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What are the academics like at your school?


It seems that students study at all hours, which is really nice because it shows that the students value their academics. However, there is defnintely a lot of timw for fun, as well.


As I mentioned above, the professors are great here. They do make an effort to know everyone's name as soon as they can. One thing that could be seen as a drawback at Villanova is that the there is a fairly extensive core curriculum that all students in the Arts and Science college have to take. This forces students to take classes that they normally wouldn't want to take. On the other hand this could be a good thing for students who don't know what they want to do, because it exposes them to many different kinds of topics. For example, I'm glad that there was a foreign language requirement at Villanova, because it made me take a foreign language, something that I normally wouldn't have considered doing. The quality of the teaching, however, which was so much better than what I got in high school, actually let me learn a little bit of the language (Italian) and eventually led to me spending a summer and a semester abroad in Italy, which were great experiences. Professors are generally available outside of class during their office hours and they say they are available to talk by appointment as well.


good small classes, get prof interaction. some professor are real bad and mean and sexist, but for the most part, the majority of them are great. u'll always get a few bad prof at every school. there are intellectual convos out of class. i wish there were more creative electives for us to take.


GREAT GREAT STUDY ABROAD DEPARTMENT. Marketing majors do not have the most creative experience but the most interactive marketing course is: Integrated Marketing Campaign. You dont really learn anything in this class you just create. Advertising sucks at Villanova because Hae Kyong Bang teaches it and she is awful. Class participation is common but not intense, MBA participation is crazy. I think as a business student you get a very rounded business focused education. I would advise to take a language as a minor or another Liberal Arts minor to get a better education.


My professors do know my name and I love the class sizes. The teachers are always willing to help students and are very caring. The education here is well rounded by having us take such a variety of classes.


The class sizes are small enough that the professors really get to know who each person is, and are always wiling to help. At least in my major, the work is not easy, but the faculty and other students make sure everyone passes.


Introductory classes at Villanova can get large, but they are never taught by TA's. There's usually one day a week of a smaller class size. Sometimes it is an effort in these classes for the professor to know your name. However, most classes are pretty small and the professors make an effort to get to know a little bit about you. Class participation is very common; most students are interested in most classes. The core curriculum is a little over the top for some majors, especially Arts and Sciences. My humanities, philosophy, and ethics classes all had the same reading material, and I will not be done with my core until I'm a senior. It gets to be a little much. Villanova students do have intellectual conversations occasionally outside of class. Often the conversation will be about parties or basketball, but there are plenty of times that it's geared toward something a little weightier. The Villanova Business School is aimed at getting internships and jobs that will make students a lot of money. Most of the other schools focus on the learning first and the jobs will come later.


villanova is a much better schoool academically than people give credit for


Our classes are intimate and I get a lot of attention, like in high school. This is one thing I love about Nova. However, Villanova really emphasizes Business, Engineering, and Nursing. If you are a liberal arts student, I would not recommend Villanova as much.


Its tough but worth it. The curriculum is very broad which helps for getting a job as employers like to hire students that are well rounded. The professors are in general good people who want you to succeed. The class sizes are fairly small so you can get to know your professors if your really want to.


The core curriculum is intense, but it is changing. It is hard to say because each school has it's different curriculum so it varies. Some people hate the core and some people love it. I wish we had a little more freedom to choose. The Peace and Justice courses are amazing though and people should take more of those!


classes here are challenging, but professors (for the most part) learn your name and try to make a connection with you. a lot of emphasis is placed on participation, and i think that a lot of the professors try to encourage this as much as possible. while professors are always available for help and further support, it is truly up to the student to make the extra effort to reach out to the teachers if they are struggling in a class.


Some professors do take the time to get to know you, but in most cases you have to approach them first. Kids take studying pretty seriously here. At any given night the exchange in Bartley is full. During midterms and finals Bartley is busy with people studying. Kids here are really competitive when it comes to grades and pretty much everything. Teachers expect you to actively participate in class, and in most cases if you don't participate it will reflect in your final grade.


Academics are fantastic... Great, extrememely close relationships with professors. Great deal of career building


Most professors know my name. I sometimes feel like classes are similar to highschool ones.


All of my professors know my name and even if i took their class a year ago we still smile and say hello in the hallways. they are always approachable and eager to help you learn in a way that is best for you.There are intellectual conversations outside of class, there are all kinds of conversations. Education is geared to both getting a job as well as developing the student as a whole. The core curriculum ensures a liberal arts education for all and is even beneficial and obtaining a job.


Accademics are managable. Mostly not too easy, but students are not generally overworked for a school with such high enterance requirements.


I think that the academics are very good at Villanova. Some of the intro classes are a little dull and some of the professors that teach them are as well, but once you get into the higher level classes, for the most part the teachers and classes are great. The classes are generally pretty small (15-25 students) and the teachers are usually very accessible outside of class. I personally have a handful of teachers that I have a pretty good relationship with. One teacher I've taken 3 times and I have only been her 4 semesters. Another teacher took my class out to lunch. As far as requirements, there is a core curriculum which sometimes seems like a lot, but overall is probably worth it. Within each school, there are requirements that have to do with that school (e.g. Business has business requirements and less core requirements). It's just the way things are done here and because everyone has to take these classes it doesn't end up being too bad.


small classes mean easier to do well and teachers know name/know YOU. most classes are discussion based. people study enough to do well but not too much to hamper having fun. so many choices of unique classes. great school, prestigious.


