Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Be brave and not afraid to step outside the box and get involved and make friends


Don't pay any attention to the boys, and read all the books you're supposed to. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, just do what you want to do. Learn how to sleep with the lights on and learn how to make a meal out of leftovers.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to not be afraid to fail. The transition from high school to college comes with many different challenges. The most important part is to not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and and accept those challenges. To fail doesnt mean that all hope is lost. It means that you did a brave which is to step out and try.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is that I would take more interest into classes I took in high school so that I can have a better chance of getting into more colleges. I would focus more on planning and organizing my life for the big transition. I would prepare for a whole new life especially because you're living on your own and you need to be able to support yourself, financially, emotionally and mentally. There are people who are there to help you and you should take advantage of getting the help you need. The main piece of advice is to focus and prioritize on what work needs to be done.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would make her sit down. I would tell her the great adventures that will take place and about the boy who will steal her heart, but most importantly, I would tell her that you ae there to learn. Yes, there will be times when you want to ditch the old smelly textbooks for the feeling of sand between your toes and salty hair, but don't. Stay in your room and study for Sociology and actually read the textbooks. It is so easy to get distracted and forget that you have a midterm worth thirty percent of your grade but you are in college to learn and be successful, this is your future that is at stake. You are the first in yout family to make it this far, don;t give up and please, don't throw it away. Time will fly by and before you know it, you will be walking the stage and onto bigger and better things. Have fun kid, just not too much fun.


This is an exciting time in your life, I know that right now it seems very stressful and scary, but there will be times of great excitment and joy too. I want to encourage you to be involved and take chances. You are going to miss your family and friends back home, but try not to go home on the weekends. Stay at school and go to your floor events, don't be afraid to get to know people, because you will find life-long friends there. This is a time where you are going to discover more of who you are, what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to do in life. You will get out of your experience whatever you effort you put into it. Most importantly, and this is one I think most people learn the hard way, is remember to take care of yourself before you try to take care of others. Be honest with yourself and don't be afraid to ask for help, you will be surrounded by people who love you. I am really excited for you and this new adventure, I know how much you like adventures!


If I could hop into a time machine and go back to High School I would first go with right mindset. Starting my freshman year I was all about the social aspect of high school, hanging out with friends and flirting with boys. My focus was nowhere near getting an education. It reflected on my transcript. My sophmore year wasnt much different. My junior i started realizing that I needed to get into college and put a little more pep in my step. My senior I really kicked it into gear. But througout my high school career I never gave 100 percent. That's the number one advice I would give to high school self. Always give your 100 percent in everything you do whether it be school or sports. Dont worry what others think or say of you because you need to realize that your not in school for them. In the end you will probably never see them again till your college reunion and what will you have to say for your self then. High school prepares you for college, and collge prepares you for the the rest of your life. Think of high school as a cornerstone.


The advice i would give myself is to start thinking ahead and working on scholarships to pay for school. It can be pretty expensive to go to school and follow your dreams but there are organizations out there who do try to help you out through scholarships you just have to look for them and be persistant.


I would of made better grades


If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would say prepare for the most important step in your life. College is all about getting your degree and pursuing the career of your dreams, and college gives you that opportunity. When you go to college, you must be prepared. You need to apply for as many scholarships, loans, and grants as you can. It is important to have as much money as possible to cover your college expenses because college is very expensive; however, it is well worth it. Choosing the right degree for you is essential as well. Most college students end up changing their major and have to start over; therefore, it is wise to choose the right degree and stick with it. Preparing for the most important step in your life is the advice I would give myself if I was a high school senior again.


“Do not stress out!” This statement would be the first thing out of my mouth. I have a tendency to over think, which in turn leads to creating problems that do not really exist; this in turn leads to me experiencing excessive stress. As I was preparing for college, I found myself feeling unprepared for college life. I had never been away from home for more than a week and I felt that my high school classes were not challenging enough to prepare me for college. I also was not the most social person in high school so I also worried about not making any friends. Now that I have been at college for almost a year I find that I was worried for nothing. Sure it was strange not having my parents’ right down the hall but it was also a great growing experience. Also, my teachers did a great job in preparing me for what college would be like. Lastly, I have made some amazing friends. So remember “historic” me, don’t stress, you are going to be fine.


