Villanova University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


Most of the school is primarily white. Although this stereotype is diversity can still be found in the school except in smaller quantities. The diversity is increasing with each incoming class.


The stereotype of Villanova students is often negative. Many people perceive girls as snobby, rich, and daddy's little girl, while boys are usually perceived as preppy. Though girls do dress up to go to class and boys do dress preppy, pink pants, the majority of the student body is down to earth and friendly. It is also common for people to think that Villanova is really Villa- no- fun. Since we do not have greek housing the parties affiliated with the campus are not all that; however, there are still many fun things to do on the weekends and students make the best of it.


At my university there is a wide spread stereotype that students are all affluent and lack in diversity. Even before I decided to attend Villanova, I was aware of this stereotype and at first was worried about whether I would fit in. However, after stepping foot on campus, I realized that this stereotype is untrue. There are so many groups on campus that works towards cultivating all types of diversity. It is amazing to see how many resources there are on campus that help bring together different groups of people with varied perspectives and experiences.


The stereotype of Villanova students is that we are all white, spoiled, rich kids. Although there are several of these on most college campuses, this is not entirely true for us. There are many more good-hearted, hard-working, regular people at 'Nova than there are spoiled brats. You just have to keep your eyes open, because the stereotypes are easier to pick out than the rest of us.


Most people recognize my school because of its graduate programs, so when they think of NSU they think of older graduate students. Although most of NSU's population is made up of graduate students, there is a vibrant undergraduate community with greek life, more than 80 organizations, and many activities. Another common stereotype is "nerds" because there are a lot of Biology majors and because it is not a party school. We are in Fort Lauderdale, so there is plenty of fun everywhere, and although there really are a lot of Biology majors, there are great programs in the arts, education, and lots more.


Students are veryy involved - whether that is in service organizations, Greek life, academic extracirriculars - you name it! The culture at Villanova is to give back to others in whatever way possible!


There's definitely the stereotype of "Villanova-nova"; but I can tell you that there can be nothing further from the truth. One can find much ethnic diversity, from the clubs to the events that are held at Villanova. For instance, the Asian Students' Association holds an Asian expo each year, which showcases different Asian cultures and their attributes. There's also the South Asian Multicultural Organized Students Association which holds Khazana each year; this showcases the different types of dances from South Asia.


"Villa-No-Fun" and lots of white, hot girls are the stereotype. SO FALSE on the no fun. Yes, drinking rules are strict in the dorms, but the campus activity team offers so many fun, non drinking events and there are plenty of off campus parties that the frats run rides to so you don't even have to pay for a cab. AND the school is so much more diverse this year than it was 4 years ago when I started. Plus, there are lots of multicultural clubs on campus to help make people of all backgrounds feel welcome.


There are many contradicting stereotypes attributed to Villanova. Some believe it's all frat bros, some call it Villa-no-fun, and some attribute us to rich white kids that got in because of family connections and legacy. It's been said that you can make a big campus small, but you can't make a small campus big. Untrue. Villanova only has 6000 undergrads, and there is a place for everyone here. Not participating in the social scene doesn't exclude you from anything else going on campus. This makes most stereotypes of Villanova inaccurate. Less than a quarter of the university participates in Greek life. While most of the students are from wealthy families, there is absolutely no distinction or discrimination. It's a Catholic University, and more than half the people come from private schools. Everyone is generally courteous and genuine. So, is Villanova filled with rich white kids? Yes, but they are all down to earth.


Villanova University is considered by many to be a preppy school. The students dress well and always look nice for class; rarely do you see people wearing sweats. There are many different types of people at Villanova. Everyone is very friendly and it is very easy to make friends.


There is definitely a stereotype of the typical Villanova student. Many people think that the school is made up of rich, white, preppy kids. To be completely honest, there are a lot of people that fit the bill. But that doesn't mean that there aren't people who don't fit into the stereotype! There are people of every social, ethic, and economic background at Nova.