Vincennes University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anybody who got accepted to another college.


I feel that all people would be welcomed at Vincennes University. Students who are looking for a more diverse experience may wish to check out some of the other schools first, though. With regards to the staff, I would say that Vincennes has one of the most inviting and very approachable. There has never been one time I didn't feel when I was struggling that I could ask the professor for help.


Someone who will be far away from their home and easily gets homesick. I personally am 5 hours away from my hometown and if I got homesick easily, I would never make it here.


A person who has no ambintions to exceed in a career or has no goals. Vu is a fast pace school. I have four classes on wed that are from one o' clock to eight o'clock and have ten minutes between classes.


People who don't want to work or be involved should not attend this school.