Vassar College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are a lot of intelligent individuals who will challenge you to think hard about yourself and the decisions you make in your life. The professors also challenge students in this sense, too. Great thinkers emerge on campus and will surprise you with what they have to say about even the smallest of topics. Also, one can really blossom into the person they want to be while on campus.


All of the kids I've met at my school are so different.. and not in the ways one would expect. Although it's true that Vassar is pretty ethnically diverse, it also attracts a lot of different personalities. It's really refreshing to be among people who are motivated to study, but not necessarily for the grades. They just really like the material, or the professor.. and they're not pretentious about it either.


I normally tell them how awesome the school-sponsored parties are. The school is always bringing in famous musicians and famous djs and throwing huge extravagant parties with free food and alcohol.


The amazing author visits, concerts, parties, and interesting classes.


I brag about the cool on campus events; we had MIA come perform a concert!


It's an unbelievably beautiful campus and we've got lots of great events every weekend. Plus, there's a nighclub on campus.


I tell my friends how much I love it. I tell them how challenging it is but at the same time how mch fun I'm having. I also love to tell them about how liberal the campus is a whole and how we have way less restrictions than many of my friend's schools.


I think the quality of our classes, professors and facilities is very high.


Meryl Streep and Lisa Kudrow graduated from here. Justin Long and Anne Hathaway dropped out. I met Meryl Streep's daughter. My friend saw Famke Jansen and her dog on campus. Bruce Springsteen was here once too, with his son. The girl from Spring Awakening goes here now.