Vet Tech Institute of Houston Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Always put your school work ahead of your social life. Getting the grades will always be more worth it, because missing a party one night wont matter.


"Keep your job till the last possible moment! and save up the money too" would be the first thing i would say to me. Moving to an entire new city away from my family has ben financially hard. I would tell myself to save as much as i could because paying for your apartment while you go to school full-time is not easy. Also i would tell myself not to wait a whole year after i graduate to figure out what i would like to really study. I would tell myself to get my butt into gear and to find a job as soon as i get situated in my new school. Yes it would be harder to work part-time and go to school full-time but it can be done, and then i wouldnt have to worry about wether i should pay this months tuition or buy food for the month. Just listen to mom, and grandma, and dad, they all know what they are talking about. And tell them 'thank you' for being there to support their daughter with their sparse extra money. All in all dont wait for things to fall into your lap.