Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

Describe the students at Virginia Commonwealth University.


Diverse from many different backgrounds, many are first generation.


There are so many different types of people at VCU. You will encounter so many different walks of life everyday,


My classmates are informed, liberal, loyal, artistic, and incredibly stimulating (both mentally and visually).


I am an exercise science major and almost all of my classes now are going to have exercise science students since I am a senior. My classmates are very involved in the field of health, exercise science, and nutrition. Most of them are previous or current athletes, work in an exercise related environment or clinics, or have interned at an ideal job location. This major at Virginia Commonwealth University has very extensive coursework and will root out any student not truly passionate about health and fitness. So at this point, I am surrounded by classmates with the same passion.


Eclectic, talented, smart


My classmates are extermely talented, creative, logical, illogical, diverse, challenging, adaptable, fickle, determine, uncertain, spontaneous, unspontaneous, perdictable, unpredictable, stressed constantly, mellow, organized, unorganized, shallow, complex, unique and/or striving individuals with their own set goals in mind that they wish to achieve while attending Virginia Commonwealth University.


My classmates are diverse, mostly friendly, and unique.


Classmates are very diverse in how they act, look, and think. They are fun to talk to and great to hang out with once you find some that go with your own interests.


Students at VCU are vibrant and bursting with life; everyone is doing their thing.


My classmates are very stylish and creative individuals. Many are eager to participate in class and are very knowledgable about class topics. Everyone is very respectful of each other's views and opinions even of they do differ in morals/ traditions/backgrounds etc. Students are also willing to support their fellow students when there are random choir or dance performances outside, between classes. VCU students are very colorful people full of individuality and spunk. Unexpected compliments and smiles are frequent, which sometimes can make a huge difference in someone's day.