I would tell myself to better prepare myself. I know that if I had applied myself I would be either going to College of Idaho or University of Idaho. Also, that I shouldn't have let the amount of going to these colleges scare me. That I should have applied for all the help I could get. Right now I'm attending community college which I think was a good choice because it helped me stay used to going to school. But I promised myself my freshman year that I would transfer out in order to make my career dream come true. Since I was little I’ve wanted to be a lawyer and I know that I have to have my bachelor degree to get into law school. I was lost but now I’m determined to make that come true and I would really appreciate getting this scholarship. I will work my hardest and make it worth being picked to receive this scholarship.


If I could give advice to my high school self, I would tell myself to take high school as seriously as possible. I would tell myself rather than take electives and easy classes senior year, take classes that will mean more and be more helpful in my college career. Instead of taking Floral Design, Environmental Issues, and Early Childhood Education, I should have taken more foreign language classes or more math classes. I would want myself to know that taking those classes would be more helpful in my future than the electives that I took. College life would be much smoother and easier for me if I had taken my senior year of high school more seriously than just taking electives and taking the easy way out because of "senioritis". If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to straighten up and take senior year seriously, because it would pay off more in the future.


First off, I would have put more interest in taking the AP exams. Being a high school student, I got lost in friends and sports and was not even thinking about college until my last six months of high school. With that said, I would have tried to prepare myself more by looking into schools ahead of time, visiting them, and applying for more scholarships. Secondly, I would tell myself to spend more time accepting the fact that I might actually have to leave home, so that when the time comes I would be prepared and ready to face what the kind of curve balls the world would throw at me. Lastly, I would try to relax and enjoy my last year of being a senior, but still be motivated and diligent to get my school work done. In doing so, it would better my chances to getting accepted into all of the colleges that I applied to.


Time is valuable; it’s something you can never get back. In saying that, learning to allocate and balance your time is an imperative thing you should do. Procrastination can get the best of you and if you’re not organize e.g. homework, studying, projects, etc. it can all catch up eventually and leave you overwhelmed. That also goes for doing stuff at the last minute. If you know you have a project or research report paper due in a couple weeks or months, don’t wait until the last minute to do so. It can cause unnecessary stress and professors will know if you rushed on your assignments, its evident in what you turn in. When given the assignments, its best to start working on them little by little every day. Being in college is totally different than high school. Meaning you are accountable for everything you do; turning in homework, taking notes effectively, studying effectively, and asking for someone’s notes if you’re absent. Not only is college a great experience, it’s a place that determines what type of future you will have. Make decisions wisely and make the best of it.


work hard because it will pay off in the end


I would tell myself to step outside of my comfort zone a little bit more and make new friends. I would advise myself to stay up later for those late night talks, keep a steady job during college, and work hard at everything I put myself to. I would say to get creative both in my academic life, as well as eating in the Caf. I would also say to not waste valuable time, this is time I won't be getting back, so take up a hobby for those times when I have nothing to do, and challenge myself in a new and potentially unfound skill. But mostly, I would tell myself to not be afraid. Be fearless.


My high school self never gave much consideration to college. At the age of 15, I was advised to leave the world of education behind by my high school counselor. He claimed that "some people just weren't meant for an education". I believed him and gave up any hope of higher learning... or of any sort of academic education at all. I dropped out of school and dove headfirst into a full time job. Looking back, I wish I could have told my younger self that no one is incapable of learning. That everyone and anyone is 'meant' for an education, if they are lucky enough to have one offered to them. I would have told her that no one person, besides herself, could judge her abilities with any true conviction. Chiefly, I would have explained to her that she was capable of ANYTHING that she put her mind to, as long as she was willing to put some real effort towards that goal. Despite the setbacks I encountered after leaving high school early, I have proven that I am indeed very capable of an education. High grades and my newfound love of learning have made that quite clear.


