Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


I think that VCU provides great housing for their students. Specifically for freshmen there are a lot of freshmen dorms. I lived in Johnson as a freshmen it wasnt the best dorm but I met a lot of great people. However I would have to complain that some of those rooms are too small for 2 people, and that some of those rooms with 2 people should be a room for 1 person. The student apartments are definitely great in terms of comfort and adjusting to your roommates from what I've heard. The pricing can be expensive nevertheless. VCU is definitely expanding, they're now building dorms for sophomores which is good. I do have to say that the housing lottery system makes absolutely no sense and a different method should be used in order to help students with housing after freshmen year.


A freshman shows his dorm room and view from his window.


Residents of VCU's Gladding Residence Center give a tour of their dorm rooms.