Villanova University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Hee Jae

The students at our school has the most school spirit and school pride. The students are very open and polite. We also have a beautiful campus!


Basketball. Everyone who has gone to Villanova loves to talk basketball. March Madness is just Villanova Madness. But once you get past the sports, you get to see the heart and essence of the school that all students fall in love with during their stay at the aboretum campus. The teachers, the pastors, the community, the activism. There's a reason why the school's motto is "Igniting the heart, inspiring the mind, and illuminating the spirit." This school will change you in ways you'd never dream a school could. Really, that is the best thing to brag about.


The beautiful church. Aesthetics have been known to change moods, and affect well-being. Being a Catholic university, we are taught that Beauty is a transformative experience, a conduit to God. Flowering dogwoods, lilies, and lilacs surround the outside, while the inside is a pristine marble masterpiece. The silver stone walls and archaic stain-glass windows give it a majestic feel, and yet there is always a warm and friendly face at the arched double doors beckoning you in.


How wonderful our student life is.


Good reputation - ranked in the top 40 schools


Villanova University classes are challenging but exciting. The professors are passionate and rich in knowledge and are accessible to students. The support system at the school is strong and ensures the students success. The administration, professors and fellow students create a positive enriching environment. The facilities are modern, abundant and cater to a diverse community of students. There is a great sense of community at the school and is reflected in the staff and students. The high level of technology the school has allows students to have access to anything they may need to be successful in their college career.


The academic difficultly and prestige! Very important!


I most brag about the sense of community and the well-rounded education that I receive at Villanova. I also talk about the diversity of experiences and opportunities that are available both inside and outside the classroom. For example, I have the freedom to take classes like Sign Language or Harry Potter and International Relations. The breadth of possibility also crosses into the tenets of Villanova: unitas, veritas, and caritas which describe the unity students have as we cheer at basketball games, the sincerity and passion with which we approach academics, and the care we employ in service to others.


OUr basketball team is better than yours.


We have an amazing basketball team!


The amount of school spirit and the amount of students that are dedicated to volunteer. It is absolutely amazing how many students get involved in the various organizations on campus to help less fortunate people out.


When I tell my friends about my school, the thing that I brag most about is the great coffee places all around campus and the many service oppurtunities!


Everyday when I attend school, I build upon my current knowledge.


It's a beautiful campus and felt that most staff were really caring and helpful. At my nursing school, it was apparent that many of our professors wanted their students to succeed.


The sense of community. I hear at many schools, people just go to class and then back to their dorm rooms. However, at Villanova, there are always people around campus. There are events all the time that draw in students from different backrounds and cultures. No one is left out. It is so important at Villanova that everyone feels like they a part of something. That is what I brag about. I brag about being a part of something more than just a school. I brag about being part of a family when I'm at Villanova.


I don't really brag about my school. It's not brag worthy.


Villanova School of Business is ranked 12th in the nation.


parties and basketball


Our school has a tremendous reputation in the financial industry. We also have a great basketball team.


I dont like to brag about my school.


how good the clothes are


Mostly white


the name, the acemdic reputation, the athletics


Academic Stauts and Quality of Life