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Virginia Commonwealth University has the number one public art school in the United States.


There's so much diversity. I've visited multiple universities throughout the commonwealth and I believe VCU has the most diverse population in the state and its shown through clothing, music tastes, events/programs held, clubs and organizations, and just spending five minutes in a public area and just people watching.


Our clinicals are done at one of the finest hospitals in VA, MCV. The learning opportunities are amazing.


VCU is organically integrated into the city of Richmond, and no other school blends so seamlessly into their surrounding town. Richmond is not a college town (though recently, it is changing), and I appreciated that this could provide a broader college experience for me. There is so much you learn outside the classroom. I think Richmond provided more opportunities than a small country town that is dominated by the nearby university. There are far more people in Richmond that don't attend VCU, than students. I think this is important for diversifying the perspective you get through conversations.


The enviornment at this school is completely different than anyother college I have ever visited. There is an abundance of culture around the school and lots of fun things to do, academically and socially. Our basketball team is amazing to watch and tickets to games are extremely accessible. Also, the most unique thing about this school is the amount of diversity among faculty and staff. There is always somebody new to meet with their own interesting story and life on campus is never boring.


Virginia Commonwealth University is overflowing with diversity. Whether that be race, ambitions and dreams, or personality. The school has a fantastic art program. It's ranked the number one public art school in the nation, which got me interested in the school. They truly want you to get a firm grasp of art, which is why they have a program called AFO. AFO is essentially art boot camp. Every art major must go through the program on their first year. Is is compiled of sculpture, drawing,film, print, and painting classes. It really get you experienced in the art world.


The most unique thing about my school, Virginia Commonwealth University is that it's so diverse! No matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, there are people here who can relate to you. Having this at a university is a great thing especially for those people who aren't as extroverted. It gives them a sense of security knowing that they aren't alone since going off to college and leaving their family behind.


Virginia Commonwealth University is unique compared to other schools because they are nationally ranked in multiple programs. How many non Ivy league schools can compete with Ivy league schools? Not many. Especially their art program. They are ranked #1 for public schools and #3 for both public and private schools. It is a very competitive program to get into, but if you get it you will definitely be getting an amazing education.


VCU is environmentally friendly, ironically set in a large city. I love it here, I can walk out of math class, grab some lunch (not necicarily from a VCU store), then recycle the leftovers. The river is amazing if you know the right parts to visit, and believe me, someone you run into will.


The resources that are available to the students are somethings that other schools do not have. Resources that are offered here includes, tutoring for all subjects from accounting to zoology. A writing center is available for all undergraduates. If a paper is do and a student needs help, all they would have to do is visit the center. The advising portion of the school is also very helpful. The advisors are here to make sure all students are able to take the classes that they need in order to graduate.


VCU is completely different from any other school I've seen/visitied. It has such an artsy, urban atmosphere, and is very unique in the structure of the campus and the campus surroundings. Richmond isn't the typical college town. It offers so many opportunities that I feel many students at other schools don't have because they are confined to the college campus, whereas VCU is in the heart of Virginia's capital.


The location. Since it's in the middle of the city, we have access to pretty much everything from malls, to grocery stores to concert venues.


It's in the middle of a major city and really defines what is recognized as downtown Richmond.


The city atmosphere is what makes my school unique. The school is ingrained into the city life, which makes for an interesting mix. While at times it can be frustrating, it does give a sense that something is always going on. Overall, I enjoy the city atmosphere.


Urban location and racial diverse. Excellent school of Business.


Virginia Commonwealth University is unique because of its campus. Unlike other campuses it is not in a defined area of a town. Its campus is right in the middle of the city of Richmond. As well as higher learning, college is for preparing for the real world and being in the heart of a big city really helps you. You are able to interact within the city and with people beyond the university.


Virginia Commonwealth University advertises this a lot, and it's true: the diversity at VCU is unparalleled. Not only is the mix of students diverse racially, but also economically. I meet people from all walks of life from all economic levels. In addition, the range of majors that VCU offers is very broad. There are a lot of art students here, as the art school is top ranked, but there are also a lot of pre-medical students, as well as engineering students who are helping to propel VCU's new engineering school to the top of the rankings.


The high school that I attended was like a melting pot. We had the zone kids who lived near the school, a program for different arts including: theater, dance, and visual, as well as the International Baccalaureate program, which I attended. Here at the Virginia Commonwealth University, I found myself in a similar environment. The MCV campus sets a goal for me, the school of arts entertains, while the regular campus educates. The diversity of the students creates such an interesting group of youths. It is mind-blowing to know that I can find this diversity in just one class.


I love it here!! This school is such a change from my previous school- the ever-freezing and very highfalutin University of Vermont. The campus is very pretty, the city is full of entertainment, the people are warm and unique and you absolutely can't beat the price for a very good education. I recommend VCU to all people, but especially prospective art students. It's really excellent.


The most unique thing about VCU is that it is an urban campus, which means we have an entire city to our disposal right on campus. It's impossible to be bored at VCU, because there's always so much to do. The other unique thing was that it was the #1 public art school in American, which is a veyr prestigious title.


There is a huge diversity amoung the students. Everyone dresses as they please and expresses them selves in a free way. No one is judged.


Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as the top public college art program and the fourth overall college art program in the country. Unlike many colleges, the art curriculum is arranged so that your first year there is more heavy in art and less heavy in general college courses. Students thus learn early if they have the dedication it takes to be an artist. If not, there is still time to change majors to something more compatible for that individual.


VCU has a rich tradition of fostering creativity and the arts. Take in an art show at the Anderson Gallery, watch a performance at the Singleton Center or attend one of the annual international festivals held on campus. VCU offers myriad opportunities to enhance academic life, including specialized honors curricula, study abroad and service-learning. VCU, an NCAA Division I and Colonial Athletic Association member, sponsors 16 intercollegiate sports with more than 250 student-athletes. Students also participate in intramurals, fitness programs, outdoor adventure trips and special sporting events through Recreational Sports.


