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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular student group is Blue Key. This is the student-run campus tour group. They can be seen taking high school students around campus for the college tours all the time and when you see them, if you know the guide, feel free to give a shout-out! Another popular group is Special Olympics Committee. Joining this is very competitive but extremely worth it. They are the ones that organize the annual Special Olympics Pennsylvania weekend that is probably the most looked-forward-to weekend for most students during the whole year. I'd have to say that those are the two most popular groups on campus.


The most popular organizations/clubs would be CAT (Campus Activities Team) or Inter-Hall council. Many people get involved with these clubs because you get the opportunity to create events for other students. For instance, CAT organizes movie weekends ever week, where they would bring in a movie that is out of theaters but not on DVD yet. Inter-hall council is also a great way to get involved with the people in your dorm; for example, people that are part of Inter-hall council can host a barbecue party in the fall for the people in their dorm. I am involved with Rays of Sunshine, which is a great opportunity to give back to your community; Rays of Sunshine sends students to inner-city Philadelphia schools/day-care centers to tutor their students.


Everyone loves to go to the basketball games - and they're FREE. Blue key (the tour group) is the most competitive club to get into on campus, even though they aren't paid to do it! The athletes are all pretty close with each other, and most people who aren't athletes join a frat/sorority. Parties are everyday for those who want it, but most people choose to stick to the weekends.


The most popular student activities are Blue Key and Student Government. Blue Key is a prestigious organization to be in - they are the faces of Villanova, as they are the ones who give the tours to potential students. Athletic events are pretty popular. The most popular are football and basketball games. Men's basketball, if you don't know, is huge at our school. It's part of what brings Villanova together. Even if you don't like basketball (like I didn't before I went to VIllanova), you'll soon love it after attending your first Nova game. You can't help it. I met my closest friends during freshman orientation - and I'm currently a senior. I'm still best friends with many of them. I even met my current boyfriend during freshman orientation, and we've been dating for two years now. Greek life does exist on campus, but it is not necessary to join a frat or sorority to meet people. Although I joined a sorority my freshman year, I met many of my friends through other organizations I've joined. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday night, I'm probably watching a movie with my friends. I was never interested in drinking, and I never had a problem finding fun things to do that don't involve alcohol. Philly is a train ride away, and there's always stuff to do there. King of Prussia Mall (the second largest mall in America) is 15 minutes away, and Villanova has a shuttle that runs to it. There are always always always events held on campus, like free movies in the cinema every weekend.


The end of an ROTC ceremony.


The end of an ROTC ceremony.


The end of an ROTC ceremony.


Okay, college kids don't sleep. And when we do its during the day on weekends. End of story.


Villanova hosts the annual Special Olympics for Pennsylvania. There are roughly 12 events ranging from soccer and bocee, to roller skating. It is the largest student run Special Olympcis in the world! We have it on and have been recognized heavily. I have been involved and am on the committee. We cover every aspect of the event and have over 3000 athletes and 2000 volunteers each year. We are going on our 20th anniversary this year and can't wait! I lived in a learning community dorm; which gives kids the option to live with others of their same interest. My category was leadership. So you live with these kids and have a class with some of them once a week. It was great and everyone developed a great relationship. I knew basically everyone in my dorm of about 200. People would leave their doors open all the time, talk a lot, watch sports together (football every sunday) and had a blast. Sorrorities and Frats are big on campus. Most of the party scene goes through them or an athletic team/club. Sports are big. Especially men's tennis. They have been getting in some new players with a new coach and are really revamping the program. Basketball is huge as we have a great time and a great coach. They play their big games at the Wachovia center where the 76ers play. Its a great venue. Football sucks, its D I AA. The guys think they are big time, but they dont win much.


The most popular groups/orgs on campus are SGA, Special Olympics, Greek Life, Blue Key, Orientation, Campus Ministry. It's unfortunate, though, that membership in any one of these groups usually guarantees admission into another of these groups. More attention should be paid to more quirky, offbeat groups - music groups, art club, gay-straight coalition, etc. Students leave doors open freshman year... and that's about it. Lots of sorority girls. Lots of sketchy frat parties off campus. Athletics = a way of life, for some. Theater = mildly popular. Great talented kids, they need better resources (the undergrad auditorium is awful), and more students who want to come out and see them perform! Partying happens a lot. Res Life is way too strict on the whole, then again Nova freshmen and sophomores aren't too smart on the whole when it comes to drinking responsibly... Honestly, not much to do on a Sat night on campus if you don't drink. Occasionally there's a dance or event, but so often the campus is totally DEAD. Off campus isnt really an option unless you have a ride or a car. Frisbee team = a lot of fun. the guys' team is pretty well-known but the women's team definitely needs more support, financially and from fellow novans.


