Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diverse from many different backgrounds, many are first generation.


There are so many different types of people at VCU. You will encounter so many different walks of life everyday,


My classmates are informed, liberal, loyal, artistic, and incredibly stimulating (both mentally and visually).


I am an exercise science major and almost all of my classes now are going to have exercise science students since I am a senior. My classmates are very involved in the field of health, exercise science, and nutrition. Most of them are previous or current athletes, work in an exercise related environment or clinics, or have interned at an ideal job location. This major at Virginia Commonwealth University has very extensive coursework and will root out any student not truly passionate about health and fitness. So at this point, I am surrounded by classmates with the same passion.


Eclectic, talented, smart


My classmates are extermely talented, creative, logical, illogical, diverse, challenging, adaptable, fickle, determine, uncertain, spontaneous, unspontaneous, perdictable, unpredictable, stressed constantly, mellow, organized, unorganized, shallow, complex, unique and/or striving individuals with their own set goals in mind that they wish to achieve while attending Virginia Commonwealth University.


My classmates are diverse, mostly friendly, and unique.


Classmates are very diverse in how they act, look, and think. They are fun to talk to and great to hang out with once you find some that go with your own interests.


Students at VCU are vibrant and bursting with life; everyone is doing their thing.


My classmates are very stylish and creative individuals. Many are eager to participate in class and are very knowledgable about class topics. Everyone is very respectful of each other's views and opinions even of they do differ in morals/ traditions/backgrounds etc. Students are also willing to support their fellow students when there are random choir or dance performances outside, between classes. VCU students are very colorful people full of individuality and spunk. Unexpected compliments and smiles are frequent, which sometimes can make a huge difference in someone's day.


My classmates seem like a group of fun-loving, socially-aware students. It's hard to describe them all generally, but for the most part they seem to be very accepting of differences and very tolerant. They also are very humorous and enjoy having a good time. There are a lot of creative kids, not only in the art department but all over in general. There are a few boneheads here and there, but that's true with everywhere. For the most part they seem like a really nice and positive group of kids.


My classmates are unique in every way possible, friendly for the most part, and the life of VCU.


Most of my peers are open-minded, friendly, and responsive to being approached.


The diversity of students here at VCU is uncomparable to any other university out there.


My classmates are very diverse and interesting, each one truly unique.


The people that attend VCU could best be described as, I would have to say again, diverse, being persons of all different backgrounds, ethinic and otherwise being a part of the student body.


An exquisite mix of criminal minds and sweet delicacies, my classmates are horribly playful bunch —a ruthless juxtaposition to my focused and reserved personality—when it comes to labs and class lectures; nevertheless, they are amiable aspiring leaders that maintain the best of both worlds by proving diligent in academic studies and intensely engaged in communal and social life.


Coming from a Community College with a diverse array of non-traditional students, VCU is a big change. Most of my peers are of a similar demographic to myself, being late teens/early 20s. There's never a shortage of dialogue between classmates and the professor in any of my classes; most students are anxious to contribute thoughtful input in any given conversation. Coming from a school in which I was one of a handful of people in every class who was willing to contribute to the discussion, it's incredibly refreshing!


Even though I don't know many of them, my classmates seem to be quite dedicated to achieving a higher education.


Very supportive and friendly.


My classmates are driven and goal-oriented.


When you enter college at first it maybe a little big and scary. Yet I want you to know that even though people made college seem like such a scary place its really nice there. The work is not as hard as high school work all you need to learn is discipline and moderation if you master these two traits college will be a breeze.


I would describe my classmates as friendly, hard-working, and driven to succeed.


Very fun to work with and have open minds for good teamwork


The people at VCU are typically kind, eccentric individuals with many varying interests and a willingness to be engaged with their peers.


Most students interact with their classmates and often make long term friends. Some students even form study groups and sessions.


Like I said earlier, it's a diverse community. Students are friendly and willing to help each other


My classmates are a diverse group of people. We are all very dedicated to our majors.


