Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


In recent years our basketball team has catapulted us into notoriety. Before that we were growing as a well-respected university with a flair for the arts. Our arts programs are top of the line and very well known. Most of all, VCU is known for it's long-standing location in the heart of Richmond, VA and its notoriety as a sister campus of one of the leading medical colleges in the country, MCV.


My school is best known for Snead Business Hall, and Havoc-men's basketball.


VCU is best known for its arts program and baskeball.


My school is best known for their medical and art program.Virginia Commonwealth University is rising in their medical advances because they have a hospital attached to the school. VCU is one of the four colleges in Virginia that have a Pharmacy graduate program which I plan to attend.


VCU is best known for their medical programs. Since Virginia Commonwealth University and the Medical College of Virginia are uniformly operated it allows VCU students to obtain the best medical education there is. I personally know three people that have graduated from the Medical College of Virginia and all there are successful orthodontists. I believe that MCV at VCU is one of the most prestegious medical schools in the state of Virginia and that a plethora of people know VCU for that medical aspect.


It's best known for being a historically black college.


Art, pre-health, and engineering


My school is best known for its great academic achievements and its school spirit.


VCU is the best at making their school a grade A school. We have many top programs at this school like; medicine, art, business and engineering. (All of the programs are great though.) Also they make the school beautiful so it is a very fitting campus for their top students. They have been resently doing a lot of construction and it is surprising to see how nice the school looks in the middle of Richmond city.


VCU is widely known for its' diversity. There are many students from all kinds of different backgrounds all coming together on a campus that is completely intertwined with the city of Richmond itself. There is something for everyone in this convinient location. There is all the school has to offer as well as what the city itself has to offer.


Our basketball team, I think is what we're best known for. Also our undefeated football team ( which is an inside joke for VCU students)


VCU is probably best known for it's hospital, the Medical College of Virginia, MCV campus, and it's nursing, dental, medical, and pharmacy programs. That is one thing that drew me to the school. I want to go to the VCU School of Pharmacy because it is one of the few Virginia pharmacy schools that is accredited by the ACPE. And it's also a great university with lots of diversity and great basketball!


VCU has an amazing arts program and we are ranked number one for sculpting in the entire nation. We also have a great basketball team and an amazing new arena to watch them compete in. We are known for being centrally located in the heart of Richmond right in the middle of everything. VCU is comprised of very talented and different individuals and is first and foremost diverse. Our school truly has a little bit of something for everyone and plenty of school spirit!


Medical Center of Virginia


Basketball games, Art School, and being a huge part of Richmond City.


You can look at your screwed-up 2011 March Madness bracket to see what VCU is best known for: beating the odds and making the NCAA Final Four in 2011. We "weren't supposed to win" about five or six times. The VCU student section, the Rowdy Rams, made another distinguished impression on the media by parading down Broad Street (the main street in Richmond, where VCU is located), causing traffic jams, a student riot, and a good time for anyone who was down to celebrate VCU's huge accompishment.


VCU is most known for it's high level of diversity. At our school we pride ourselves on this and believe it is an important part of our institution.


My school is best known for MCV and our VCU basketball team.


Virginia Commonwealth University is rich in celebrating history, traditions, as well as school spirit, but remains best known for its’ diversity in both educational programs and student body!


I think VCU is best known academically for its strong Arts and Medical programs, but as a university setting it is known best for its great amount of diversity in its student population and as being very strongly integrated into the city of Richmond.


My school is most known for it's basketball team and it's art program. We are the number one public school of the arts, and our basketball team has gathered a strong following over the past few years. It makes me proud to be a school with a strong team, and it helps to bring unity to a school that would be fairly disconnected due to the city location otherwise.


It is known most for diversity


Art, Science, Basketball


VCU praises their achievement in a diverse environment! We also have a fantastic basketball team.