Villanova classes are generally small. The largest class i've had was an intro class with about fifty students in it. Most of the teachers know everyone's names. The professors are always available outside of class and encourage us to email and/or call them. Villanova has a very well-rounded education and stresses the liberal arts aspect of life.


I think the academics are very good and most of the professors are good with the students and willing to help if you ask, but you have to seek them out. and i know being a nursing student that villanova nursing students work hard and regarded highly. i think I am learning, but wish i had more electives as a nursing student and was able to go abroad.


-my professors all know my name -my favorite classes have been sociology classes, esp social psychiatry and sociolgy of social work -my least favorite classes were all of the lecture style classes in huge lecture halls -studying varies by major, some students study all the time, others never have to study -class participation is very common, it is required in most classes with a discussion format -nova students do have intellectual conversations outside of class; something that most students have in common is community service, which leads to discussions about issues related to poverty and such things -students are very competitive -the most unique class i have taken here was probably vascular plants in the bio department -my major is psychology; the department is not too big, but you definitely do not have every professor and you rarely have one twice; the classes are varied and are very intellectually stimulating, they also prepare you very well for other classes and graduate school admissions; the major is predominantly female; i think that the faculty is great, i have not heard any complaints about professors, and they are very available to students -professors are very available to students with office hours and are very open to making appointments; also, there are a lot of events and speakers on campus that professors encourage students to attend -i think that the academic requirements are comprehensive and provide a good background and basis of knowledge; the requirements force students to learn about a lot of diverse areas that will be beneficial to us -i would say that the education you receive is geared toward learning for its own sake, at least in the psychology department


Most professors at Villanova will make an attempt to get to know you. There are those professors that you will find at any school that are teaching the class to make a little extra money, but most professors really care about their students and want to make it the best experience they can for them. I am a Human Services Major with a Spanish Minor. Human Services is basically a combination of Psychology and Sociology-- it actually requires you to have a minor in both. I may go on to teach, work for nonprofits, volunteer, or go further with Sociology or Psychology in Grad School.


The academics at Villanova are very challenging, but are by no means impossible. Known mostly for its business school, Villanova also has a great reputation in the science department. As a comprehensive science major, I have experienced so far in one year great professors and sources outside of the classroom to help with schoolwork. Class sizes vary depending on the course, but on average, they are about 30 students for one teacher. Professors provide students with outside of the classroom help with office hours every weekday. Every student is required to take the courses mandatory to their majors, but they are also required to take core courses such as history, english, theology, philosophy, and a social science course.


The majority of professors at Villanova are really good. No classes are taught by TA's which is nice. Its also easy to access teachers outside of the classroom for additional help and advice. Villanova's academics are of a high quality.


Most of the professors know you. Classes arent too bad. Freshman have an attendance policy, so you have to go to class. The school work is tough and there are times when theres just a whole lot to do, but for the most part its very manageable. People do different amounts of work depending on their major.


Academics are amazing here at Villanova. As a sophomore in the business school I have established strong ties with many of my professors. They are willing to go out of their way to offer you assistance and guidance in all aspects of life. Class participation is not as common as teachers desire - but can be instigated within small group discussions. Though I was dreading taken introduction to management, because of my professor it has proved the most rewarding class, teaching key life lessons through group interaction. The academic requirements are tedious but truly do help you find direction within the university; however, sometimes obtaining a job seems to be the top priority rather than actually capturing the information.


My profs know my name, my favorite class is a seminar class. You have to know your stuff, the professor is demanding, but I have gotten so much out of the class. Everyone participates in class. I study all the time but its never too overwhelming. We talk about school, what we've learned and have philosophical things outside of class all the time. Everyone is competitive but they are not in your face about it at all.


Most of my professors do know my name and are very intelligent and helpful. I really like the small class sizes as well. My least favorite class was philosophy which was taught by a graduate student who seemed like she actually wanted her students to be miserable. Villanovans study a lot and work hard during the week.


Classes are usually very demanding and there are few classes where you little or no homework. It is quite challenging some times. The business school definitely focuses on getting their students prepared for the business world and this is a very good thing.


Most of my classes have been pretty small (under 30), but even in large ones, professors know my name and make themselves easily accessible for help or questions. I have found most of my classes to be challenging and students are sometimes active in class discussion. There are quite a high number of core requirements, but it is all part of the liberal arts education.


In nursing, there is a huge push for the prof. and all students in the class to know eachother and create a friendship. this is such a great tool because we all feel comfortable with the faculty and asking quesitons in class is never akward either.


Academics are great here, many of the classes are small ranging from 10-50 people. I have never had a class with more than 50 people and I enjoy that because it leads to a more personal atmosphere where your professors learn your name and your style as a student.


