Vassar College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Vassar students are known for being brilliant, outside-the-box thinkers who tackle large and thorny problems in surprising ways. They're athletic, ambitious, and competitive -- but in a friendly way.


Some people associate Vassar with snobby girls who wear pearls; others, with politically correct hippies. Most stereotypes involve the students being rich kids.


When I thought of Vassar as a high school student, I thought of them as being extremely motivated to succeed. They are also known for holding multiple interests and studying many varied subjects—the Pre-Med guy with a minor in English, the Economics student with a double major in Urban Studies. Vassar students are definitely known for pursuing many academic and extracurricular activities, and giving each one their all.


Hipsters, hipsters, hipsters. "The music I listen to is so new it hasn't even been recorded yet. But it will be. Next year. In the lead singer's cousin's garage. And it will be the best thing ever created." All of the guys on campus are either gay, taken, or assholes.


Common stereotypes about Vassar students.


Common Vassar Stereotypes


Common Vassar stereotypes


Common Vassar stereotypes


Common Vassar stereotypes


A student explains the common stereotypes about Vassar.


1. still an all girls' school 2. very liberal 3. not very religious


Vassar students are all liberal, rich, socialists and gay/lesbian. Vassar students are idealistic Vassar is still an all women's school Vassar is not a good place to study science Vassar students all use drugs


Hippies, gay, extremely liberal


Hard-worker, Fun-loving, Big Homosexual Population, Artsy Fartsy, Too Many Hipsters, Small, Intelligent, Potheads, Werid, Not as weird as you think--people just come to have/witness a weird college experience without themselves being weird, Caring Professors, The Vassar Bubble-removed, Lots of FOBs


That everyone is gay/lesbian. That we are a bunch of drugged up hippies OR that the only style at Vassar is hipster.


A Vassar student is that mysterious shadow lurking in the corner, smoking behind a neon pair of Wayfarers. A Vassar student will lecture you on underground trip hop, expound on the advantages of freeganism, and explain to you why your mom is a social construct at the drop of a cigarette butt. They will write poetry from your dog's perspective in free verse. On the whole, Vassar students are pretentious, artistically tortured, awkward, and obnoxious as hell.


Hipsters, pretentious, gay, artsy, uber-liberal. words like heteronormative are common.


"different", homosexual, crazy, artsy


Stereotypes of Vassar kids are that they are all super liberal, artsy hipsters. I think that the stereotype of Vassar as a stuck-up girls school also survives among some people.


Well I guess we sort of stereotype ourselves as a mix of hipsters and hippies, of which almost everyone is slightly weirder than the average person in the outside world. And also that we're all liberals.


Stereotypes often include a primarily homosexual student population, hipster/hippie kids, more females than males, etc.


Very liberal, socially and environmentally aware and responsible, intolerant of conservative, or right-wing thinkers, intellectual, bad at sports


Vassar is all girls Vassar students are hippies and weirdos All Vassar kids are gay


All preppy and rich.


We are all girls. We are all hippies. We are all rich. We all do cocaine.


Many believe there is a huge LGBT population at Vassar. It's commonly thought that Vassar is hugely democrat/liberal, and that it is a women's college.


That everyone is liberal, that everyone is wealthy, and that everyone is a hippie or a hipster.


We're all hippy liberals and we're all from wealthy elitist families. And that we're all girls.


A lot of people think that Vassar students are rich, snobby and gay.


All the women are lesbians Everyone is super liberal, open, and environmentally aware All the sports teams suck All the students are pretentious and snobby


hipsters, living inside the Vassar bubble,


Vassar students are liberal, quirky, artsy, gay.


hippies, very intellectual, activists, rich, white, liberal


I've seen two stereotypes, personally. One, is that everyone at Vassar is affluent and comes from a very good economic background. This is not true for everyone. Many believe that Vassar is a bunch of rich, stuck-up students, but this is not true. Secondly, many assume that Vassar students are not spiritual or religious ones. Vassar is more of a spiritual/religious place than it appears to be.


The place is full of elitist hipsters that refuse to recognize their status as hipsters. Everybody smokes weed and does other drugs, and all of the guys are gay, though the place is quickly becoming gentrified.


That they're a bunch of wild, crazy hippies and sodomites.


everyone has money, everyone smokes pot, everyone drinks a lot, everyone has a lot of casual sex, vassar (straight and bi) boys only want to play the field and take advantage of being in demand


Hmm...I guess that all of the men are gay, and perhaps a majority of the students are hipsters. Also, that we're all uber-liberal vegetarian hippies, but possibly all apathetic at the same time.


liberal, and very hipster, activists


People say that all Vassar students are gay, that there are no men, that we're a very non-religious campus, that we're weird or unique.


Stereotypes at Vassar are the funniest things. When I tell people I go to Vassar, I get such different reactions, some believe that it is still an all girls college, others think that it's full of hippies and lastly people think that the only guys that go there are gay.


There is a stereotype that everyone at Vassar is the same kind of person--that we all listen to the same music, wear the same clothes, have the same opinions, etc.


There is definitely the stereotype that the school is split: athletes and theater. The stereotype that some of the kids are really bizarre.


The school is entirely female or entirely gay.


Hippie tree-huggers who smoke a lot of weed.


They're close minded, blindly liberal, indie hipsters who care more about protesting than actual political issues.


Rich, mostly white, hipster, liberal


that they are mostly white


Vassar: prestigious, intense academics, beautiful campus, poor location geographically, easy access to NYC, artsy Vassar students: female majority, majority of males are gay, hippies, potheads, very happy and accomodating, hardworking, welcoming


We are all rich, spoiled hipsters.