Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Vanguard University prides itself on being a college that treats students like people not simply numbers. Someone who wants a great education but also wants to feel cared about specifically should attend this school. The faculty and staff at VU invest personally into each and every one of their students, so it is a wonderful environment to learn and to grow.


People who enjoy a famil Environment and are willing to work hard and focus on their studies. At Vanguard University the teachers are as interested on your success as well as you are. If they see that you are struggling they are willing to reach out to you and help you in any way they can. Any person who is dedicated to their study and would like to be held accountable is more than welcomed.


It is a Christian school so I would say mostly Christians attend the school but it is a university that is highly recommended and for anybody. It is just very expensive.


Anyone who is looking for a strong program with a strong emphasis on the spiritual side of things.


Any type of person should attend this school it has great professors the education is great.


A person willing to have an open mind but also willing to have God work in their life.


A person who wants to learn and have access to diversity. People who would want a Christian orianted school.


The type of person who wants to be a part of an amaing community, that wants to grow in their relationship with God and be able to find out what they want to do for the rest of their life or excel in what they already want to do. Someone who wants to be a part of a small campus by the beach.


a person that is looking to grow in all areas of there life. Spiritually, physically, mentally, etc . someone who is ready to learn and really grow up. Last a person who likes the beach but can stay focused when the time comes. someone serious about just livin life.


I would definitely encourage Christian believers to attend Vanguard no matter what stage you are in your faith. Drinking is not allowed on campus, so people who will respect the rules and are not looking for colleges as an out for partying. I also would reccommend someone who can balance academics and their social life equally. The social aspect is really important at Vanguard.


Anyone who really wants to be part of a loving community where you grow and learn. This is not the place for people who just want to party, drinking and such is not allowed. But for those serious students who want a good environment to learn in and to work towards making this world a better place then this is the school for you!


A person who wants to achieve more then a diploma, who wants to have life skills not taught at other schools and to get a different kind of education.


Someone who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and wants to grow deeper in their foundation with him and in their career choice. Someone who is outgoing, likes to make friends, likes challenges and is community oriented. Someone who enjoys making deep friendships and likes a smaller more personal environment. Someone who wants to attend a smaller school, and who is comfortable with the emphasis on school spirit and community.