I am currently attending Frederick Community College; I am in my third year. I will be graduating with my associates degree in general education/ undecided. I now know that when I attend Salisbury in the fall of 2012 I will be majoring in marketing. I would go back in time and tell myself that marketing is what I will end up majoring in in the future so I didn’t waste my time with all of the other unnecessary classes. I would have also told myself to take FIVE classes instead of four! I believe this is the main reason that set me a year back. I will now be graduating college a year later than I should be because of this. I learned one important thing about myself which is I can handle more than I expected! I hope I will be chosen for this scholarship. Thank you very much.


Dear Marina, I know that you are anxious to get out of high school and move on with your future, but I want you to be proactive and take time to focus on what you want to do and where you want to be. You have a habit of leading with your heart and not your head so I want you to remember that you can use both when you make decisions. As you are about to go into college it will be easy to forget what you have learned but I would like to encourage you to hold on to your values and keep in touch with your family so that you can remain grounded as the world tries to shake you. FInd friends that will uplift you and support you. Stay away from people who want to use you and break you down. Do your best to get involved so that you are not wasting time being bored. Try to focus on other people and not just yourself and your own problems. Don't be lazy, get a job and help yourself. You have a lot of potential when you go somewhere new. Love youself and others.


If I could go back in time to talk to my High School self about college, I would say many things. First, I would say is, “Don’t let others change your decision on where to go for college, choose what best suits you rather then what makes others happy.” I would also tell myself to, “Make sure you get involved with the school. That means sports teams, school activities, living on campus, and making your presence known at the school.” Next I would tell myself to, “Work hard and do not slack off because it can only hurt you in the end. Your education is important and with the money you are spending on school be sure to make it worth your time.” The final thing I would tell my High School self would be “Make the best of your experience, and don’t hold back. This is your opportunity to get a fresh start, to be whomever you want to be, and leave the past behind.” If I could go back to talk to my high school self I could only hope that I would listen to the advice given because it could make a world of difference.


Focus in on a major as quickly as possible. Limit your social activities in order to maximize study time. Prepare for each class prior to attending class, doing so shows your instructor that you are taking your education and their class seriously. Set realistic monthly and quarterly goals.


The most important thing I have recieved out of my college experience is growth. I have grown academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally and professionally. College has opened my understanding to fresh perspectives and allowed me to experience a broad range of ways to do and understand all aspects of life. Without this knowledge, I was unable to make the best decisions for my life or to contribute to the lives of the people I influence. Classes have given me practice at using my resources to meet the everyday challeges that I face. Internships in my field of study and community service have opened my eyes to the vast need around me and given me practical ideas on how I can make a difference in my community. College fills the yearning in my heart to grow and has placed a desire in my heart to help the communities that I come in contact with have the same privilage. As an educator, college has been valuable to me because I developed a love for learning that I can share.


I, like many others my age, thought I knew everything about life during my last year of high school. Thinking I was prepared for all the obstacles that living a truly adult life would bring, I soon realized that I was only prepared for a miniscule amount of what the future really held in store. At the age of eighteen I chose to attend Shasta College, a community college in my area. I had been offered scholarships to certain schools and had received acceptance letters from a few universities as well, but I was not quite ready for that...considering that, at the time, my major was undeclared. Now, at nineteen (going on twenty), I am about to graduate with my AA in humanities at Shasta College and move on to Sacramento State to get my BA in journalism and communications. Going to college made me realize what I wanted to do with my life. I discovered just how crucial receiving an education is. With the current state of our economy it is especially crucial. Overall, I could not be more grateful for my choice to attend college and what it has done for me in the long run.