Blue Key, Ambassadors, And Student Government are the most popular clubs on campus and are also very competitive to get into. There are also 9 sororities and 11 Frats. Freshman year students leave their doors open. Basbetball is huge, football not as much. Dates dont exist on campus unless your already dating some one. People party 3-4 nights a week. When the work load gets heavy probably 2 nights. On a weekend if you don't want to drink you can go into philly. The train runs through campus. Or you can go to King of Prussia Mall which is HUGE and we have a shuttle from campus. Near the mall is also the movie theater. There is also a movie theater on campus as well as a video store. And MUCH more


As a quiet more reserved student, it was hard for me at first to put myself out there and meet lots of students even with the large amount of opportunities the school offered. When sorority recruitment finally rolled around, I ate my words about "not being the sorority type" and signed up. Going in with an open mind I found myself a new member of Delta Gamma sorority and slowly but surely, made a place for myself within the chapter. Now as the chapter president in my Junior and senior year, I know that getting involved with DG opened doors to friendships, social opportunities, and involvement in various programs and clubs outside of greek life. The chapter also pushed me to excel in academics, volunteer on and off campus, and placed more responsibility on me to make smart decisions and be proactive in time and money management.


There are tons of activities, clubs, organizations, and whatnot, but most of them are pretty much just another form of "networking" or some such nonsense. A cappella is great, and the drama department is awesome. However, when it comes tot he student body, you'll find that no one is really interested in anything outside of basketball games and frat parties/ sorority formals. Philly is RIGHT THERE! Take a train, it's on campus. Go to New York City for the day, it's only two hours away by train. Seriously, there are so many things you can do that are interesting, and as long as you have your own motivation and you don't let other people slow you down, you'll have no trouble whatsoever of finding things to do. Also, depending on your major and how serious you are about what you want to do, you may have TONS of work... do it, because you need to and you'll thank yourself afterwards. If you don't have work, go to a seminar, watch a lecture, take notes, study them, read a book about something you're interested in, INVEST IN YOURSELF. Where you go should never limit you. Villanova gives you everything you need. Don't let anyone else get in your way.


Special Olympics is onne of the most popular organizations as well as rays of sunshine and greek life. In freshman and sophmore dorms most students leave their doors open, junior year apartment doors are usually closed. Basketballl games are really popular. Some guest speakers are popular, theater not so much. Most people are dating monogomously. I met my closest friends through classes, programs, and dorms. If you are awake at 2 am on a Tuesday im usually outside with my friends or up talking to my roomate. Homecoming is an awesoem event as well as the white/blue basketball game and novafest. People party pretty often either in other peoples dorm rooms, or ticket parties. Sororities and fraternities are important even though i never joined one.


Service is really popular on campus. On Special Olympics weekend, 95% of the campus volunteers, making it the largest student-run Special Olympics in the world. Other than that, many Villanovans are athletes and participate in intramurals and always go to the basketball games. Service is definitely the dominant type of club to be in though. I always leave my door open when I'm at my dorm, in order to meet anyone who walks past. Most people stop too! If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I am usually sitting in my room with a bunch of friends playing my guitar and just hanging out. Fraternities and Sororities just exist as another club to be in. It is not exclusive in the least and only 33% of students become involved in it. If you're not in one, you can still go to their events.


The groups and organizations are part of what make Villanova great. The students are brilliant and do a lot to get involved in the community. It is easy to make friends by joining clubs. The fraternities are not as dominant as in other schools, but they still are the major player in the social life. There is so much to do off campus, which is a good thing because the campus itself is dull on the weekends.


There is alot to do if you join a sorority or fraternity. It is an overall very fun party scene and there is philly close by to go do something in. Ticket parties are fun. Alpha Chi Omega is great! The activities are good but some are hard to get into.


Lots of activities to participate in. Always something going on around campus. Easy to take the train into Philadelphia. Lots of resturants and shopping (King of Prussia Mall) nearby.


Sororities and Fraternities are popular on campus. Most students won't leave their doors open. Athletic events, especially basketball, are extremely popular. I met my closest friends in my dorm room and through music activities. I usually do work late at night on weekdays.


