Villanova University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Basketball, again! You probably know about Villanova because of its amazing basketball team. But when I first stepped on campus as a freshman, I had never heard of Villanova's basketball reputation. I chose to go to Villanova, not because of its sports teams, but because of its academic rigor and because I knew I would gain so much knowledge from its experienced teachers and its sense of community and activism. Most will come for the basketball, but the school will stay in your heart because of the people you've met, the life lessons learned, and the memories made.


Best known for a great education and a great basketball team!


School pride


There's a number of Villanova traditions that come to mind, but the best one, by far, is the End of Semester dinner. Each semester, on the last night before finals, the dining halls host an elaborate dinner, complete with filet mignon, lobster tails, potatoes au gratin, and so many more things I can't even remember them all. It's a great way to de-stress before finals start. Homecoming Weekend is a tradition in and of itself. Alum come back to Villanova for the weekend. On Saturday of that weekend, there's a big party on the lawn in front of the school for all students and alum. After the party, everyone heads over to the football game. It's a great time to reconnect with friends who have graduated. Hoops Mania is a concert/pep rally that kicks off our basketball season. This year, we had Drake come to perform. They always try to out-do the year before. St. Thomas of Villanova Day is a tradition started by our current president, Father Peter. Each year, Villanova students (and alum across the country) go out into the community and help those in need. This year, I was a site leader and I got to organize our site. My group (out of the thousands of students who went to hundreds of sites) went to a local high school to help repair and repaint their classrooms.


I think Villanova is best known for a strong sense of community. When you are on campus, you get the sense of Villanova as a family. I feel to close to everyone on campus, regardless of how well I know them personally. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming that it is difficult to feel like you do not fit in socially. Alumni are constantly returning to visit the campus, which I think is proof of the fact that once you come to Villanova, you have joined a family which you will always be a part of.


Villanova University is best known for its schools of business and nursing as well as its college of engineering. Villanova University is also known for its fantastic basketball team that really promotes a strong sense of school spirit.


great basketball team


Villanova is best known for its Augustinian ancestry. With it's religious affiliation, people tend to see it as too conservative. It also began as a white-male post-secondary instititution, so it is still in the process of diversifying it's student population.


My school is best known for our men's basketball team, our nursing school, and our business school, probably in that order. Our nursing school and business school are among the best in the country, with fantastic opportunities for experience in the field before graduation. Our men's basketball team is also fantastic, and brings the school together because of our shared pride in the team.


Its high level of education.


Villanova is known for its academic caliber especially within the Business, Engineering, and Nursing programs grounded with a liberal-arts base and the sucess of the Wildcats in the basketball arena.


Our basketball team as well as our business and nursing school. We have been quoted to be the "most wired campus in the nation," meaning we have state of the art technology and internet access practically everywhere on campus.


Villanova is well known for its sense of community. Founded by an order of Augustian friars, the school is known for its Catholic backround, but it more well known for its community. Through volunteering or extra-curricular activities, students are able to get together as a group and help others in the community. Students bond together as a student body to give back to the community in a variety of ways.


School Spirit, Drinking, Basketball


probably the men's basketball team. they're division 1 and they've made the sweet sixteen 3 out of the last 4 years. but we're also very well known for our engineering, business, and nursing schools, which are all ranked in the top 15 nationally for undergraduates. for academics, though, we're most recognized for our master's program, which has been ranked number 1 in the northeast for at least 3 years in a row.


Basketball, Villanova School of Business, Engineering


The basketball team.


Academia, basketball, well-respected.


A strong bussiness school and a focus on liberal arts.