Villanova University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best hing about this school is its values. Not only is Villanova impeccable when it comes to academics, it also possesses a wonderful sports team which encourages pride and school spirit amongst all who attend. Additionally, Villanova is Catholic and Augustinian school meaning that it holds true to service, truth, and loyalty. Because Villanova has three wonderful aspects, academics, spirit, and service, it is beyond wonderful to attend.


The best thing about Villanova is the importance placed on social justice. Even though I am not Catholic, this is one of the values that I cherish about Catholicism and I believe that if I had gone to another institution I might not have been as involved within the surrounding community. My freshmen year I had the opportunity to go on a service break trip to Kingston, Jamaica and this experience completely changed the path that I was on at Villanova. Before this experience, I did not really have much direction as to what clubs and activities that I wanted to be involved with. One thing that I would change about Villanova is the administration emphasis on athletics. Although this is an important part of Villanova and most likely brings in a lot of revenue for the school, I believe that much can still be done to improve classroom space and support. I think that Villanova is just the right size. It is big enough so that you don't feel like you're back in high school but also small enough so that you can see many familiar faces when walking to class. When I tell people that I go to Villanova they normally react by saying wow, that's a great school. I am honored to go to a school that has such a good academic reputation. On campus, I spend most of my time in the library. There are so many spots to not only study but also hangout with friends and catch up. The entire mainline has many universities and colleges in the area which makes it very welcoming to students. There are many local restaurants that support students and make it convenient for students to eat or hangout there. It is not unusual to see many students sporting 'Nova gear because many students are proud of the institution. Although there is definitely still some room for improvement, Villanova has been a great place to spend my last four years!


Overall, Villanova is my home away from home. I love it here. I think the best thing about it is that it feels like a college when you are on campus; minus having a Frat Row, you get the real college experience here. If I could change one thing, however, it would be having guaranteed Senior housing. Size-wise, we are a medium sized school which I think is perfect because there are always more friends for you to make but its not too small that you feel claustrophobic. When I tell people I go here they usually respond with "Oh, good school!" Although, I wouldn't call Villanova a typical college town, it does have its 'college-town' aspects like hang-outs and accommodating businesses in the area. There is so much school pride. On any given day, you will see half of campus wearing their Villanova gear proudly for everyone to see. The food could be better, but they do something to try and fix that every semester.


I love it here! It is easy to get involved and find your niche. The annual homecoming party was at Opium in the Hard Rock Cafe this year and it only cost $10! There are always fun events going on. Also, the dean of my college knows me by name as do many other administrators and all my professors. Professors are readily available to help during office hours, and take interest in helping you accomplish your career goals. I have experienced this first hand and already have 3 mentors. Classrooms usually do not exceed 25 students. There are many opportunities to network with faculty through the Honors Program, and general functions. The undergraduate program is not that well-known which is sort of annoying. The school is growing, though, so I'm sure that it will gain recognition. The new president of NSU is an amazing individual and he has a great vision for NSU. There is no football team, but I enjoy watching the soccer and basketball teams play. There is also a great swim team, rowing team, and many others. School pride isn't that great, but I think we have a cool mascot: Razor the Shark. I live on campus and the residential facilities here are awesome. They are not your typical college dorms with community bathrooms. Laundry is free and I feel very safe here. We have an awesome gym that offers a variety of group exercise classes. I will always remember this past homecoming week because I participated in the annual raft races which takes place in a lake behind the library (which is by the way huge!). I love commuity service and NSU is a great community partner and there are always opportunities to serve.


The best thing about this school is the community it creates among its students. From the very start of freshmen year, there's the freshmen orientation that is designed to get freshmen comfortable within the college campus. There are also many events that bring together the Villanovan community, such as the Day of Service or Special Olympics. These two events not only bring together students, alumni, and families of students/alumni, but we also have the opportunity to give back to the community.


Villanova's the perfect size. You're meeting new people all the time, but you will see a ton of familiar faces no matter what side of campus you go to. I love Villanova and I would choose coming here over and over again. It helps that Villanova also helped me get my dream job, as a senior, and I've had some extremely passionate and fun teachers who have really prepared me for the future.