One thing you can get at Nova and not at bigger schools: student-professor relationships (and not creepy ones). It's so nice to have all of your professors know you by name, and to know you can easily visit them (and not a TA) during their office hours if you need any help. Classes aren't easy, but if you pick the right ones, you won't mind the work that's involved. I'm an accounting major, marketing and entrepreneurship minor--as well as currently studying abroad and planning to work in an internship during a semester--and I was able to fit that all into four years without much of a problem. If you're looking at an accounting major and want to go to a school that's not JUST about accounting, I would definitely recommend Villanova!


The class size is usually 35 students and the teachers make an effort to know everyone's name and to help them succeed in class as well as after Villanova. My favorite class so far has been Finance, Managerial Accounting, and Management Essentials. In these classes the teacher made the class fun as well as having an interesting subject. Students study a lot, usually 3-4 hours per day as well as participating in many extra curricular activities so many students keep themselves fairly busy. Although students are fairly competitive and always striving to get the A, there is still a fair stare of kindness as students help one another to succeed. The most unique class I have taken is Management Essentials as the class was geared around a semester project that took a lot of time outside of class. The teacher was also very friendly and I still talk to her about once a week. The Business School at Villanova is geared to get a great job once you graduate and to set up a great career. The teachers really strive to help you land such successful positions.


Even in my large lecture classes, I feel as thought teachers make the best effort to know your name or can atleast connect something to you.


bad class participation


It is a great school. My professors do know me by name, even in my larger lecture calsses that are around 35 people. Students are competitive, but they still know how to have fun. Having a Villanova degree does help getting a job because there are so many alumni out there that want to help you out.


Great professors who actually get to know you, class sizes are small, students do study and participate in class.


Professors are usually pretty good and care about their students. Classes tend to be small. Some students are kinda competitive/cutthroat but for the most part, fellow students are willing to help you out. Overall, a good well-rounded liberal arts education.


professors are amazing. If you participate in class the teacher will know your name in the lectures, and in the small classes the teachers go out of their way to know everyone. Every teacher recommends that you go and meet with them out of class at least once so they can get to know you. Classes are not super competative because students are just trying to do the best they can and accomplish their goals.


The business school is challenging but very educating. Also, the VSB is very career oriented and there are many opportunities to help yourself with your resume, getting internships, getting jobs, etc.


All professors get to know your name, even if it takes them a little while. My smallest classes are generally my favorite; this semester I really like my theology class (surprisingly). Study habits really depend, but most of my friends are pretty studious during the week. Class participation is common in seminar classes and there is a lot of intellectual conversation. From my experience, the students in the business school are very competitive. Unique class: Augustinian cultural seminar. The Econ department has a lot of great faculty and is very accommodating with scheduling and advising. I don't really like all the core requirements on their own, but spreading them out over a few semesters is nice because they balance out some of my harder classes.


academics at nova are fantastic. the classes are very comprehensive and the professors are engaging


For the most part professors know you name. My favorite class would be economics and my least favorite class would be literature. Students study a lot here, it is pretty academically demanding. Class participation in common, and students definitely have intellectual conversations outside of class. Students are very competitive mostly because they are all coming from competitive high schools. The most unique class I have taken would be my option for the poor class. I am an economics major and the department is strong, Villanova is recognized for their business program. Villanova's academic requirements are strong and fair, and depending on your major Villanova wants its students to get a job upon graduation.


Professors do know my name; close relationships are established, even in larger lectures. My favorite classes are Arabic and my Biology courses. My least favorite is art history. Class participation is very common, and intellectual conversions are carried on even outside the classroom. The students I know study everyday. Students are very competative, but this is common for students at most acredited univerisites. My Biology major is very time intensive, with many labs and challenging courses. Villanova's education is geared towards both getting a job and learning for its own sake.


As part of the Honors Program, I'm constantly challenged not only by Honors courses, but my core curriculum and major courses as well. Students are competitive, but I find that students are more willing to help another in need than get ahead.


I know all of my professors mainly because I am an engineering student. Life is hard and there is not much light at the end of the tunnel but sometimes you get those rare moments that make everything worth it. My favorite I have taken was my nanomaterials technical elective. Another one outside of engineering was my upper level theology, contempary practice. i think as an engineer our classes are mainly geared toward working in industry. The department of chemical engineering, I think really cares about us the students and wants us to be ready for the workforce.


Some of my professors know my name, but not all do. My least favorite class is biology/lab, but that's because it isn't really a subject I'm interested in. I love my english and philosophy classes. In most classes, it is the same few people who participate over and over again, however, there are professors who make sure that every student participates. I don't often spend time with professors outside of class, but when I see them, we normally chat. I can't speak for the other colleges, but for the college of arts and sciences I would say Villanova gears towards learning for its own sake. I have no idea what I'm doing after college, but I'll definitely be well educated no matter what it is.


good class sizes, only big ones I've had have been intro science classes (biology, chemistry, etc.) Teachers are all interested in getting to know you and want you to take advantage of their office hours. Students are very academically motivated and like to do well in class.