Vassar College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not willing to put the time in effort into their work will not succeed at Vassar College. The classes here really require for you to show up and pay attention. The classes are small enough that you absence will be noticed. If you aren't committed to getting a better education this is not the school for you.


Social conservatives will likely feel out of place, as Vassar is a very socially liberal environment.


A very conservative person would not enjoy this campus. Likewise, anyone with a strong aversion to homosexuality, environmentalism, or anything designated "liberal" would hate it here.


People who are not open to diversity should not attend this school because Vassar is quite liberal (and politically correct). There is very little tolerance for racism and homophobia. Those who wish to flaunt off their wealth should not attend this school either, since overt displays of one's elite status (weather social or financial) are non-existent.


Within Vassars cultural and social communtiy, someone who is not open to new ideas should not attend this school. While that may sound like an obvious answer for any school, I say it because the only way to function in this liberal environment is if you are completely accepting of everyone's quirks. S tudents also learn new things off of the inspirations they get from other people. All together a Vassar student is their own individual, while continuing to interact in the surrounding atmosphere. One that is not right for this school may be less liberally and individually driven.


Someone that could not attend Vassar would be an overzealous conservative who is close-minded and discriminatory; or someone that is unmotivated and hates to read; or it could be someone that only likes city life and can't stand smaller towns; or someone who hates to participate in class; or someone who wants to be an architect and wants to only go to school for 5 years; or someone who wants to be in a professional musician and has no other ambitions; or someone that really really hates parties.


One who is smart, open to new ideas, and who takes their wrok seriously, but not to the point where it engulfs your life. People at Vassar are serious, but still know how to have a good time.


Somebody who isn't afraid to put themselves out there. Somebody who doesn't like stepping out of their comfort zone. Somebody who doesn't enjoy smoking hedonistic amounts of marijuana.


bro's/bra's, that kind of shit


someone who likes large classes where you can get by without coming to class or participating; someone who wants greek life; someone who wants to be a face in the crowd


A close-minded religious conservative.


A person who isn't open to new or different ideas or people.


Someone who wants a very diverse campus, enthicly, socially, politically ect. Someone who wants to be in a city, although we're close to NYC. Someone who's not highly self-motivated and academically minded. Someone who has a hard time making friends.


Close minded, bigoted, extremely career focused