Villanova University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Percentage of students enrolled in the pre-professional schools.


I wish that someone had told me that it was okay to make new friends! I went into college terrified that I would lose my friends from high school - that didn't happen at all. I'm still very close with my high school friends and I've made great friends in college too!


I wish I had known that Villanova is a place that grows on you. You come in the first day thinking it will just be college, but after only one term in, I really love the place. I am part of Nova Nation. I wish I knew that I would come to love Villanova so much.


A better sense of writing papers. My papers get ripped to shreds here and I think it would have been better if I knew more writing skills for long papers.


How to choose the best meal plan.


I wish I had known to look at online resources to purchase textbooks instead of relying on the bookstore.


I wish i knew more regarding engineering.


Prior to entering this school, I wish I had know the intensity of the required core curriculum. While applying to colleges I sought a school with a core curriculum because I was unsure of what courses I wished to pursue. Now that I am here, it is difficult for me to take any classes that I particularly enjoy thus far for I have to fulfill all of my philosophy and freshmen requirements first.


I wish I had known that I would not receive as much money in future years as Villanova first offered my freshman year. Though there are several scholarship opportunities out there (like this one), I wish I had been more informed with the aid I would be receiving. I knew that it would be reduced, but not so low that it was almost nothing compared to what I first received. I’m glad I still have some aid, but worrying about how to pay almost takes away from the college experience.


I wish I had known how to cope with roommates and sharing personal space. Most importantly, I wish I had known just how much walking I would be doing to get to classes. If I had known, I would have bought more pairs of comfortable shoes.


I wish I had known that the campus community is so tight knit that it shares the same ideas as motivation--such as service and community. While this is good in many senses, and fosters a positive campus community, it also is somewhat limiting in that it does not necessarily encourage alternative motivations and ideas.


You should join everything possible in the beginning to get to know people.


I wish I could have predicted how difficult it would be to prioritize my college life. There will always be parties, friends, and social events waiting outside your door. It can get pretty hard to choose studying over everything else, but it really needs to be done!


I wish I had known how much of an impact on one's social life participation in a sorority/fraternity would have (i.e., if one is not in a sorority/fraternity, there aren't as many social events available for one to attend).


The lack of diversity pertaining to the backgrounds of the students


I wish I had been aware of the popularity of fraternities and sororities on campus.


I wish I had more knowledge regarding the importance of financial aid, community service and student leadership skills. Now it is very difficult to get a scholarship or any type of financial aid. I was only in the Marching Band of my high school, so I did no community service even though I was a section leader in the band. I am involved more now while in university, but it seems too late.


That there was not much ethnic diversity or financial diversity amongst the students. Also that alcohol is a basically all people do on the weekends.


I researched the school well.


If I had known of this school before my undergraduation I would have done my undergraduation in this school itself so that I could have learnt more.But anyways I am happy that I am doing my graduation in this school.


I wish I would have known that there would be so much offered that I didn't have to worry about making friends and fitting in.


I wish I knew how strict bars were in the area.


I should've applied to the honor's program. The non-honors program was not as demanding as I could have handled.


How expensive it would be to ship my stuff from home and back.


What city campuses were like.


I lived in a dorm my freshman year that was isolated and far away from the majority of the freshman, so i was somewhat limited in how many people i met. i wish i had known that ahead of time and i would have requested a different dorm.


That they did not have any classes in architecture.


If you need help with anything do not be afraid to ask because there is a loop hole for everything if you ask the right professors and faculty members for help.


I wish I had known that everyone takes cabs to go out and that there aren't good fraternity parties.


How strict the bars are.


There isn't anything about Villanova I wish I had known. The thing I heard and the research I did gave me very realistic expectations about my school and I feel that they were met.


I wish I had been better prepared for the jump in course load. Compared to high school, the coursework is far more demanding at Villanova University and requires much more prepation time and effort.


The expenses of getting around with taxis and outings with friends.