The best thing about this school is that you can surround yourself with like minded people and do your own thing. You wanna frat hard? Go for it. You wanna spend your days and nights in the Bloomberg lab, getting the low-down on whats going on in the finance world? You won't be alone. You want to join the breakdance team or students for liberty? It's all there. The one thing I would change is to make the curriculum a little more vigorous. While there is an Honors core, it's mostly viewed as a joke, and to my understanding, the classes are easier than the regular core. When I tell people I go to Villanova, there is an immediate stigma of "this guy must be a boss." More and more each year the school climbs the rankings; both quality and price. The school is well on its way to being recognized as one of the top 10 in the country. In fact, the business school in #7 for 2011 (Bloomberg Businessweek). I spend most of my time in the Business School. Most of my classes are there, and the business societies all hold meetings in the evenings. The university and VSB career centers do a stellar job at bringing top companies to campus, and most hold their info sessions in Bartley. Arguably, Bartley has the best food on campus, so for someone with my interests, the only reason to leave the business school is to get some sleep at night. This is not a college town. It's an incredibly affluent suburb of Philadelphia. There are many bars nearby, and most Frat's have house parties, but they are driving distance only. Administration does a great job accomodating any request. Recently, there has been a decline in "Customer Service," but I find if you're kind to them, they'll take care of you. Recent controversy: undercover officers selling drugs on campus to bust things. It's a bi-product of residing in a township with no crime. The cops have nothing better to do than to pick on us. There can never be too much school pride, but Nova kids find a great balance. We won't jump off buildings or riot after a loss (PSU??). The school's Catholic roots lend it to be very charitable, which is awesome. The environment on "Days of Service" is incredible. Most memorable experience cannot be discussed in a proffessional setting, but it was A LOT of fun. Most frequent complaint has to deal with student parking.


Villanova is a perfect fit for me. Its close proximity to Philadelphia provides students with a plethora of things to do on weekends. The campus is beautiful and is small enough so that students can walk everywhere, yet big enough so you are not seeing the same people everywhere. There is a lot of school pride because everyone is so proud to go here.


I could not be happier at Villanova. The sense of community that can be felt here is amazing - I felt it from the first day of Freshman Orientation! The community feeling extends through your college years, well past graduation. The Villanova Alumni network is a great resource when looking for a job or an internship because any Villanova alum that I have met cannot wait to help another Villanovan out! The school is the perfect size, in my opinion. It is large enough that you can meet new people every day, but not so big that you will get lost in the shuffle. Most of my time on campus is spent in the lounges and dining halls, hanging out with friends. It's definitely located in a college town, as the student ID or "Wildcard" as we have come to call it, is accepted as a method of payment at many restaurants, bars, and businesses around town. A lot of the people who live and work in the area went to Villanova and love the students! School pride is huge here. When you go to Villanova, you're part of something big. It's something that you feel as soon as you come to campus. You're more than just a student - you're a Villanovan.


Going to Villanova is like buying a $70 Ralph Lauren Polo when a $20 knock off will suffice. It's sadly all about name and reputation, with little to do with overall quality, honesty, and integrity. Also, too much lip service is paid to Catholic "ideals." It's just part of the marketing. Justice and fairness is only applied when it's considered to advance the overall agenda of the school. The agenda of the school is to present itself as some rarified bastion of virtue and intellectual integrity to be had at premium prices. The reality is that one can get the same thing at a state college for much less.


The best thing about Villanova... it's size. And therefore its spirit. I love the fact that I can walk through the Oreo and recognize someone from class or that I've walked past before, and after a few steps more see a new face. It makes Nova feel like a home away from home - it really isn't far-fetched to say there is a kind of Villanova 'family' at work here. NovaFest especially brings this out, because for this one weekend the entirety of the school all put a mental stop on any pending exams, papers and homework and just laid back to drink, barbeque, and donate money together. I never felt more like a Nova student.


Villanova is the perfect size student body for me. The classes are roughly 20-30 students per class. You get to devlope a relationship with the professor, and attendence is important, especially the first two years. There are numerous councelers and peer guidence allecated to each student. The Villanova network is one of the strongest in the nation as far as connections and getting jobs/internships. It carries a lot of weight in the East coast but not so much on the West coast. The town of Villanova is small and near the Main Line; which is one of the wealthiest areas in the nation. There are huge mansions on numerous acres of land and you definetly get a sense of upperclass around the area. And then about 20 minutes away, you have the big city feeling of Philadelphia. The downside is that it is not a collegetown atmosphere minus the bars where the upperclassman go. And often times you have to take expensive cabs to get to places. The cops are strict and don't like college students. But when it's all said and done. Villanova was the BEST pick for me, and I met a lot of great people; everyone is driven, well rounded, and really want to do things with their lives. I had the year of my life and can't wait to go back in the fall for another year.


