Villanova University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Villanova University? Why?


The worst thing about this school is that the dinign hall closes relatively early at 7pm. This is inconvienient if you are used to eating later, although there are still other didning locations on campus open til 2am.




Villanova can seek to improve upon diversity and financial aid. No matter how much the university has improved its efforts in regards to diversity, it is still primarily White, Northeastern, Upper middle class to wealthy students, many of whom are children of alumni. This can make anyone who does not fit this mold feel somewhat left out. Financial aid can also be improved upon by giving more credit to students who are not from New York City or New Jersey.


The worst thing about Villanova University is it's scheduling system. When trying to register for classes, it's not uncommon to get locked out of classes and have to be written into a class or wait for the university to open up another section for the class that is usually at an undesireable time.


Lack of diversity


So far, the worst thing about my school is how the admissions team accepted too many students in relation to space for them. We are the largest freshman class in the history of the university. As a result, two-thirds of our grade resides are tripled in rooms meant for only two people to live. This problem is definitely causing tension and anxiety in my life.


The worst thing about Villanova University probably has to be the hours of the library. The library closes at 12am every weekday night, and it only open until 2am during finals. It is tough to stay concentrated and dedicated to your work during finals when you don't have a great study area.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is that most students come from affluent communities and there tends to be a lot of wealthy people. This exorbitant wealth has allowed students to abuse drugs, show off their expensive clothes and cars, and to have an ungrateful opinion of money. This wealth is obvious to the student population and can embarrass some less fortunate students. I also believe that an unrealistic view of money and wealth is depicted here. Students here seem to need money to be happy.


The worst thing about my school is the core requirements tied in with the catholic faith. We are required to take theology, Augustinian Culture, and philosophy, and all of these classes are based in the catholic religion. I don't have a problem with the catholic faith, I simply feel that because I am not Catholic my grade point has suffered at the professors discretion in some of these required courses.


The worst thing about Villanova is the debt I'll graduate with.