Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are like my own little family that I can talk with about my personal or school problems.


Eager to learn.


My classmates are friendly and helpful.


Vanguard Univerisity is home tostudents who are active learners, who love to express their opinions, and who have a wide variety of ideas and because of this I am proud to call them my classmates.


I can not comment on this as I yet to Transfer.


For instance, In my Theology 101 class, I pretty much get along with everyone knowing that we discuss how God created the heavens & the earth. In Cornerstone class, It has to do with writing & teach us how to get better and improve at writing , I tend to get along with everyone because not all of my classmates have the same mind set, but we try to understand each other what one is trying to say as in having a discussion or an argument on a topic and we all get into it.


They are friendly and also help to keep me accountable in my studies and life actions.


The students at Vanguard university are the leaders of this generation, and approach all areas of life with passion and excellence.


My classmates are fun loving with a great sense of community service both local and abroad.


We become a family within the classroom, and outside the classroom. Its amazing to meet them because you become really close friends in the end, and through the years here at school.


My classmates are fun, loving, supportive, and friendly.


My classmates are friendly and inviting.


The school is mainly white; the second largest group is probably Hispanics, then African Americans. Even though the school is located in Orange County, I am sad to report there is probably about 2 Asians on campus. There is almost no homosexual population at Vanguard-and those that ARE don't come out about it. Socio-economic backgrounds are very diverse. I don't think anyone would feel out of place at Vanguard. Everyone is so accepting and friendly, as said earlier. Though there aren't many gay people, and it's technically against school code, people would still be loving towards you if you were. There's no judgement at all. This is not a "bible belt" sort of school. :) Almost everyone at Vanguard is from California, though there are some from various other places like Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and even as far as East Coast, as well as international students. Students are fairly politically aware and active, though not extremely. A majority of Vanguard students are very conservative, though there are quite a few liberals too. No I've never heard anyone talk about how much they'll earn one day.... that's just a really weird question...


To into themselves.... completely selfish


my classmates are helpful, understanding, smart, funny, and outgoing.


A community of family that are always willing to help each other out and walk through life with one another!