Virginia College-Austin Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


From my college experience I have gained a lot of practice in the medical field and I have learned many strategies in the problem solving criteria. College is very valuable to me, it is a huge goal in my life I am going to succeed. My major and my dream is to be a Registered nurse, I realize that it is very difficult to obtain this major but I see it as: if I want something this bad, of course its gona be kind of tough. Attending college is worth more than gold to me, I am willing to take the risks and obstacles to make this dream of mine to come true. I see that I am low in family income, but I also see it as nothing is gona stop me from making my dream come true, I seek financial help to pay for my college so I am really hoping I win this survey making me closer to succeed my goals. Thank You!


I would play a sport so I could recieve a scholarship. School is hard to pay for & I am a single parent.


To never give up even when the road less traveled seems really hard and that in the end you will suceed in what ever career you want to venture into. It is better to get an education than to sell yourself short by missing out on what can be one of the greatest opprotunities of your life.

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