Basketball is king on the campussdoing work at 2 a.m. on a tuesday some people go out five days a week some hardly ever go out




I'm involved in greek life - makes the school feel smaller, which could be a good or bad thing. Love every minute of it. Great leadership positions. It isn't all about the typical greek life since we dont have houses etc...we do a lot of fundraising and awareness.


About 30 % of Villanova students are involved in Greek life. Greek life at Villanova is very different from Greek life at other schools. The main reason for that is we do not have official Fraternity or Sorority houses. The sororities are not as intense as ones at other schools and you can really decide for yourself how involved or not involved you want to be in the sorority. The chapters all really support each other and the Greek community is very involved in philanthropy... their own and the philanthropies of other chapters. I am in Pi Beta Phi and I love my sisters and have so much fun at social events. I love our Philanthropy events too... just a few weeks ago a group of us went to CHOP and did arts and crafts with the kids. It was so cute. I also did Ruibal last year and I now lead a group. Ruibal is a service program for freshman where they go into Philadelphia for three hours a week and tutor elementary- middle school students. It is a great way for freshman to get involved and to meet other freshmen. Freshman year my dorm door was always open and there were always friends coming in and out. Basketball games are the most popular events on campus and they are so much fun. The three major events of the year are Homecoming, Novafest and Hoops Mania. Musical guests at Hoops Mania and Novafest have included: Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Brand New, Sean Kingston, Tony Yayo, Fifty Cent, and MIMS


Greek life is apparent on villanova's campus but it is just as easy to not be involved and still have fun as if you were involved. extracurricular activities through academics are also very prevalent and easy to get involved with. freshman dorms tend to all be very close to eachother - basketball games are extremely popular. If i am awake at 2am on a tuesday i am studying or writing a paper. Novafest happens each april which is the big drinking day of the year. Last weekend I had a formal. There are often ticket parties run by frats in which frats rent out entire clubs and then sell 20 dollar wrist bands which gets you onto a bus which takes you to the club and you don't need an id to drink .


off campus there are a lot of places to shop and eat at, however not much fun to be had until you turn 21... even then the bar scene on the main line gets old quickly! Lots of on campus organizations, club teams, etc. Basketball is huge!! Football less popular, but you'll still find a large student crowd at the games. Fraternities and Sororities are big on campus but there are no houses. Villanova traditions... Homecoming weekend (the most fun, as long as your 21 or older). Nova Fest also a lot of fun for the entire campus. Hoops Mania (our version of midnight madness) usually a fun night!!!


I wish I joined something this year. I was just afraid I would fall behind in school and my grant would be taken away so....I didn't join any organizations. Also, if your thinking about going to Nova, LIVE THERE!! As a commuter it is very hard to meet people if you don't spend a large part of your day at school. There is not much done for commuters because there aren't a lot of them (about 60 or so make up a very small minority) but I understand and it's ok. I'm very lucky to go to Villanova.


The biggest thing at nova is to get involved. Everyone does something and most groups mingle somewhere down the road. Our greek life really is very subdued, it all goes through the school and even those not involved in a sorority or fraternity have the opportunity to partake in a lot of their activities. Everyone is ridiculously friendly and the dating scene is a good example of that. Most Villanova students party all weekend long but work for a few days of the week. Our annual Novafest always brings a good crowd but mostly students stay on campus over the weekend. We're only 12 miles outside of Philly and we have two trains on campus to take you there. We are also really close to the King of Prussia mall, the 2nd largest in the country. Villanova runs shuttles there every half hour so you never feel stuck on campus. Our sports are division one (except football) and everyone goes out for the games because they're so much fun and such a big part of nova.


Villanova has an alright social scene. Partying is not super prevalent, so seeking out places to party and drink can be difficult. However, there is so many other things to do. Philadelphia is a short train ride away, the main line offers fun restuarants and activites, and King of Prussia is an awesome mall! The Univeristy also offers random weekend activities that will easily fill your time on campus!


Athletics of any kind is a chance to get drunk, mostly. Dating here is mostly based on sexual attraction and little else, so you feel like you're in seventh grade again. If I'm awake really late, I am reading, studying, drinking huge amounts of alcohol, or smoking a joint. If you don't like to drink, you should make sure your room is really comfortable for those long weekends sitting alone. Philly is the best part about the school socially, and it is 30 minutes away by train.


