Vassar College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I think the most frustrating thing is the work load. There are a small amount of assignments that count for a large percentage of your grade. Unlike highschool you can't rely on your homework to get you a good grade. The homework in college is often left ungraded and it is the midterm and test that matter. If you don't do well on a test or paper it might be hard to earn the grade you want. You have to work hard to succeed here.


The most frustrating thing about Vassar is the overwhelming sense of loneliness on campus in spite of the college doing its best to foster a sense of community within the dorms. There are students who feel that they cannot be themselves or that they cannot reach out to the people that are there to help them. There has also been an air of tension recently due to racial issues. The students seems to care about one social issues more than another when they are all equally as important.


The most frusterating thing about Vassar is that it becomes a bubble. Students become isolated from the outside world and overly involved in campus life to the point that students often won't venture off campus for weeks at a time. Additionally, students are often seperated from real-world issues simply because they aren't experienced within the campus bubble.


At present, the only frustrating thing on campus is a tension between the Union and the school. Many feel that Vassar is not treating its workers fairly and it is very frustrating because every point of view has its own data and information that contradicts what the other side thinks.


Vassar tends to project an image that it doesn't really hold true to. Financial Aid is not as generous or helpful as they make it seem, administrative officers are not really willing to listen to student input, and the Vassar Student Associationis more like an elite group of students that work with the President's goals in mind, and rarely genuinely consider the student body at large. Social life here is what you make it, but it's not that easy to find fun activities that don't involve dancing and alcohol. People are not that friendly or open.


Not career focused .


Dealing with Residential Life can be extremely frustrating


Vassar is just as unaccepting of conservative view points as conservative schools are of liberal viewpoints. I really wish there was not only more tolerance for conservatives, but also more of them, and a greater exchange, a true EXCHANGE and not a batlle, of ideas between liberals and conservatives. In other words, I wish that my peers (and in some cases my professors) would allow my non-liberal religious, political, or cultural background to be the basis for some of my opinions, WITHOUT argument.