Vermont Technical College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The dorms are certainly always buzzing with activity. Students pop in and out of each other's rooms like popcorn. The social level on campus is high, and there is always something interesting going on somewhere. In addition, Vermont Tech has many sports to offer both varsity and intramural. The varsity sports include baseball, softball, men's/women's basketball and soccer, golf, and cross country. For intramurals we have 3 on 3 basketball, rugby, flag football, dogeball, among others. The best thing about it is, if there is a sport or activity students are interested in but doesn't yet exist, if we can get enough people involved, the more likely to get it funded. Student run clubs are far more appealing that ones pushed by the administration.


It is very common for most of the campus to play a sport and be active in the athletic department. We offer so many clubs on campus such as; Automotive club, Anime club, Outing club, Construction club, Machine shop club and many more. We also offer a lot of intermural sports that people who do not want to be on a sports team participate in.