First, this is the year after the run to the Final Four in the 2010 -2011 school year, we are well known to as the underdogs who made it to the Final Four. Also, one big thing this university is known for is its diversity. There are over 30,000 students who attend Virginia commonwealth University and they are all very different. They are all different shapes, different sizes, different ethnic backgrounds, different religious affiliations, and so many other factors that differentiate each person from one another.


Virginia Commonwealth University is known for being very student , goal orinated. The professors are very accessible and very helpful. Everyone is willing to go out of their way to help you achieve your goals. And of course our bastketball team was in the final four last year.


VCU is best known for its diverse student body, in every sense of the term. There are students from almost every racial background, religious affiliation and social status, which makes for a more enriched environment. Also, there are very different kinds of people, from the artsy folk to strictly scholarly, people here aren't afraid to express themselves.


VCU was once two schools. They got together to make the Univeersity it is now. They have a great Nursing School and I heard their Engineering School is good, too. There also students coming from all over the world to attend.


I am proud to say that my school has a magnificent art program and it is what Virginia Commonwealth is best known for. Along with their art, I believe VCU is also known for their great diversity. There are so many students from different backgrounds, it is wonderful!


from what i hear from faculty and students on campus VCU i known for many different achievments and honors. However, if i were to pick just one i would have to say that our univerisity is best known for its ARTS department. Virginia Commonwealth Univerisity is known for haveing one of the nations best arts department.


Virginia Commonwealth University is best known for its basketball team and arts program. It's also greatly known for it fantastic nursing program.


VCU is best known for their city location. It is located in the heart of Richmond and it has a great city feel for students. It is also known for its amazing art programs. The school of arts has one of the top programs for the arts and is one of the best schools to attend if you want to major in any art form. The program prepares you for being an artist as your passion and lifestyle and the professors really work hard to teach you everything they can.


Virginia Commonwealth is best known for five things; the medical schooling, the arts, the city of richmond, and the liberalism within the student population, and of course their basketball program.


My school is best known for the art and music program.


I would say VCU is best known for its diversity with culture and race. Everywhere you walk, you see someone from a different background. Different races are mixed together with other races, learning the differences between their cultures.


VCU is best know for their art school-VCUarts. We are the best public art school in the entire nation & the course load is very intense.


I think my school is best known for it's art department. There are many artistic people that go to VCU, and they are not afraid to show how creative they are. Also I believe that there are multiple departments that are well known such as education, and psychology; it's just that Art is a very well known, and strong department.


My school ranks 1st in the field of sculpture. it also ranks in top 20 in followinf fields : art, occupational terapy, pharmacy etc.


My school is best known for their variety in students' ethnics and religions. This is a very large school where I can easily find friends to hang with. Many international students come from different countries make it easier for me to learn new cultures or languages. This school is also popular for its basketball team where students who are interested in can find a brighter future by joining the VCU team.


VCU is well known for its art school, medical school, dental school, and racial/ethnic diversity.


My school is best known for it's diversity and art school. We also have a hospital on campus that many of the graduate students work at after graduation.




Pre-med, nursing


Virginia Commonwealth University is very well known for their School of Art, but being a Biomedical Engineering major on the pre-med track, I would rather focus on their rising popularity in the department of Biomedical Engineering in the VCU School of Engineering. The program is relatively new but is growing very fast to accomodate for the rising demand in biomedical engineers all over the nation. Also, with the BioTech park and MCV very nearby, not only can BMEs gain medical and research experience, but also learn how to apply it to what they learn in class.


the Medical campus


VCU is best known for its diversity. There are so many different students to interact with and through different activities put on by VCU's multicultural program the students are given the opportunity. It is also a way for students to ecome tolerant of things(cultures) they are not used to as well become aware of things going on in other parts of the country.




VCU is best known for creativity in art, advances in modern medicine and victory in basketball.


VCU is best known for their graphic design and medical programs, as well as not having a foot ball team.


School is best known for is the departmental programs.