Vassar College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish someone had told me it is okay to ask for help. In an environment where everyone is so academically successful it is easy to get intimidated. It is easy to avoid professor's office hours because you don't want to appear less capable than the other students. Professors really, really want to help. I wish someone has told me to swallow my pride and take advantage of my resources. Not only would this have been extremely useful academically, but it also would have fostered a positve student-professor relationship.


That I honestly didn't have anything to worry about when it came to my social life. The Vassar community is diverse in its interests, and there's a group of people who will love the same obscure/random things that you love.


I wish I had known to be more open from the very beginning, in terms of getting to know diverse groups of people. People make friends very quickly! I also wish I had known to appreciate my time more while I was there; I miss it a lot now that I'm away. I think I took it for granted a lot of the time and didn't realize what a blast I was having!


I wish I knew that dressing like a hipster was in.


That the professors were nicer and more helpful than I assumed.


the lack of diversity


Not to worry. It's great.


I wish I had known that adjusting to college wouldn't be easy, but worth it.