I could list hundreds of different things I have gotten from my college experience such as the ability to wake up early enough to get to the shower first, or the knowledge that a fire alarm at three in the morning is not unusual. However, the most significant thing I have gotten from my college experience is truly realizing how important education is. It may seem cliché to say I have learned to love learning, but that is the truth. To most is it a simple idea: knowledge is power. Yet, seeing it from inside the walls of my campus gave me some perspective on it. The strength that comes with knowledge has become so clear to me; I have encountered professors, staff members, and students who use what they have learned in intelligent and beneficial ways around the world. My appreciation for knowledge and my enthusiasm for education increases with every semester. Now, I can discuss topics with my friends that previous to college I never knew existed. Thinking about all the new things I will learn next semester is so exciting because when I learn something and internalize it, no one can take that away from me.


What I have received from the college that I am currently attending, is a sense of responsibility. The choices that I make, will affect the grade I receive as a student. I have been taught it not how “smart” you are but the amount of study and hard work, I put into my education. In doing so, I can achieve success in my classes and in life. Attending college also has allowed me to grow and mature. College is giving me a great life experience, and it may be difficult at time, in the long run it will pay out dividends.


Having to attend meeting for different puposes, attneding church services and having to realize that there is so much to do here at this University and having friends, professors, counselors, and the faculty having the support that they have given in order for to accomplish all of my goals and dreams so I can be someone in life and be a successful person that I can be. To attend this University has been valuable to me because I have seen the hand of God moving in so many different ways on this campus where Christian students get to worship, serve, and love one another, but also having the strength tomove forward and reach to others who don't have the motivation because they can either be having family issues or problems in their life, but there is one whi can change all of that, and that is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour.


I have officially made the jump from being a teenage high school student to an employed, college, adult student. This transition into the college world has prepared me for the rest of my life. My college experience so far has allowed me to see what may be in store for me in the next several years. Starting off at a four year college instead of a community college has also been a very exciting experience. I do not have to worry about transfering anywhere at this point, and it's easier to make lasting friendships knowing that you'll be with the same people for the next four or more years. My college has shown me the benefits of a private school, but also the downsides to it. I now have a more open view to the different types of colleges that could be more useful in my life than this college, and I plan to seek out those other options if need be.


My colledge experience has propelled me in life in the sense of just becoming a better person, and stronger man. I thank God for my school cause its giving me direction in life, and something to strive for, so with blessing that i have recieved i now turn back and give to others in whatever way in can. In a nutshell what i gotten out of my colldege experience so far is that , though life may not go as plan, always give it your best cuase you may not who is watching.


Out of my experience in college I have gained not only knowledge but also how to perservere through struggle and tough times. There have been hard times in which I feel like I have no energy to continue studying but with the help and encouragement of my teachers and friends I have been able to perservere. For example , I have never been good at US goverment , in highschool it was one of my hardest classes. However, my teacher one time came upto me and asked me if there was a problem and i told her the truth that I have a hard time with this class. In response she offered to help me and suggested books that would help me. I searched for the books and continued the class. My teacher kept on encouraging me as well as my friends, and I passed the class. This experience is valuable to me because it taught me that when troubles coe in life instead of quiting I should look to good counsel and continue trying without giving up because the reward is worth the effort.


From my college experience, I have gotten a new outlook on the diversity of people and education. Growing up in a small area, I've only been around very few types of people. Attending college away from home has allowed me to look past my tunnel vision on what is considered "normal." College has also given me a stronger appreciation for education. When I walk into my classes and see my instructors, I'm suddenly overcome by a drive that makes me want to learn as much as I can in that time given. My college has been valuable to attend because it shined a new light on the way I saw things in life. If it wasn't for attending college, I probably would still be stuck at home knowing nothing but what I am familiar with and not all of the different wonders afar.


