Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Vanguard academics are GREAT. Not only do we have wonderful acadmeics, but we also have a pretty light homework load--unless you're a biology major. A majority of students are religion majors but the theater and film majors are well known for their excellence. Most of the other majors are wonderful too though. The only programs that are less-than-adequate are the math majors and art minor. They're actually doing away with the math major soon. The art minor just started though, so it may improve in coming years. My major-business- is also a very good program, though so far there has been a lot of classes I haven't enjoyed a whole lot- namely computer applications and accounting, but they are still very helpful as far as job training goes. I am looking forward to higher level business courses :). By the way-the best business teacher I've had so far is Stachowiak-she's wonderful :) and now she's my academic advisor! :) Teachers at Vanguard are very accessible as well as helpful and understanding. The most well known and liked professors are Camery-Hoggatt, Roberson, Robinette, and Marley. At least those are the ones that come to mind right now. I have only met one professor so far that I really haven't liked-DON'T TAKE GAULT!! It seems like most students study alone, though depending on how hard the class is and what your major is, group studying will occur as well. Biology majors, for example, are often very connected, and are often found studying together in the hallways. There's quite a bit of class participation, depending on the class of course. Classes like sociology are obviously more hands on while some classes, like New Testament involve more listening than anything else-though all classes are equally enjoyable--except for a select few general ed. classes. I wouldn't say that many students have intellectual conversations outside of class. At least in my friend groups. Though I think religion majors do have quite a few deep spiritual conversations. I haven't yet taken any really unique classes, though I am planning on taking Human Sexuality soon. I will say that my favorite class so far has been New Testament because the teacher is AMAZING. I unfortunately haven't spent a lot of time outside of class with my professors, though I want to start doing that, and a lot of other students do it. Vanguard's academic requirements are fairly reasonable. There are ALOT of required religion classes, but it's not too bad, and the ones I've taken so far are enjoyable. In fact, if you take two extra religion classes, you can have a religion minor. I feel Vanguard has an equal balance between learning for learning's sake and job geared education.