best thing: you can meet some great friends here. one thing i'd change: soph housing. most soph dorms are absolutely TERRIBLE. also, we NEED a performing arts center, desperately. size-wise: it's just right. could be a little smaller, but medium is a nice middle ground. how do people react when i them i go here: some light up and seem very impressed. others say "oh..." and trail off. others have never even HEARD of villanova unless i mention basketball! so it's a mixed bag. most time is spent in my dorm, or at the library. Not really a "college town," unless you head over to bryn mawr... administration = not incredibly connected to the students school pride = yes, lots of it. unusual = dynamic between the guys and the girls. very old fashioned, with guys mostly hanging out with guys while girls do the same with girls. i don't like it. student complaints = OVERPRICED MEAL PLANS! and crappy soph housing. Also, tolentine hall is as old as the hills and needs a renovation desperately.


Villanova, and the reason I think most prospective students end up choosing nova is because of the camraderie. The spirit among the students and the faculty too is what makes this campus so great. It is a place where everyone finds their home or their "thing". Its the perfect size because there is enough people to meet new people all the time but small enough that you will run into familiar faces when walking around campus. Faculty want their students to succeed. They are always willing to sit down and talk about classes or even family. The most frequent complaint I think is about the parties. There is always something to do but sometimes it is a little difficult to get a ride so you have to take a cab.


The word that best describes Villanova is "community." When first looking at the school as an option for college, I heard them use this phrase a lot but never quite knew what they meant. After spending three years here, the meaning is clear to me. Community is found at Nova in vounteer work around the area, Special Olympics every year, club and varsity teams, and evening masses on campus every Sunday given by the President of the school and attended by students of many religious backgrounds.


Villanova is a place that really takes a lot of motivation to get anything out of. The school provides you with everything that you need and much, much more, but you really have to get your ass up and say "I want to do this today because it is good for me to do." You can either choose to learn and be successful, live like a loser who has no friends and hate your way through college, or fit in perfectly with the "in" crowd, buy a bunch of madras shorts and Ralph Lauren oxfords, and simply coast until someone carries you along with them. People are generally either boring, ostentatious, quiet, or horribly obnoxious and stupid. You'll probably spend a lot of time thinking "Why do I spend so much money going somewhere where nobody cares about learning?" The thing to remember is that you really can learn a LOT at Villanova, you just have to ignore all the people who piss you off. The teachers are generally great and very accessible, and the class sizes never disappoint.


One major thing people think of when you say Villanova is basketball because we have such a well known program here. That aspect of school is extremely fun and unique. There are many schools who have large, well known programs, but there are few schools as small as ours with as much support and enthusiasm about our team. Every basketball game is a blast and you always know our team can come back from major defecates. We were down something like 17 with 4 minutes left in the game against LSU.(I'm not exactly sure about those numbers) We came back to win it on the final shot of the game. A major factor in that game was how our fans rallied and it was impossible to silence us. As an engineer, another part about school frequently asked is, do engineers have a life outside school? Although engineering is very rigorous and can seem overwhelming at times, it is not difficult to have lots of fun in addition to your studies. I have many engineering friends who seem to keep up a high GPA, are still involved in extracurricular activities, and still seem to keep up a pretty normal social life.


Villanova is just the right size, while you have the comfort of not being just a number when it comes to classes (attending, as well as getting written into them), problems (scholastic, financial, and/or personal, or just walking around school; there are enough students where you dont feel like you know absolutely everyone, there is familiarity versus complete anonimity and just being a number. It is steadily increasing in rank. Town where it is in is very safe but not that student friendly. Villanova's administration is great, always understanding, they really care about the students. It is catholic so you have to adhere to certain rules that at times seem stupid. School pride is great, basketball games, special olympics, etc... Most frequent complains are the special treatment certain people get, the more money you have the more you can get away with.