Blue Key-touring group-popular but competitive selection process, Special Olympics Weekend-huge event on Villanova campus, almost everyone gets involved, Frats and Sororities are here if you want them, but they by no means take over campus life, Drinking is big on campus, but there are a lot of things to do if you don't. As a freshman, drinking in the dorms / frat parties are big. If you are a guy and not interested in the frat then you might have a hard time getting into frat parties. Basketball is huge here and the games are a ton of fun.


The most popular team is, of course, the basketball team. I'd heartily recommend going to as many games as possible. You meet people, see some great b-ball and might even win something yourself. Everything at Villanova tends to sell out, or get close to it. Whether it is a sporting event, a speaker or a theatre show (though it usually only sells out one night, because there are 6 performances of a show). There is always a party to go to and always people heading off campus. If you feel bored on campus, it's because you're not trying.


I don't know much about this area because i am very busy playing baseball. I do know that sororities seem to be a big thing for the girls on campus. Social life seems unpersonal at times since it's such a small school, people are always trying to know what your doing, who your hanging out with, ect. I'd say the partying on campus is very minimal but extremely large off campus.


Frat and sororities are stupid here. Villanova cant even make the baseball field on campus. Instead, they created a softball field where there could actually be a baseball field. Its a bar school, if your under 21 and do not have a good fake ID your best bet to party is at the courts or drinking in your dorm room. RA's have nothing better to do and seem like they love to bust two guys at 8:00 pm just sitting around and having a couple of beers.


Ok social life nothing like a state school very restricted average at best parties


Another thing I like about Villanova, is that it's small enough where if you meet someone at a party the likelihood you're going to see them again is very high, unlike a state school with over 20,000 students. That way you get to know people a lot better and faster. I met my good friends through social scenes and we became friends very quickly because I saw them around campus a lot. One thing that I wish would be different is the social scene. I wish we had frat houses on campus, because even though we have Philly and apartments on and off campus, it is sometimes hard to get there. Without a car here and Villanova you really have to make your own fun.


I am playing Volleyball, and my team is my family in Villanova. We always hang out with each other and will associate with other athletes most of the time. Most of the time we leave our dorm's door open. Athletic events are very popular and people find sport in Villanova as a big deal. Villanova University is not a big partying school, and sometime i would find myself bored. There are not alot going around but being an athlete helps my social life. We usually go out to the bars around 3-4 times a week when it's off season, while we are in season we will hang out in the apartments.


Villanova basketball games are a great activity that a lot of people go to with friends. You meet people that are similar to you almost the minute you move in. I'm on the soccer team so those girls are my closest friends. But being an athletes also you meet other athletes and they all become your good friends also.


Great social scene. People party a lot.


Being part of a team here, and I will say the athletes are a tight knit group. My best friends are those on my team, but most of my other friends are also student athletes. There is also a huge frat/sorority presence, and they are always known to hold the best ticket parties, your typical Thursday night social scene, when Villanova buses about 500 kids into Philly to a rented-out club for the night.


I feel like most of the students here are either part of a varsity sport or a frat or sorority. Greek life is pretty big here. I'm on the varsity rowing team. I joined it randomly and it was probably the best move that I ever made. I absolutely love everything about the team and I encourage everyone to join. I met my closest friends through the team. I don't know what I would do without them. People here party fairly often, but if you're on a sport you kind of have to tone it down a little. For example, last weekend, I spent both Saturday and Sunday down at a race in New Jersey. There are plenty of things to do on weekends that don't involve drinking though... such as joining rowing... or catching a movie in Connelly Center (they play movies that are in between the theater phase and the out on dvd phase)... or you can play pool in Connelly... or go to King of Prussia Mall... there are so many things to do on and off campus that are safe and don't involve drinking.


the men's basketball team is by far the main attraction on campus, making it to the NCAA tournament 4 years in a row and making it to the sweet sixteen this past year. there is a lot more than just basketball, though. there are a ton of clubs, sports teams, intramurals, music and theater groups, and fraternities and sororities.


Villanova is extremely geared toward community service: habitat for humanity and special olympics are just two of the many organizations with which we are involved. There are also tons of lectures, events, clubs, etc. It also it somewhat of a party school. Frats and sororities are pretty big, but by no means do you have to be a part of greek life to have fun. There are also plenty of things to do if you don't drink such as KOP mall, bowling, going into Philly, movies, etc.


