Vincennes University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Within the past year, there have been cuts made to the humanities department. As a philosopher, I feel that it is important for our students are taught to think freely and education should strive to do just that. With the reccent cutbacks, I feel our school is leaning towards a more business like approach that aims to achieve certification, rather than education.


I feel that the school is very unorganized. I say this because I find that when I have questions, I more often than not end up getting the run around all over campus before I can get a question answered. That can be quite time consuming and frustrating.


The worst thing about Vincennes University (no fault of their own) is the location. I am a student that generally needs in-class instruction, but living in NY and needing an online program to finish my degree, I chose Vincennes. I wished that I had a program nearby where I live that was as affordable as Vincennes so I could have obtained in-class insruction.


The worst thing about ny school is the lack of parking avability. The campus constructed a new dorm and the student number has greatly increased and it is hard it park in a spot where you would not get a ticket from the campus security. Another thing I do not like is the attitude some teachers maintain. Some teachers put the students down like a harsh sports coach, instead of telling the students what they did wrong and how to fix it, and encourge the students to better, the teachers would rather critize.

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