Villanova is a very friendly campus. I have never had to open a door for myself when other people are around. The sense of community at Villanova is completely palpable, as seen in how the campus comes together during events such as the Special Olympics, Basketball Season, and Nova Fest. As I wasn't involved much in service in high school, I was not expecting a very service-oriented school to change my mind. That changed about 2 weeks into school when I signed up to work at the Special Olympics. Since then, I have become so involved with service that I feel like I have done it my entire life. It is such a rewarding experience to participate in service with your peers. The best thing about Villanova is definitely the people. I have found so many people that are just like me. Obviously, you won't be friends with everyone you meet, but it is definitely big enough to meet a new group of friends but small enough to know a lot of people within the community. I would change the living situation for sophomores. Even though the Quad is the main hub of campus, the quality of the rooms is poor as compared to the rooms for the freshmen and juniors. When I tell people I go to Villanova, all of the stereotypes that I left New York thinking come back. They say "So you go to Vanillanova" or "Ha! Villanofun." However, I think that those people really have to experience Villanova, because I have not found either of those to be true. I am not a preppy person in the least but I still feel comfortable walking around in my beat-up Converse shoes as does the girl next to me in UGG Boots. On campus, I spend most of my time in the Connelly center. It is the main student center, and a great place to sit and do work. Everybody comes through, so it is a great social atmosphere. It has an ice cream shop, a restaurant, a coffee shop, an internet cafe, couches, lounges, a movie rental center, a movie cinema, everything a college student could want. As for the town surrounding Villanova, we are located within the richest part of Pennsylvania, so it is completely safe to walk outside at night, and I have never felt any need to use the safety call buttons, even though an officer could be there in 37 seconds. Right next to Villanova is Philadelphia, which, though it does not compare to my native New York, is still an amazing city. It is so historical, but also young and fresh with the music scene. We also have King of Prussia mall within driving distance, and it is the second largest mall in the country! The shuttles run there on the weekends, so we never have to pay for transportation. If you want to go somewhere, though, there are two train stations that run right through campus, which makes it easy to make the trip home. Like all college campuses, the students sometimes have issues with the decisions that the administration makes, but I don't have anything that has made me really upset with the Villanova administration. During basketball season, the school pride is busting through the seams of our Nova Nation fan shirts. The entire campus comes together to support our team and creates such a fun, energetic atmosphere among the student body.


College basketball is the best aspect of the school because it gives us great school pride. There is a big problem with diversity on campus- we need more minority and international students. The rules are very strict on everything, especially on parties and alcohol. The administration is too conservative and should do more to promote safe sex and allow kids to have fun. The campus, food and surroundings are very good. Most of the dorms are respectable. The campus does a poor job at providing fun activities and you need to leave Villanova to have fun.


Its my favorite place to be in the world. Such a great atmosphere. It is very strict at Villanova but its worth it to go there. The people are awesome. Food is ok. So much school pride during basketball games!


Very good size. Not to small that it is boring, but not to large that you feel you are just a number or that you are not important on campus. The religious influence makes the campus feel more like a home and community rather than just a group of classrooms. The students have a lot of school spirit and are very proud to be Villanovans.


I love Villanova's campus. The people I've met here are wonderful and I'm glad to have found so many good, close friends. I wish Villanova had a nicer fine arts center or department with more opportunities and better facilities to express creativity in music, art, and drama. The size of the campus fits well with me. Since I'm from Philadelphia, many people act impressed with my choice of school, but also think of the many stereotypes associated with it. Villanova is often perceived as a more elite school on the main line compared to the others in the city, and is known for it's superficiality (basketball, campus, location) instead of its academics. The university just recently built a new gym, a law school parking lot, and is working on the building of a nursing school. Personally, I would much rather like to see the building of a new dorm or apartment complexes on campus and more parking spaces or parking college for students due to the overcrowding of incoming students and the increase of student population over the years. The biggest controversy was the anti-semitic graffiti found on campus last year. The university and our president responded very well situation as the student body was completely shocked by the offensive act of vandalism. Much of the school pride stems from college basketball. The unity of the students strongly comes together at games. I will always remember watching the game when Villanova won against #1 ranked UConn in 2006. I wished I was there rushing the court with the rest of the student body.


The best thing about villanova is that the people are really nice. I would like their to be more diversity here. nova is perfect size. people are impressed when i tell them im goin to nova. i spend most of my time on south. "what college town?" no opinion on administration fire alarm on nova fest. (people wanted to search our rooms) yes there's a lot of school pride i will always remember lacrosse people complain about the facilities


I like the different class. Also, I like how close it is to my home.


