are a part of a family and not just a number


If I had to descibe vanguard in one sentence I would say that vanguard is tight knit community. Vanguard puts an emphisis on creating bonds and reaching to others. Thier goal is to have every student find thier place with in the school becuse they believe every student that steps foot on thier campus has a place.


It is a small, Christ based school located in OC.


Vanguard is home. When I first visited, I knew this was the school for me because it had the feeling of being a home not just a campus. The community here is amazing and the people here become like your family.


My school is filled with helpful people and advisors.


Differently balanced, fun, challenging, and accepting.


Vanguard is truely a great community.


My school has good quality academics as well as friendly staff and students.


Vanguard is a fun filled place to grow and encounter new experiences.


A welcoming university that values academics as well as each students spiritual, emotional, and over-all well-being.


It is a decent campus that works hard to make do with what it has. It tends to overspend and overlook certain student needs, but worth the tuition.