The students at VCU come from all walks of life. We have a large international student body which brings a lot of diversity to the university, but even the students who are from the United States are diverse in their own ways. There are many students who are putting themselves through school, including adult students and commuter students, but there are also the more traditional student who lives in on-campus housing and goes home for breaks.


Please refer to my speech on hipsters. Almost all of the students are from Northern Virginia because mommy and daddy pay for school. However, some are local and are great to befriend. If you are conservative, fiscally responsible, have common sense, or just plain old smart, you'll hate this location and school. Get ready for the liberalist of the liberal. The socialist social of the democrats etc. Remember, President Obama gave you life, liberty, and a college education. That's what you have to deal with on a daily basis.


Everyone is unique!


Diversity cant explain this school any better.


no one should feel out of place at VCU! We have every kind of person and Richmond is a community for everyone.


The students are VCU are indeed diverse in terms of race, religion, LGBT and socioeconomic. You name it we have it! I believe that no person upon enrolling in this school will feel left out or out of place because the environment is welcoming to all. Students normally dress casually for classes but often times it may seem like a fashion show! There is always a constant interaction of students no matter the race, religion or social status. Group assignments in classes call for it and its great way to learn how to work with people of diverse backgrounds its almost a prep tool for the real world/ work world. You will definitely often hear of students discussing how much they will make because we all are optimistic that the degrees we attain and the money spent on them will be an investment that will give us a future where the money we make counts significantly!!


My classmates are very diverse and intelligent.


So diverse, VCU is an art school and for some reason gets a lot of forign exchange students. so expect to meet a lot of culturall diverse people.


VCU's student body is awesome! I've made so many friends here because everyone is so friendly and down to earth. People say that they have encountered many cliques here, and I don't doubt that. A lot of students enrolled here with their best high school friends, so there are a lot of pre-existing groups here, but thankfully not a lot of actual high school mentality. It's not too hard to find a group, so long as you get just a little bit involved and reach out. Just being an art student has already helped me to find friends, but Greek life is also pretty good here and there are a lot of cultural, athletic, and academic extra curricular groups here, as well. LGBT groups are very prevalent on campus and I know that many of my LGBT friends feel very accepted and at home here. Since the efforts of our men's basketball team landed us a spot in the Final Four this year, VCU definitely has a renewed sense of school pride and camaraderie. Being part of the riots after our multiple wins this year was one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced.


I attend the art school at Virginia Commonwealth University, so my classmates are all very diverse people, but they are all also very accepting people, who work hard to try to acheive their goals.


Multi-culutural, intriguing, and outgoing.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a large school; therefore, I was unable to get to know most of classmates, because the majority of my classes were big lecture classes filled with 200+ students. But for the classes for which I had around 20-30 students, my classmates were like any other classmates. Some were helpful when I needed; whereas, some chose to keep to themselves.


My classmates are hardworking, slighty competitive, but always ready to help other students understand difficult subjects.


In the smaller classrooms, my classmates are easy going and easy to get to know. They are people you would talk to inside and also outside of class. They interact a lot easier than if in a lecture class due to the nature of a lecture class in its self. My classmates in my lecture classes are very diverse. Each student comming from not only a different area of Virginia but from all over the world with different backgrounds.


Everyone is friendly, open-minded, and come from different backgrounds; it makes it so much easier and interesting to talk to them and make friends.


Motivated and friendly


My classmates are intelligent and hardworking students who take initiative when we collaborate for group assignments.


My classmates are the most uniquely beautiful and completely supportive group of my peers that I could ever hope for.


My classmates are smart and determined individuals who came to VCU to accomplish the same things as me .


Very helpful, and willing to share notes and study together.


A potent mixture of underachieving, loud-mouthed morons sliding by on the minimum effort; pretentious art student snobs convinced of their own superiority; and a handful of fairly intelligent, fairly tolerable people just trying to learn what they can and graduate as quickly as possible.


My classmates are amazing, competitive, and accomplished, learners.