I do not leave on the weekends. It is a lot of fun here. People work hard and know how to have fun. There is a lot of school pride for certain sports, primarly basketball. Villanova's student to professor ratio is great. I know all of them personally and they make the effort to contact me if they notice that something is wrong. Since i'm not from the tri-state area, not many people know Villanova by it's academics, rather because of the basketball team...disappointing, but oh well. I spend most of my time in the Nursing builing, which we are getting a new one Fall 2008!


The best thing about Villanova is the campus. It is so pretty, especially in the Spring. If I could change anything though I would change the housing situation. Housing at Villanova is either really good or awful and so your housing lottery number can make or break your year. The past two years I have gotten bad lottery numbers and I have not met as many people as friends who live in the "good dorms." When I tell people that I go to Villanova they either say oohh "Villanofun" ... "That's an excellent school" or "I've never heard of it" I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm... I live in the nursing school and as a nursing student I don't have to leave the building on some days! There is a ton of school pride in Villanova students. I used to go to all of the basketball games with my face painted blue because the pride is just so contagious. Villanova students truly bleed blue and white. Even if you go here and hate the school you will defend it to anyone who calls it Villanofun or who tries to say anything bad about nova.


the best thing about villanova is the insane amount of job and networking opportunities they give students every single day. the size of the school is perfect - you can meet someone new every day, but if you are sitting in a public place, you will probably see at least one person you know. the township of radnor isn't very cooperative with our school, but it hardly hinders daily life. the pride of students for school is not comparable to very many other schools.


On Villanova's campus Community Service is huge. In order to participate in almost every service organization there is a very selective application process, very competitive. It's great to find a campus where students are so committed to service, however sometimes I feel as though some may not be partaking in these activities for the best reasons (seems like their looking to spruce up their resumes). While diversity is lacking at Villanova, it seems as though they are making an effort to increase diversity on campus (the area that needs most improvement however is the Faculty!!) also as a minority student on campus I find that the center for Multi-Cultural Affairs is an amazing support system for students who might otherwise feel somewhat alienated. Even given some of the negative stereotypes that do accurately depict Villanova students, everyone is very friendly. Villanova has a very good academic reputation, especially in the mid-northern atlantic region (and lets be real who wants to live and work anywhere else!!!). Philadelphia is big college city, Drexel, UPenn, St. Joe's, LaSalle, and Temple are all in the area. Villanova is about 20 minutes outside center city on the main line lots of great restaurants and shopping in the area, King Of Prussia Mall is about 10-15 minutes away from school which is very convenient. Villanova Basketball is huge!!! One thing I would change about villanova... The University is not very diverse, and most of the students are somewhat apathetic about issues of diversity, we have had some incidents on campus graffiti (racial slurs etc.) however the student responses to these incidents were very positive. All in all I would say i enjoyed my four years at Villanova, met great people, and got a great education.


The kids: They're all very nice. I haven't had any problems. Everyone minds their own business and wants to do well. The teachers: They can be boring but most of the ones I've had are excellent. They know what they are talking about and are available to help. They are flexible and want their students to succede. The workload: I'd say the workload can be quite ridiculous at times. I'm a freshman, am almost done the year and am in the process of writing my thirty-ninth paper. There is an EXTREME amount of reading but it is possible to get by without reading everything (which I made the mistake of doing first semester). Stuff is only as stressful as you make it. You really need to budget your time effectively and DONT PUT THINGS OFF (especially reading when it is necessary) like I did.


Villanova was the perfect place for me because I wanted a campus feel with a lot of school spirit, close to a city, with tons to do. Villanova is small enough that you can see someone you know everyday but big enough that you could also meet someone new just walking around campus. The school spirit is infectious and everyone has a great pride for Nova. Between the basketball games and other school events, everyone gets involved. All the businesses in the area really cater to the students because we are in such a college filled area. Theres a lot to do in Philadelphia and you really get the best of both worlds. I wanted a school I could be proud of, and when I say i go to Villanova people are always impressed.


Villanova is an amazing home. Faculty, staff, and students are all so welcoming and eager to make everyone on campus feel welcomed. The community atmosphere is amazing. I feel like a member of a FAMILY of 8,000. Villanova also offers tons of opportunities to get involved and find a place to fit in/make an impact on campus.


