Villanova University Top Questions

What are your classes like?


Most classes (except for the general sciences) do not exceed 35 people. The majority of my classes have actually had an average of 15 people in them. Classes are discussion based. Lots of reading and writing is required, but there is little to no busy work. Your grade depends on how much work you put in. Teachers want you to succeed and are always available before and after class and during office hours to help.


Classes are super engaging. Most normal classes are between 25-30 students, with some in the Honors Dept and other depts being as small as 10. Most Honors Dept classes are no bigger than 15. Some general classes are larger (the labs specifically - which can be 40-60) but even with those larger classes, they break down into various sections one of the days each week, into groups of 15 or so.


I'm currently taking Public Relations Writing, Communication Senior Project, Philosophy of Sex and Love, Women in Modern European History, and Calligraphy.


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