Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst about Vanguard University of Southern California is the cost of tuition for it is extremly expensive. Makes it a lot more difficult for students to be able to attend.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of privacy. Vanguard works very hard to ensure that every student feels accepted and open to the people around them. It makes for a friendly atmosphere but there is a sacrifice, which is the privacy available to the students. Everything is expected to be shared with your fellow peers. This can create strong bonds with others but can also be an invasion of your personal privacy. Someone who is an introvert will have a difficult time at this school.


Honestly, the worst thing about Vanguard is the location. Don't get me wrong we are like ten minutes away from the beach but unless you have a car, you're pretty much stuck in th VU bubble. The fairgrounds are right across the street but it gets expensive to go there every weekend, Circle K, Starbucks, Subway, and Jack in the Box are the only things within walking distance.


Again, I think my school is great but the cost of the meal plan and the quality of the food is not that great. I know this may seem like a minor detail, but paying $500 a month for food is slightly ridiculous, a family of four doesn't pay that much. I provide for myself, my mom does not work and does not support me so I have to support myself. I don't want to put a whole month's paycheck towards food. In my opinion, there are more important things to put that money towards.


Students are given wash cards to load money into them; that’s the only way we could use the washing machines. The worst thing about Vanguard would be the inconvenience of not being able to load money into the wash cards to do laundry. There is times where the wash card machines are not working, and it could be frustrating when all the wash card machines are out of service. Therefore many students cannot do laundry if they don’t have any money on their wash cards.


the price


The worst thing can sometimes be the best thing at the same time. Vanguard is a very small university and that can be frustrating but while that is hard there are moments when I would never consider going to a school larger than Vanguard because of the small and welcoming community.


It is too conservative.


Probably the business side of things - they ran into some major debt and decided to try to hide it until they couldn't any longer.


The small science labs do not focus strongly on research.


Although we have an excellent athletic program and great school spirit, our athletic venues are lacking due to available funds. Some teams have to go off campus for practice and our gym is really small.


The worst thing about my school would probably have to be the cost of tuition. It costs almost $34,000 a year. Scholarships help most students but for those of us with middle class families loans are our best option.


The worst things about Vanguard is that we know we are a "holy huddle." We are such a strong community that we don't always assimilate well into the surrounding areas in Orange County. We can do mission trips around the world and do outreach work, but it's hard for us to make friends outside Vanguard who live in Orange County.


Miscommunication. Some of the departments don't communicate well with each other and the students and it ends up being a lot of extra work and grief to get, what should have been a simple task done.


Financial Issues, they are not handled well


I just dislike the meal plan they have here. Last year they were more relaxed about who you could get in and feed, this year you don't get to do that and you're only allowed a certain amount of meals a week.


the cost! its the worst because its the number one reason people leave, cant stay, or dont even come. its an amazing school but it cost sooooooooooooooooooo much.


the school's funds. It is a christain school therfore it does not recieve money from the State.


The limited food choices between the cafeteria and the one extra food shop. Need more options especially for those who do not live on-campus!