Vincennes University Top Questions

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It is the only school I found that has a program that combines a Teaching License in Elementary Education and also in Special Education. You take are going for one degree and can get two Licenses out of it!


The difference would have to be size, Vincennes University is no where near as big as Purdue.


What's unique is this is a small campus, most small campus don't have dorms but we do at Vincennes Unversity. What really makes this unique is we have smaller class at big Unversity its hard being in a big class. Where here we can get to know the professor and ask questions more easy. Then at a big college it's hard to interact with the teacher. For the people who don't have cars they have to carry their books all over a big campus which is a very hard struggle. Here we dont struggle to class.


I find it unique that such a small school can offer so many programs that bigger schools may offer, even wit h same standards as other schools. Also i think its a great environment for students who are having difficulty in determining their major. In addition, another quality of this school that amazes me is the number of extra curricular activities that students can participate in. I have considered much larger schools, but i feel that i am recieving the same quality of education that these larger schools posess


Vincennes University has a low student to teacher ratio and excellent staff. Here, the students are able to get to know their professors and really learn their field. There is always something to do here on campus; the school pays for good entertainment to come out here, and it is free for students to attend concerts and shows.