This school is the worst and best experience of my entire life. As far as location, it is just close enough that you can say you're near to about 25 different places, but just far enough that it's a total hassle to go anywhere at all. As far as parties go, the only "good" ones are the ticket parties, which you end up spending at least 60 dollars at, and which sometimes get busted by Philadelphia police. There are a plethora of rules which stand to make you feel like you're at an extended summer camp. I love my classes, but even in the highest echelon of the honors program I feel that I am not really being challenged in the best way. The people here either are stupid or simply act stupid because they think it's the coolest. There is a lot of school pride that stems out of a desire simply to have pride in a mob mentality sort of way. In other words, you hear a lot of complaints during the day, and then everyone gets drunk and you hear a lot of "Nova-motherf***ing-nation, Man!" If there was a way I could describe this school in a catchy little slogan, I would call it "Villanova: Easy Transitions for Those Who Want to Stay the Same as They Already Are When They Arrive."


Villanova is a school for the all around person. Strong academics, strong social environment where being an active participant in service and other activities is important to people, competitive environment for getting into certain clubs, close to Philly which is awesome, great people-in general all very friendly, work takes up a lot of time during the week, but once its done play follows immediately.


By and large, the thing about Villanova is the people. Everyone on campus is at least cordial to each other and it is really easy to find friends (and relationships). Unfortunately, the school is a little small, so the student body is a liittle short in variety. The campus has got plenty of things to do (movie theatre, open mic nights, student groups, intramurals, etc.), and it is really easy to get to Philly whenever you want. One thing Villanova has in excess is pride. It is impossible to escape the school spirit, and it is easy to get swept up in the frenzy, especially during basketball season.


Villanova could/should expand the enrollment a little bit. It is a good size, but maybe just a bit too small. adding a few thousand to make it about 10,000 total would be perfect. Nova does have alot of school pride which is a strong aspect of the Villanova environment.


Facilities are horrible, I feel Villanova is cheap. I would tell people they are going to get a great education but do not go there if you want to have fun. The only time I'm on campus is when there I have school or sports. Events on campus are lame. Orientation and the kids that are attracted here make me sick sometimes. Administration does things I do not understand. THey cant even allow athletes to register first, we need to be in class at certain times and they cant make this happen. I had to live in Fedigan Hall my sophomore year, Villanova should be ashamed that they actually have living facilities like that.


Tough school wise, being on a sports team is alot of fun, some of the policies that the school has and what they put first is a little bogus but i like the school, the facilities are average at best, alot of good people at the school but alot of nonners


If I could change one thing about Nova, is I would want to make it a college town. We are very secluded in this nice township, I would like to have a more college atmosphere vibe because a lot of the time it does not feel that way. Also being a varisty athlete, I get kind of sick about basketball receiving all the credit here at Nova. There are many other sports who work just as hard and are more successful. I think that there should be more focus and more credit towards other sports besides basketball.


I like the school, it has good values and morals. The people are good people. I like his size, not too big and not too small. I would like to have more diversity so students could expand thier thinking. I learned to appriciate Villanova after I got positive reactions about my school and my business degree from Vilanova. Villanova reputation is highly appriciated and i always good feedback about the school. Most of the time i spend in Bartly - building of school and business, on west campus where the uper class' apartments are located. For me, as an international Villanova was a good experience to know different culture and different groups that i wasn't familar. School wise, I learned a big deal, and it gives me all the tools i need for the big world.


I think that Villanova is the perfect size. You can walk from west campus to south campus in 15 minutes. And with the medium sized student body, Nova feels like a community. The professors here are fantastic. Their first goal is to make you an intellectual person. It's distance from Philadelphia is perfect and the facilities are amazing.


Villanova is great because it is near a city, has good academics, and good athletics. It is the perfect size. I would tell people to come here for these reasons. It is not really a college town but some of the bars are good. Tons of school pride, good sense of community.


It's got it all...Villanova has about 7000 undergrads, so on any given day you can always see people you know walking back and forth to class...but at the same time, you will never know everybody. It's located in a safe, suburban neighborhood of Philly, but you can easily hop on a train on campus and you're in the city in 20 minutes. We're minutes from the King of Prussia Mall (2nd biggest to Mall of America), and the Lancaster bars (a favorite for Nova on weekends). The basketball season is a lot of fun, everyone gets really into it and games are always rowdy and loud. The faculty couldn't be more helpful, they want to see you do well, they don't want to fail you. Finally, it's the kids that make Villanova what it is, and people from all across the country have meshed together to make Nova a true family.