Well, sororities are pretty popular. Many girls tend to go through that process and it seems to work out for them. As for fraternities, they are smaller than sororities and have a bigger negative stereotype of being real manly man. The frats are pretty weak at Nova. Popular activities include participating and helping out in Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Up 'til Dawn, Balloon Day, and other volunteering opportunities. Intramural sports are a lot of fun to play if you like to play sports and you are not a Division I athlete. If you are a Division I athlete Villanova is pretty competitive in all sports, even in IAA football, although no one really cares about it that much. In the dorms, students do leave their dorms open and are very friendly. Basketball games are the most fun and important athletic events on campus. There is a lottery for tickets and if you attend more games each year, you get better lottery numbers. Basketball games are the pulse of the school. We tend to have a lot of diverse guest speakers from politicians to religious educators to business professionals. All of them are highly recognized and they draw huge crowds from those who are interested in the topic of conversation. I don't think the theatre draws too many people in to visit there shows. I met my closest friends in the dorms that I lived in each year. We either lived together, or lived near each other. And when you join the activities that you enjoy doing you notice that many of the same people are at these events. If you are awake at 2am you could either be working on schoolwork all night, or you could be all night just chatting it up with people in your dorm or house, just shooting the breeze, hanging out. Every year the school hosts the regional Special Olympics festival. Also, Balloon day. Every year we have two big concerts one in the fall one in the spring. One is called Novafest in the spring which you can't miss, it's a big deal. People party on weekends an Thursdays. If you're old enough to go to the bars, there is a crowd every night of the week at certain bars depending on the specials. If you are an underclassmen, you typically will only party on the weekends or special nights during the week.


Blue Key, Ambassadors and Special Olympics are definitely the three big most popular groups. The selection process for all three is very intense as well. The dating scene is lacking as well. It is very hard to get off of campus since most of the Freshman and Sophomores are not allowed to have cars. Also, there are few things that are within reasonable walking distance.


There is so much happening on Villanova's campus. While there are tons of volunteer and social experiences, it is very difficult to hold high positions or obtain leadership in most of the organizations because there are so many good canidates, making it frustrating and disheartening at times. Some major activities are the newspaper, student government, campus ministry volunteering, special olympics, campus activities team (CAT), vocal groups, theater, greek life, and athletics. Everyone is really into men's basketball here and I would say that is our biggest showing of school spirit and Villanova pride evident to outsiders.


There is something for everyone at Villanova, from intramurals to Frats. Every organization has a unique function, which greatly adds to Villanova's campus.


Some students leave their dorm room doors open, especially in the beginning of the year when everyone is trying to get to know people. Athletic events besides the basketball team are not too popular, but the bball team is very popular. Guest speakers are popular. Michelle Obama just recently filled a gym on campus with students, and John McCain is expected to have the same reception when he comes later this month. Theater isn't that popular, although I heard there are plans to construct a new theater on campus, which may generate more interest. Dating at Villanova is pretty casual, and fluid, it is hard to tell sometimes if a couple is dating or if they're just part of a larger group of friends. My closest friends were all in my dorm freshman year. One of the biggest events on campus is Nova Fest, which happens every April, the university usually brings in a band and/or a comedian. This year it is Brand New and a rapper, last year was goo goo dolls, two years ago 3rd Eye blind and Dane Cook. People party every weekend or more often. Sometimes it seems like there isn't much to do on the Villanova campus, that is why the two train stops on campus are so good. I believe the trains stop running at 12:30 though. There is a shuttle that runs to the KOP mall as well. The school shows movies on weekends and has a video rental store on campus. There are more sororities than frats on campus, and they don't play too big a part in the social scene.


doors open in dorms freshman year and some sophmore but after that they're all closed. mens basketball the only event worth goin to. people u meet freshman year are usually ur best friends for college. people party on the weekends, but not so much durin the week. frats and soroties not important. watch a movie in student center if u dont want to drink. go to philly off campus, but u need to be 21 for basically everythin there


we are not a party school or like a normal "college". Only freshmen year do anyone really attend frat parties. We have bars on the mainline that are strictly Villanova kids. We also have Philly so close so it is a great escape.


In my dorm, the RA is really uptight about noise so we dont really have a community and dont leave our doors open. The dating scene is obselete and Nova girls, especially minorities, dont have that expectation. People party here all the time but they are all drinking parties. It is nearly impossible to be social and not drink on this campus. Therefore, often we will have to go off campus if you are into a different social scene.