I am finally pursuing a healthy direction in my life, which I have recently found to be in my interests of Psychology. I have pursued two other colleges, both bible colleges abroad, that I thought were the right place for me but did not withhold my interests. I went to those schools to grow in my music skills and my faith in the Lord. I had great experiences at the colleges but I realized that if I wanted to pursue a useful degree leading to a career I need to go to school somewhere else because I do not want a pastoral or musicianship degree. I can always grow in my music skills and faith while I pursue a useful degree. I thought about what I have always been interested in and love to learn about, Psychology. I have heard great things about the Psychology programs offered at the school I plan on attending this fall, Vanguard University. I am very committed to studying Psychology and I strive to learn more and more about. With a Psychology degree I am interested in maybe pursuing a career as a counselor.


For me to continue my college education is a dream come true I am a mother of three beautiful girls and a wife of a great man and all of them look up to me, I have accomplished a Associate's in Applied Science and will love to seek help to those who can help me overcome my dream of acheiving my BA, I am currently enrolled in the BA program that they offer at the current University I am in but I have not been able to pay $150.00 for my admissions fee, I am very very much exited to save up that money and turn it in as soon as possible so that I can start my classes and my future.


My college experience has allowed me to realize how strong I am as a person and that I have to rely on myself for support. I had been in college before, but had dropped out because I felt like I did not have the support in my family. I recently ended up going back to college (10 years later) and when I felt down and like no one was there to support me or encourage me, I realized I had to encourage, support , and be strong for myself. My college experience has also made me more responsible in every aspect of my life including my health, eating habits, money habits and study habits. Taking classes online has really put me in charge of my own destiny, which has boosted by self esteem and made me feel empowered and in control.


I believe that Vanguard University presents a great opportunity to not only gain a quality education, but to also grow in my spiritual walk with God and be part of a passionate student community. The qualifications that I receive will help equip me, and the relationships that are built will challenge me and be life lasting. One thing that stands out to me about Vanguard University is the mission and purpose of the school. I am so excited for the opportunity to be involved in an educational experience that is founded on God and is concerned with developing and strengthening faith, while teaching necessary skills and knowledge. There is such a challenging environment where I can excel and do everything with excellence. The Student Body Government that exists seems like an incredible opportunity to be involved, and I would love the opportunity to be a part of a social justice group, specifically in the area of human trafficking.Above all, I value an education from Vanguard University because of all Vanguard has to offer academically, spiritually, and as an overall community.


College is a complete eye opener for me. It is not that my mom did everything for me, it is more I had no idea how much time is involved in doing what is needed in everyday occurances. Examples of these are just calling on my car, getting a tune up. I locked my keys in my car but have to be in class what should I do? These past 6 months I believe I have grown in many ways. How to make the decissions that will effect me today or tomorrow and to live with whatever the outcome will be from that decission.


I think the pain of having to figure things out on my own has been the most valuable thing about attending college. I wanted to get into an art school to be an animator, but the two art schools to which I first applied didn't work out. Thus, applied to Vanguard just to see what would happen. The first year-and-a-half were really depressing and hard, but I opened myself up to the possibilities and gave it a chance. Now, I am at an graduate art school with a focus in theatre.


Although I am still in my last few months of high school I would have to give myself the advise of bucking down and keep studying. Don't let senioritis kick in. Keep my eyes on the prize. Also take classes that would help me become more prepared for college.


I would tell myself to take my college career more seriously, but at the same time allow myself to let loose and have fun, within reason.


As I said before in a previous question, I would of wished i knew about companies or websites to visit where scholarships and financial help are offered. Its important for a student to know about financial need they can get or offered. I would tell myself to get as much financial help as I can to better pay off my tuition. To never give up when it feels like the money isnt coming in to pay for tuition, but to stay strong and keep going. To stay focused and never loose hope, because in the Lord we find strength and peace. To never be afraid to come out of my comfort zone, and to make new friends. Deep in my heart i know that just having Jesus Christ by our side will help us get through the whole year, and be our strength the whole way. Thanks to Him I am who I am today.


Listen to all the teachers and older friends and family that gave advice about college. They have been through the same changes and have incredible and useful insight. Also, aways remember to be yourself, people will love you for that. Finally, boys are not everything, focus first on making strong connections with the girls in your dorm and have fun!


