Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Virgina Commonwealth Univeristy is inspiring.


VCU has a place for every individual to aspire who they wish to be and thrive in their attempts.


My school is a unique atmosphere where people from different walks of life and interest are all accepted and can come together as a collabritaive group.


My school is full of open minds, diversity, fun programs, friends, laughs, help, and love.


Sprawled out across Richmond like a black-and-gold invasion, the VCU campus reflects the university itself: open to all sorts of people and mindsets, challenging to navigate (but worth it once you get there), committed to its students, and a true source of preparation for life after university.


VCU is a giant melting pot for anyone to study just about anything.


An extremely misleading price wise university yet completely worth it due to the amazing diversity and open-mindedness it provides to all its students.




An eclectic institution with a wide variety of meritable programs.


VCU is a great, diverse learning center in an enriched and caring city that offers various resources to succeed in school.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a school where students from diverse backgrounds can find exceptance all throughout the campus environment.


My school is diverse, fun, open-minded, free spirited and a place where the classroom teaches the course material and the campus teaches everything else, especially because there are so many people from different walks of life.


My school is the best because it has absolutley every resource needed for students to succeed, while totally enjoying the college experience!


An art and medical centric school with quality campus life and other programs.


VCU is extremely diverse and allows students to be individuals.


VCU is a school that wants to be everything at once, artisic and scientific, big research facilities and intimate student teacher ratios, easy going and strict rules.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a public college divided into two campuses, Monroe Park, which serves the academic programs and Medical College of Virginia responsible for health care professionals, both located in the heart of Richmond, VA.


VCU is a very diverse and inclusive university.


VCU is a well-known school for it's basketball team and school spirit! The campus in awesome and with it being within the city stores are eay access. The professors are wonderful and a big help to students learning education. Classrooms sizes come in small, medium and large and lecture halls may seem overbearing at first but become an easy breeze.




My school is very diverse, dynamic. and abundant in social connections, working & volunteering opportunities, and a strong sense of community.


it opperates as a large nation state.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a very interesting university to attend.


From the outside VCU physically looks like a great school, the buildings are nice and well kept, but VCU is so integrated into the city sometimes its hard to tell but then they ensure there are visible signs of VCU's logo. The campus is huge and there is always a traffic of students walking around, or students on bikes, skate boards etc.


Richmond is a historical city so a lot of the building will have a historical outer appearance. Most of our advising offices are in renovated buildings from the 18th century. However, our dining halls and classrooms are very contemporary. VCU is located in the middle of the capital city of Virginia so it is a very urban campus. the entire campus will take about 25 minutes to walk from one side to the other. We have 3 campuses; one in Monroe Park, one Downtown (known as the Medical College of Virginia), and an art institution in Doha, Qatar.


My school is like an assortment of knowledge, talent, and creativity that exploded and landed in one little place called the Virginia Commonwealth University.


VCU is the most multicuturally diverse university that one can attend.


My school is a diverse overpopulated community, that supports the creation of a sturdy educational foundation.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a very vibrant and friendly school where in every place you look, you will see smiles and unique characteristics that are always accompanied by the sounds of laughter.


Located within the city, the streets are filled with a very large and diverse group of both students and staff. Age and ethnicity are not the only factors that make this group diverse. Each individual is different in their concentration, study, and purpose in attending VCU, and with a school so large, it is easy to see the diversity at a glance. While it is overwhelming in number, the school is prepared to address all needs and encourages the students to take advantage of the resources provided.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a culturally diverse academic work environment that has been established in the heart of the Commonwealth of Virginia purposefully to train the next generation of dynamic result-oriented leaders in all fields of human endeavor and as such is committed to shaping the visions and aspirations of determined individuals who are looking forward to a great transformaton in their lives which will then enable them to renew their mindsets and also empower others to do likewise with the ultimate goal of rebranding the world to be a much better place than what was introduced to us.


VCU is diverse and open.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a place where you can get an education for yourself in classes and outside of classes by experiencing various cultures.


A university with the educational capability to take you well beyond any regular campus's expectations.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a very diverse, artistic, open campus which allows students to feel comfortable and express there ideas, beliefs and opinions without students feeling like they don't belong.


The professor's at VCU always make sure your understanding what's going on, and are willing to help if you dont .


My school is a large group of diverse people who get along and interact in an even larger city where anything is possible.


VCU is very diverse.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a well accredited 4-year Univeristy with an astounding list of incredible, understanding, encouraging, and intelligent professors and advisors who work hard to see that their students accomplish the best.


It's too big for its own good, saddled with an explosively expanding student body, a city that relies on the students to keep the local economy afloat, and a state government that keeps cutting the budget; combine this with decades of fiscal mismanagement and you wind up with a school that can barely manage to educate the students it has, let alone the thousands more it admits every fall.


VCU is a gigantic University full of a wide range of people, with events going on, and things to do always, you'll never be bored at VCU.


Very urban and city like. Campus is on a larger scale but you don't feel like that. More emphasis on internshipshelp should be offered to juniors and seniors. I like the cultural diversity the campus offers and there is always something to do. Hopefully the career center will help me get a job after graduation this May. More help for out-of -state students for financial aid. More aid is given to instate which is discouraging. I have lived & worked in VA for 3 years off campus and I still can't get any help for school costs .


VCU ARTS is an eclectic melting pot of creative talent.


My school is diverse and a good change of scenery from what I am used to in Miami.


My school is intertwined within Richmond and has many events going on every week, such as community service, seminars, and parties or movies.


VCU is a well populated school that is very diversed.


VCU is diverse.


Virginia Commonwealth University is spirited and dedicated to it's student's success.


VCU is a diverse, intelligent community where students can learn in and outside of the classroom.


Very artisitic with many individuals that have an array of aspirations.