I think Villanova is the perfect size. It is large enough to see a new person everyday, but small enough to see a couple friends on your way back to the dorm. It is also located in the perfect area. It's on the main road or "main line" of Villanova. EVERYTHING is on Lancaster Avenue, but it's still a town setting. Don't like the town? Hop on the train (there are 2 SEPTA stations ON campus) and take a quick ride to Philly. It's so easy to go from the sub-urbubian setting of Villanova to the urban Philadelphia. I think the main aspect that cannot be overlooked is the school spirt. It is IMPOSSIBLE to walk 5 feet on campus without seeing someone wearing some type of Villanova apparel. The pride on campus is fantastic.


I think Villanova is a great school. Its the perfect size and is located in a beautiful area close to many major cities. Its well known for its academics and Villanova's Buisness School is one of the top in the nation. The class sizes are small making it easier to get to know your peers and feel more comfortable sharing your opinions. The professors are all very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to help the students. Villanova also expresses the importance of community service and hosts many activities and events so that people can get involved. Some of the most frequent complaints have to do with the laundry situation and the lack of washers and dryers in the buildings.


Great community atomosphere- really hot girls. Perfect size large enough to blend, but small enough not to get lost. Perfect location, beautiful suburbs with public transit access. Well respected. Great bar scene around 7 bars supported by about 1500 kids. Brownie's happy hour prolly the best in the area. Campus ministry and mission trips are great way to meet people and really eye opening. Great school pride lots of nova gear around campus. Consistantly good at b-ball. A lot of positive momentum and construction all over campus. Once a Villanovan always a Villanovan. Great pathway to Wall Street


I love the atmosphere. there is so much to do in the area. it's the perfect size school. big enough so that it doesn't feel like a large high school but small enough to let you interact and get to know a lot of people. people think villanova is a very prestigious school. when i tell them i go to school here, they are impressed.


My favorite part of villanova is the singers. we are the premiere all male vocal group on campus, and i have met almost all of my best friends through this organization. it is like a fraternity without all the stupid pledging and hazing. i think villanova has a ton to offer in terms of extracurriculars. there is definitely something for everybody here. when i tell people that i go to villanova, usually they are pretty impressed, especially in my hometown. where i'm from, kids usually go to state schools in new york and stay close to home. most kids don't go to big name prestigious schools. if there is one thing that i don't like, it's the fact that a lot of the freshman science and engineering professors absolutely suck at teaching. they're obviously here for research because they all have their PhD's, but that doesn't make them a good teacher. they can't relate to students at all, and it's too bad that we're paying almost 50 thousand dollars a year for such shitty teachers.


Overall, Villanova is great. It is the perfect size: not so big that you feel lost or just like a number, but big enough that there is always a million different things going on and thousands of course offerings, etc. Villanova is certainly not a college town, but it is situated on the main line which has tons of restaurants, shopping, bars, etc. You can also hop on the R100 or the R5 and head into Philly where there are tons of things to do. Villanova is definitely a more conservative campus, partially because we are uber-Catholic, but that doesn't mean that everyone is pushed to conform. I think the greatest thing about Villanova is the feeling of community that pervades the campus. There is also this great involvement in community service which is great because you can always find something through which to serve others.


Villanova has lots of good looking students, which is a major plus. If you are looking for someone to date, you've got a lot of options. However, on the flip side, the school is very conservative and if you are gay you may find that people will not accept you for that reason. That the on thing that I would change is to open student's minds to the diversity of people that exist outside of the school. Some students are close-minded have had little contact with people who are not like them. This size of the school is perfect. Just big enough to get lost in the crowd, but not so big that you'll never bump into the same people again. People usually react to me when I say that I go to Villanova by saying one of three things 1) where is that, 2) oh, that's a great school, or 3) your basketball team was awesome this year. Most of my time on campus is spent in the classrooms. Once you finish with your classes you tend not to linger round too much and just return to your dorm or home. The town of Villanova is quite small, however, just outside of the school is the "main line" which links a number of schools together with bars and fancy eateries. People who live along the main line are said to make lots of money, which is probably why there are some expensive car dealerships just down the road: Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and I think Ferrari. There is definitely a lot of school pride, go VU, especially at basketball games and in any way related to men's basketball.