Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


What I love about Vanguard is how close everyone is. When I got here freshman year, everyone was SO accepting of me. Being somewhat of an outcast in junior high and high school, I was surprised how friendly people were. People will literally come up to you and introduce themselves if you're sitting alone at lunch- or even just in line for food at the caf. And EVERYONE holds the door open for you--even girls, which is really sweet. One time when I got my printer in the mail, I was struggling to carry it to my class, and someone that I didn't even know just offered to help me. Vanguard is really small though. If you mention that you go to Vanguard to people outside of Vanguard, they will typically never have heard about it, and you will have to explain that it is a small private school, and not a technical school or community college. The campus itself is extremely small, and if you don't have a car, it's easy to feel very closed off from the world (the 'Vanguard Bubble' as it is termed by students). I myself don't have a car, but I use my bike and the public transportation to get around as much as I can. Even then, I don't get off campus nearly as much as I'd like to. I am currently saving up for a car. :) I am also getting more involved in a nearby church (but not TOO nearby). On campus, I usually end up spending my time in my room or in my friends rooms, though I can often be found outside on a bench reading or doing homework, or in the Library. Most people hang out in the cove- which has a really nice coffee shop feeling to it. Vanguard administration and services have often been criticized as being inadequate. Just last year, there was a huge scandal about the school spending too much money which ended in a change of president, and budget cuts such as taking out the computer lab (which a lot of students are enraged about-and rightfully so) The financial aid office is known for being heartless and unhelpful, but they still manage to hand out really great financial aid packages. The cafeteria is also notorious for questionable food and service. However, they have made a huge effort to make it fairly healthy, and there are quite a bit of options. But if you are eating there for every meal it gets boring really fast. Breakfasts are the best because the cooks make a mean omelette. :) The school pride at Vanguard is almost non-existant. There is no football team and no cheerleading squad, and therefore no spirit whatsoever. No one except for athletes themselves ever dress up in school colors for anything, and there are no set spirit days.