Villanova University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


All of my classes are nursing classes and I love how I have the same people in all of my classes. i get to have class with all of my friends.


Engineering is very difficult


My professors know my name Favorite class - CALC3 Least favorite - ACS students study every night participation is common intellectual conversation is common students are somewhat competitive unique class - math major - the department is the best; i was having trouble with a professor and they were incredibly helpful and supportive i often go to office hours academic requirements prepare students to be wellrounded education is geared towards learning for its own sake but at the same time being well rounded = prepared


High quality; a lot of requirements. They make sure you graduate as a well-rounded person with your feet on the ground and ready to run head-first into the real world. The professors are great and there are so many resources you can use to your benefit: Career Services, Peer Counseling, etc.


The professors that I am close to do recognize me by name. Students here, especially at the School of Business, study when often especially when test season rolls around. The most unique class I've taken is "Optiion for the Poor". Villanova stresses volunteering and community service, which has opened up a lot of new opportunities to give back to the community.


The professors here are amazing; very intelligent, love to teach, enthusiastic about life and want to know you not only as a student but also as a person. Favorite class: Christian Anthroplogy; least: Process Design. Students study when need be and class participation is always expected and 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time given. Intellectual conversations are usually not conducted outside of class and it is a pretty competitive school. The most unique class and Topics is Multicultural Interpersonal Communications with Dr. Nance. The chemical engineering department is small but very intelligent and wants everyone to grasp the major concepts and be competent once graduated.


Tough being pre-med but couldn't ask for a better atmosphere


Professors in Theology are extremely high caliber and available outside of class.


-The academics at Villanova are very good -I don't like that we have to take a "core" of classes such as theology & ethics


At first Villanova's core is annoying especially for Arts students. But you start to realize that a well rounded education stretches your mind.


Close-knit classes, educated professors.


Every single professor has known my name and made a strong effort to try to connect with all their students. My favorite class is History of American Medicine. I literally just sit there and soak up everything the teacher says because it's the most interesting class I've ever attended, I actually hate missing that class. Class participation is pretty common, though it depends on the class structure. I often feel that if you're a business student, getting a good job would be very easy, yet if you go another route, you have to take an extra effort and go beyond just doing well to get a good job. Though I'm not in the business program, my liberal arts education is very strong; I actually feel like I've got my money's worth at school and feel that I've grown intellectually with critical thinking and being more confident in my own abilities. The most annoying thing about Villanova, and I'm not sure whether or not it's worht it is the core requirements that everyone has to fulfill, this includes 2 semesters of theology, 2 english, 1 math, 1 ethics and 2 semesters of a freshman core class. I'm just not convinced that it helped in anything that I want to do in the future


Yes, I feel that professors try to learn your name. I enjoy my communication classes, but my least favorite class of all was my intro to modern world history last semester. I think it varies when students study. There are busy times with lots of tests and papers and then there are lulls. I try to do som type of work every day. Class participation is very common and many professors factor it into the overal grade. The most unique class I've taken at Villanova is my communication research class. It teaches the proper way to research as a communication student. I like the communication department and find the professors to be very helpful and there are lots of opportunities for internships. Villanova's academic requirements sometimes annoy me because there are a lot of core requirements, but at the same time I am receiving a well-rounded liberal arts education. I think the education at Villanova does both prepare you for a job and help you learn for its own sake.


relatively small classes most professors will know your name, studying is dependent on student and class/major, core requirements very religious/catholic based, time with professors outside of class is optional but helpful, wide range in skill of professors both good and bad


The academics are pretty good at Villanova. The business school is ranked 12th in the country and most (not all) of the professors seem to know what they are talking about. Students in all majors are very hardworking and competitive. Most often competitive with themselves and not with others. Yet, everyone still wants to beat out the others. The business school is made fun of by the engineers because they think its so easy, but the business curriculum is definitely challenging. The engineering school is very hardcore. Engineers almost never sleep and are always doing work with each other, but then again, what engineering major at any other school is getting much sleep? There are a lot of core classes that have to be accomplished which kind of is a nuisance, especially ones like theology and philosophy even when you're a business major with no interest in either of those subjects.


I am a chemical engineer, my life revolves around studying


I am very satisfied with my education from Villanova. I got to know several professors very well and I am still in contact with them. I felt like that amount of effort I had to put in was good. I thought the curriculum had a good foundation of classes as well as specialized courses for my major. Coming from the engineering school, the classes in the Arts and Business schools were a lot different. Depending on the course, they were a lot harder or easier. For example, the computer science courses in the Arts school were cake but the sciences and math classes were challenging (a good level of challenging). The business school had more mindless classes that just required memorizing. I felt like those classes were almost worthless when I graduated. Instead of learning concepts and theory and how it is applied, we just memorized. Concepts can be applied over and over again to different scenarios, memorization is knowledge of one aspect and is generally not transferable. My engineering degree gave me very good problem solving and general engineering principles. I feel that I could go into almost any job and be successful because they helped me develop the raw ability that I had coming in.


Engineering school is ranked well, and classes are small. Students are relatively helpful to each other, the hard classes force kids to work together for good grades. The Engineering dept. needs some restructuring, the first two years of engineering was essentially the chaos theory in practice.


The classes are fairly small with about 20-30 students; however, I find this a good enviorment to learn in. You receive more attenetion and professors know your name, for the most part. A majority of my professors are extremely enthusiastic about their subject and wish that students do their best. All professors have office hours and are willing to help students outside of class. Another helpful aspect would be the use of Webct. This online program allows students to receive homework assignments, syllabus' and readings online.


Choosing a schedule for the upcoming semester is probably the most frustrating time of the semester for many students. Villanova offers a plethora of amazing courses, so great, in fact, that they fill up QUICKLY. Luckily, there's a good number to choose from. The professors here are awesome, for the most part. While they may take a while to connect your name with your face, they get to know everyone by the end of the semester. They are always ready and willing to help, and they want to see the students succeed. It doesn't matter if you're the best or worst student in the class- the workload is designed such that it challenges and motivates students to their fullest extent. You get out of each class what you put into it, and most teachers somehow know the key to motivating students and bringing out the best in them. And, they always want to interact with students outside of the classroom setting, so their offices are always open for a chat and sending them an email once in a while puts a smile on their face, even if it's just to say hello. Of course, there are some professors who are more friendly and open than others, but you will find that at any college campus.


Villanova students seem to embody the idea of work hard, play hard. The University has been widely regarded for it rigorous academic program, but students here definitely has mastered the idea of balance. That being said, almost all of the majors here at Villanova have very demanding requirements. The Core Program has requirements for students in all of the colleges and ensures that each students get a well rounded education. What this means is that Engineers will be in your Theology or Philosophy class, or that Comm students will be in your Physics or Calculus class. No one is let off the hook, and you have to take a little bit of everything. The good news is, that really just lasts throughout most of freshman year. Class size at Villanova is not much different from being in a high school classroom setting. Teachers will learn your names, say hi if they see you on campus, and know your face if you send them an e-mail. There are larger lecture halls on campus for intro level science, business, and engineering classes, but once you really get into the majors those tend to disappear. Another great thing about Academics here at Villanova is that there is a strong Career Services program. As a student you are constantly getting e-mails about what's going on in Career Services and how they can help you find a job, internship, or work on a resume. Also, since Villanova has an excellent reputation, there are constantly big name companies coming to campus to recruit our students.