If I could go back and speak to my younger self, I would say "Khrisa, you do not need to worry about college. As long as you apply yourself, you will do fine." Coming into college I was worried about everything: how to pay for school, how hard my classes would be, if I would get lost on campus, and if I was going to be able to make new friends. About two months into school I realized that most of these fears were not necessary; classes are an easy transition from high school, my campus isn't as large as it first seemed, and I had friends within my first hour of being on campus. If I knew then what I know now, I would've been able to better enjoy myself instead of overwhelming myself with those unneeded concerns.


I would tell anyone as well as myself to look more at the little things in chosing a College, like the food, lifestyle, living conditions, and such. Noticing the smaller things and being able to like them will make your experience at college much more enjoyable.


I would tell myself to start studying early on in the year. I would also tell myself to take more AP classes or college classes at a community college, if nothing else but to get acclamated to the subject. I wish that I had had more confidence in taking harder classes. The rigor of study needed for different majors varies greatly but it all depends on what you want to do and what you enjoy. For example, if you want to go to medical school, you can be whatever major you want. You don't have to be a science major, you just have to take a few science classes to take the MCAT (like the SAT's for medical school). Also, I would tell myself that it isn't as scary as it sounds. Most schools help their students transition a lot. They would never leave a student behind. Everything is new but it will be routine eventually and you'll wonder why you worried.


College is a major transition for a young adult. Moving into my dorm in which I knew no one was both an exciting and frightening experience. Now that I have gone through the process, I would go back in time and tell myself not to worry so much about it. Although it seemed like everyone is making friends quickly and getting along, I now know that better friends come with time. I would tell myself to be open to other people and get to know everyone because you never know who might end up a friend for life.


If I could go back into time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing how college life is I would have told myself to try harder. Knowing now that I need a lot of discipline with time, money, and homework I would have started preparing myself. I would also tell myself that I need to have a contact with my college and see all the requirements I needed. In this case I wouldn't stress out so much about the paper work. Most importantly I would tell myself not to leave anything last minute.


I would tell myself not to wait five years to attend college. Do not be afraid, you will enjoy everything. Just take the leap and go for it. I would also tell myself to have the experiance of your last highschool year in public school. You must way to much not being involved in the regular school. Also keep track of your grades because you will need them for scholarship money.


Don't worry too much the right doors will open up. Relax enjoy high school it will soon be over. Learn as much as you can and be ready for a new adventure in college.


Get involved on campus! Go to all new student activities and hang out with a variety of different people to make friends. However, set aside ample time to study. Take professors advice and study the suggested amount! It's easy to get lost in all the social activities and stay up late with your new friends while living on campus, but don't forget about the real reason you're there: academics! Friends and involvements make your time more memorable and significant, but a better education for a career is your goal. Don't waste you or your parents money, make achievable goals for yourself. In college, people are much more willing to hear your story, your point of view, it doesn't matter so much any more your "stereotype" such as geek, jock, cheerleader, band member, etc. Therefore listen to others and formulate your own individual opinions, participate in group discussions. In addition, working on campus has been a great experience. You get to know a lot of new faces, as well as have an opportunity to be an on-campus leader. College gives you a time to step out as individual, so take advantage of it!


Do not be afraid to try new things and know new people. Through these people you will learn many things, and experience experiences that you will never forget. Take a chance and make life time friends, don't fear what they might think of you, just keep on keeping on. Remember what your mother has always told you, "honey you know that if someone else can do it, so can you. Go and do it!" Be an over achiever, don't be satisfied with the grade you got, always look for ways to get a better grade and opinions. Look for a university/college that you will feel comfortable in, one that fulfills your expectations and one that has a good program for your major. Never give up, always ask for help when you need it and don't be afraid to do so. Do your best and the outcome will be your best. Remember your mothers words, and keep on keeping on never give, keep walking forward and learn from your mistakes but do not stay there, keep walking forward an learn. Have Fun!