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Location is everything. At Villnaova you have it all; suburbs, city and nature. Villanova is a small town, with the similar surrounding towns of bryn mawr, haverford, ardmore and radnor. 20 minutes in one direction is Valley Green, a park of trails running along the Wissahickon River, and 20minutes another way is Valley Forge, one of Pennsylvania's best known National Parks. Additionally, a train runs right through campus that takes you into Philadelphia in 20 minutes or less. Not many other schools can offer this variety.


VIllanova University has a strong community outlook when compared to other schools, not to mention a great academic reputation. In addition, this school is laden with both academic and extracurricular activities. In terms of scholarly pursuits, there are a wide variety of majors available at Villanova along with up to date resources. In terms of extracurriculars, individuals can get involved with a variety of intramural and club sports. Overall, I felt that Villanova University provided me with a school that has a strong balance between the academic and social aspect of college.


I honestly love Villanova (if you can't tell by my answers). If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask!


Villanova is uniquely situated in a very nice suburban area (Villanova PA) that lies about 15-20 minutes (driving) outside of Philadelphia. I like that I am near neighborhoods that remind me of home, but can easily travel to Philadelphia to appreciate the events and culture that the city has to offer. Villanova offers some on campus activities but I also have time to appreciate the surrounding communities.


If you wish to join a culture of monied and handsome elitists being groomed for the upper echelons of American society, then enroll here. If you prefer to join a culture controlled by a cabal of elderly and allegedly chaste supplicants whose mindset is still stuck in the Middle Ages, then enroll here. If you are from a more moderate to conservative background and wish to be exposed to unapologetic doses of liberalism and anti-conservative thinking from an activist-oriented faculty, then enroll here.


If you don't have the money to go here, it is not worth it to go. I'm a recent alumni and regret almost everyday ever attending Nova because of the huge amount of student loan debt it has left me with. At the pace I'm on, I won't be done paying off my loans until I'm in my 50s. I'm not the only one either. Some of my Nova friends are in much worse shape than me, leaving in excess with $80k in student loan debt and only a $40k per year paying job. I even know of one person who left with over $100k in debt because of attending Nova. One of my friends lost her job in this terrible economy, had $80k in student loans from Nova, and was constantly hounded by collection agencies because she was unable to pay her bills after losing her job. What do you do? Choose to feed yourself or pay the $600 per month student loan bill? Needless to say, her credit is pretty much ruined for life. Save your future. Don't go to Nova if you don't have rich parents or a full ride scholarship. A Nova degree pulled almost no weight when I applied to graduate schools, the only thing that got me into a decent grad school was work experience and publications I did on my own outside of Nova. Villanova students tend to vastly overrate the quality of education at Nova. It's really just an overpriced Temple, St. Joes, or Drexel.


Every school will boast about an amazing community feel to it. All will, in actuality fall far short of Villanova. You will never feel alone, bored, or be devoid of someone to turn to. You will leave this school to go home for breaks and things and be shocked when strangers at home don't hold doors open for you, smile, or talk to you.


We have an awesome Big East basketball team, an NCAA championship-winning football team, pretty good academics, and in a suburban (but close to the city) campus.


Villanova University has organizations and groups for different ethnicities that schedule events and parties that envolve the entire school. These organizations encourages diversity through out the campus. Everything is accessible which makes students feel at home, the faculty and staff makes the campus safe and comfortable for students and visitors. Safety is very important, Villanova University has a public safety department that is persistant in maintaining a safe environment for students, visitors, faculty, and staff.


Unigo campus rep Lauren is also graduating this year (eek!). Here, she takes a minute to reflect on her time at Villanova.


Small classes, a major I am very happy with, supportive teaching and advising. It is small but comfortable, and the instructors clearly love what they do. The enthusiasm is contagious. Good career opportunities in many majors. Flexibile schedule options, nice people.


How has life at VU changed with the current economic problems? Student talk about how it has affected their classes and their spring break plans.


VU students discuss how they save money at school and how their on-campus jobs are among the best.


It's engaging, energetic, fun, and active across the board. All activities are greatly promoted and well received. Students' interests really dictate what the school tries to accomodate and there is a sense of self-worth.


Villanova has an amazing community feel that helped my transition from high school to college. The job placement for my major is amazing and I have received a lot of personal support from professors and staff.


Everyone was very friendly and it had an excellent business school. I really felt like i was wanted there.


This school has a close community and everyone is very friendly and willing to help others. There is also a very strong sense of school pride.


National Arboretum, Orientation, very welcoming feeling


At villanova, students are proud that they go there and enthusiastic about school athletics. Freshmen orientation is also stressed and an important part of being a villanova student.


We have an amazing Bussiness and Engineering school. And now that we've built a new Nursing building, we're bound to increase our status in the school of nursing as well!!! Now that our president is a major fan of the Arts, hopefully, in the next few years, we will have more emphasis on Theater and other arts programs.


it is small


There is a really strong emphasis on community service and giving back to the community that I like. There is also a wide variety of minors offered which allows me to get a taste of a lot of different subjects without having to only focus on them. The small class sizes also gives me the opportunity to get a lot more out of my classes than I would at a bigger school.


