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What are the academics like at Villanova University?


some professors know my name favorite(idk) least favorite(ACS) class participation is common some students study a lot some don't


My professors know my name. My favorite classes are all of my history classes and also the two astronomy classes I took.


All of my professors know my name. The one thing that i would change, although i know that it will benefit me in the long run, is that we have to take core classes that are very writing intensive. Classes such as philosophy and psychology - both of which are not in my mindset. Villanova prepares everybody so well for the real world..i have never heard anybody not being able to get a job etc. The nursing department is great - couldn't ask for more invovled staff.


Some classes at Villanova are lecture classes and some are smaller. All freshman are required to take ACS (Augustine Culture Seminar) which you take with people who live in your dorms and the class size is usually about ten kids. It is basically like an English class and the teachers really encourage class discussion. You get to know your teacher and your classmates very well. Even in other, larger classes the professors try their hardest to get to know their students and the majority of my professors know my name. My favorite class is my nursing class and it is taught by Dr. McGovern who is the greatest teacher that I have ever had. My least favorite class is history but just because I am not into that kind of thing. The amount that people study varies from person to person and also depends on what the class requires. I have to study for days and days before an anatomy test but I would probably study for two hours tops before a psych test. Also I have friends who will wait until the last second to study no matter what subject it is. I also had a friend (who shall remain nameless) who actually brought wine to a final and sipped it throughout. I have already mentioned that I am a nursing student but I really like the way our nursing lab is taught. We have scenarios during class and we practice things that we will need on each other and it forces us to become comfortable. The class is really geared toward preparing us for situations that we will be in and we get a lot of attention and feedback from teachers. All of the professors have set office hours that the students can go to if they need extra help and they can be really helpful.


it is extremely rare for a professor to not know my name. i actually get somewhat offended if they dont. my very first semester freshman year one of my professors actively got me involved in an internship program he was the head of. class participation is very encouraged, intellectual conversation is frequent, and classes are as competitive as you want them to be. the business school is one of the best in the nation, and it shines in all aspects.


My favorite courses were taught by Prof. Frank Pryor and Dr. James McGann both of the Political science department!!! I took each of those professors 3 times. Both require you do to a great deal of work to do well in their class however the work is interesting work!!! My least favorite class, Differential Equations. My experience has been that most professors here take an active interest in their students, you build relationships with them even outside of your classes. An example, my professor for my Calculus I course, found out we were pooling money to get a fellow class mate who's mother had recently passed away flowers, and she gave us money! Other professors have taken students out for lunches and dinners, bbq's etc. Class participation is very common, students are really nice to one-another, very common for entire classes to collaborate on study guides for exams. The nicest professors I've had at Villanova are Dr. Carol Anthony and Prof. Barbara Zimmerman.


Participation is pretty much inevitable in most classes. If you tend not to participate, the teachers will really try to make you say something. There is a lot of verbal expression. I am in the college of Liberal Arts and I find that a lot of the classes I am required to take, I am not really very interested in. I wish I could take more things that I wanted (more electives) but I guess there is a method to the huge Liberal Arts requirement at Villanova. I am certainly learning a whole lot of different things which will probably serve to make me more well-rounded in all areas of learing...which is good. But I still wish I could take JUST ONE history course instead of 2 and JUST ONE social sciences course instead of 3. I also wish there could be more things available to students interested in the arts. More art. More music. More dance. More creativity in general. A performing arts center would be great. I find that academics are placed far ahead of these things at Villanova, making it a very academic (and probably sports too) oriented school. Overall, if you don't like to study and aren't the smartest and fastest person at understanding things academically, you may have a hard time despite the efforts of your teachers and peers. OH AND ALSO: IT IS VERY VERY HARD TO GET GOOD GRADES IN MOST OF THE CLASSES. You really really need to put your all into every course you take and try your absolute hardest. There will be many many many late nights of studying and reading and writing. You make pull some all nighters to get things done, especially if you procratinate. I find that I put so much effort into the first semester, that by the second semester I was EXTREMELY drained, even after fall, winter and sprink breaks. Its feels like you are never done. Once you finish with one project or essay, there is always another one to do. There are no breaks. You just gotta keep on going. Despite all this though, I feel a great sense of accomplishment for working so hard. I never knew I could do so much. After all, I am only one person. But I think I handeled myself and my work the best I possibly could. Oh and I did not use good grammar in any of this. So don't think you can do well by rambling off on papers like I just did. haha :)


Villanova's main goal is to prepare students for life after college, giving them to tools to keep social justice in their minds at the workplace and leave Villanova having a well rounded education with a focus on maintaining your morals. All teachers learn the students names and I even have several of my teacher's cell phone numbers. Teachers invite classes over for dinner, and teach in an appropriate way in that they know student could choose to sleep through their class so they aim to make you want to go to their class. And overall I do want to go to my classes. The best classes I am currently in are a peace and justice class called option for the poor, and sociology of social work. They are both discussion based and the fact that they fit into my core curriculum means I can take fun classes that interest me while still fulfilling essential credits. We have great career services and so many alumni come back to higher Villanova graduates. I am a Human Services major so when I am a senior I will get to intern at places like Children's Hospitals or any other social service-geared places. Most HS majors get offered jobs where they intern so really, Villanova could potentially get me a job without even trying.


The faculty is awesome. They are very friendly and seek to get to know students individually. They are usually very understanding. They are very intellectual and have forced/caused me to be a better critical thinker. Of course, you will encounter ones that you do not like and do not fit the norm.


The classes are small, and the teachers, as far as my experience tells me, are generally great. It is the academics here that I really enjoy, although that is mostly just because the Honors program that I am in, which consists of a grand total of 17 students, exposes me to only the best teachers in the school. Call it vanity, whatever. Either way, you can find people that enjoy to learn and are here for the love of knowledge, but as of right now I can name them all on one hand. Most of the kids spend an average of I'd say two hours of work for every 10 that is really necessary, yet all you hear is complaints whenever anyone has to do an ounce, even if it's just some stupid two-paged essay on some movie that has to be done for the required freshman seminar course, which I am so glad that I don't ever have to take because of its nature. Overall, the education is built for business students who want a job right out of college from businesses that generally hire Villanova graduates, and there is little to no focus on actually learning any material. Rather, people are simply concerned with getting through the pains of learning in order to get out into the "real world."