There is a strong sense of unity on Villanova's campus. We're all very proud to be part of the "Nova Nation".


It has a beautiful and well-maintained campus.


Villanova is bigger, more prestigious.




If you are looking for a good Engineering, Business, or nursing school, Nova would be a good choice. Class sizes are small, the campus is beautiful. Don't expect to bring a car your fist 2 years. And if you are coming to party every night, Nova isn't the school for you. You will enjoy it if you are a basketball fan. Good luck!


I am under the impression that a survey like this gets the most responses from two extreme ends of the spectrum...students that really enjoy their college experience and from those that disliked it so much that they spend time getting the word out to potential applicants. Well, I cannot stress enough that Villanova has been the greatest experience in my life thus far. It has opened my eyes to what the infamous "real world" will bring without throwing me head first into fending for myself just yet. I have met fantastic people that are accepting and eager to learn as well as meet knew people and make memories that will never be forgotten. This school has made me a smarter, kinder, well rounded, and more gracious person that I never would have had the chance to become if it had not been for my families support and the Villanova community as a whole.


I really wanted to transfer after the first semester because I really don't like the kids there, but then I realized that the blame was on me. There are so many things that I wish I had gone out and done for myself. Villanova has everything I want, and I know it. I need to begin exploiting all of its resources.


Overall Villanova's experience is great, you become a wildcat and you love it. You appreciate the education you got and you regret not having done all the activities. At times however, if you do not fit the exact mold of the white, rich, catholic, mamasboy/ daddy's little princess, it can be really frustrating. Villanova is a bubble, filled with goodlooking well dressed people. If you lived out of the bubble before you got in there then you despise the people in there a little bit more, if not, when you get out of the bubble you realize how good you had it when you were in there.


Even though Villanova is sometimes boring and disappointing, it has come a long way in a short time. In the past few years it has become extremely competitive and famous around the country. The reputation itself is a good reason to go because every employer for jobs is impressed by the school. Villanova gets better every year but it still holds on to its traditions.








Villanova is a great school. It's very difficult academically but I guess it's worth it. You just gotta take one day at a time and try your best. If you're really smart, or aren't the smartest and are willing to put fourth a lot of effort, Villanova is a great college to go to. It's laid-back and happy. It's good. Go. :)


I love Villanova, it had everything I wanted and I continue to find new things to do. Before coming I was skeptical about whether or not I would have fun, but I've learned to balance my school work and fun and I can 100% say that I would give it the title Villa-SO-fun. I really think that people who say otherwise are just bitter and obviously don't go here. We have tons of formals and so much to do that for me there really wasn't another choice, I compared everything to Villanova and here I am.


This school is scary strange, and often I feel like the student body even realizes how strange they are when compared to the rest of the world. Wake up people! If you go here, make sure you either go because you want to go to some weak-ass, tiny parties that are way to governed by the movements of public safety or local police, or because you want to get a really great education. It is tough to do both, but I do. If you want a party school, go to Penn state, or really anywhere else. This school has the mentality of a party school trapped in the reality of a closely-monitored academic environment.


Overall, my Villanova experience has been great so far. Great people, great classes, a lot of fun. If you get involved and make an effort to befriend people and do things, you will have a great time.


Don't stay in your room! Get out there! Get drunk, get laid, whatever floats your boat. Staying sedintary here gets you nowhere. Oh, and watch out for Radnor police, they're dicks.


I expected better of what I got myself into at Villanova.


Great academics if your looking to party its very scarce


IN general Villanova is a great place to get education, and even if there are bad things, i am trying to get the best of it. Leaving home to come to Villanova and get my degree was definitely worth it, and i am happy i made this decision. Thank You!




i wouldnt trade my experience here for anything. i love the years ive spent here. ive really grown since my freshman year.




This school is awesome. People that don't know it call it Vill NO FUN, but actually we are tremendously proud of it. The students are a lot of fun. Basketball games are amazing. You can drink if you want to, and if you don't there are lots of things to do otherwise. The city of Philadelphia is so close that you can go there and do absolutely anything. Academically the school is very strong in lots of subjects including Business, Engineering, Nursing, and some liberal arts and science subjects. The school has some unique majors and courses surrounding Irish studies in literature and drama as well as theology courses centered around Augustinian teachings. Go to Nova its awesome, if you can afford it.


Nope, I think we covered it all!


no, i think that is it.


I think Villanova is a great school and I am absolutely confident I made the right choice when I came here.


The policies here dont make much sense to me. The school is so uptight about drinking but has a sex therapist. I think it'd be better to have an open drinking like many other schools. It is safer this way, because then you can monitor students more rather than having people drinking in private, and more irresponsibly.