There is never a dull moment at my school. Every program we have is both fun and educational. Because we're in the capitol of Virginia there are so many intersting historical sites to see and learn from.


What makes VCU an incredible campus is that it is interconnected with the the city of Richmond, which creates a unique and interesting place for college students to experience. VCU is not the typical college campus that is surrounded by nothing, like Virginia Tech or UVA Wise. It's a thriving and diverse campus. Many local places support VCU and help students out. The Art scene is only growing stronger every year. There are tons of places to go and things to do. VCU is a great university and will only continue to grow.


I like VCu because of all the different people there. I'm able to learn about other cultures and lifestyles. With it being in the City of Richmond I'm never bored, I always have somewhere to go. The people there want to help you succeed and do all they can.


Virginia Commonwealth University offers so many diverse majors and yet it is a very affordable school. I chose to go here because of their stellar art program which compares to several high-priced schools.


My school, VCU, is considered one of the most diverse schools in Virginia. It attracts people of all different backgrounds and majors, and thus people of all types are friends. I believe that because my school has so much diversity, there is a lot less racial and ethnic tension between students and people are more willing to go out of their way to meet other students and make them feel welcome in a place that may feel brand new to them. I love it here!


The diversity is incredible! I come from a city that has a decent mix of races but I?ve never seen so many different cultures and ethnicities mixed together.


Our school is very artistic. We have a wide variety of people on our campus. This is not the campus that has everyone dressing and looking the same.


what makes VCU so unique is the diversity the university has among its student population. There are so many students from different cultures attending VCU and having the luxury to meet so many different people from different backgrounds can be a very humbling experience for a young college student fresh from high school who has not yet had the opportunity to tbe exposed to the world beyond their own city and country.


I can't really think of anything unique about this school. I am transferring after this semester (Spring2010)


While the other schools that I considered were more on the conservative side, VCU is quite liberal. The professors encourage you to think in different ways and find new ways to solve problems. No question is stupid here and the professors seem to have an endless supply of patience.


The location is urban, and the size was just right for my personality.


?Give me and may god guide you to the best in life? said a poor old woman. She was curled up in a corner wearing dirty rags on the street of Cairo, Egypt. I took fifteen pounds out of my pocket and gave it to her. I whispered, ?I hope things get better? in Arabic in her ear. Her rough finger brushed over mine as we separated our hands. I try my best to help in the effort to improve peoples? lives. I attend VCU because it provides Biology courses. I have always wanted to help make peoples? lives better.


I entered VCU as a freshman in Biomedical Engineering (BME). The BME program allows freshman to perform hospital medical rounds (only one in the country to allow freshman) in various fields such as emergency medicine, spinal injury, grand rounds, and dialysis. This unique opportunity is available because the Medical College of Virginia, where the rounds occur, is a part of VCU. The advantage of having the medical rounds is investigating medical fields to determine which to enter once I go to medical school, or if I want to attend medical school at all.


At Virginia Commonwealth University you have ample opportunity for advancement in your field of choice. There special co-ops with the business district like Altria and others for the business minded and the state government is a few blocks away for criminal justice and political minded. They are other opportunites for other majors also. Our campus is also near many off campus locations to have fun so theres no need to really have a car. It is also near attractions like Kings Dominion and Virginia Beach. So all in all it is hard to be unsastified with the campus


Despite the having the same majors, the people are very diverse and openminded. Same thing goes for those in very diverse majors, we stay openminded and always find common interest. Maybe even as an art major and my friend, a psychology major, we will try to collaborate to create something fresh and progressive. And the campuses are huge! So there's always more exploring that we have to do as students. And the education we recieve is very relevant to what we want to do after university. At the end of the day I feel accomplished and satisfied.


The most unique aspect is the large body of students. Going to VCU really makes you feel like your living in the city.


Virginia Commonwealth University stood out from other schools that I considered due to its unique sense of diversity. VCU had what I was looking for: an acclaimed art program, integration within the surrounding community, and opportunities for career development. VCU is right in the heart of the city, which is the perfect location for an aspiring artist like myself. This provides exposure to current artists and opportunities for exposure in the art world. The students at VCU function as a true community, and the friendships that I've developed over the last few months will last me a lifetime.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a highly diverse school, where walking around on campus means being confronted with a multitude of nationalities, ethnicities, and beliefs. It is a school focused on intercultural competence and harmony. VCU is welcoming to all people, all beliefs, and helps in the learning and understanding of those different beliefs. It is a school where you not only recieve education in classes, but in day-to-day interactions with fellow students.


When it comes to considering what drew me the most to Virginia Commonwealth University in comparison to other schools was its vast amount of divesrity. Virginia Commonwealth University represents 41 countries and 37 of the 50 states. In my experience in going it only reinforced its already diversified state. It was also first pick for me due to my major it is highly known for its highly trainedmedical graduates. The university is also directly assosciated with the medical college of virginia which gives student a first hand experience in dealing with real life situations.


its is diverse


This school focused on my major, in a way that the others did not. They dedicated an entire building to Fashion Design. I even admired the city life that surrounded the campus, it was always moving. My teachers are well educated and extremly helpful when i have a question or concern.


Utilize all resources that VCU provides (on both campuses)


They have excellent study abroad oppurtunities.


My school is VERY diverse. I have met people from all over the world, literally. Attending a school that is so diverse allows you to learn so much more about the world and it gives you a new look on life too. Also, being in class with people from around the world brings more prospective to the course because they're able to give their opinion based off where they might have lived. Weather they're from Africa, Europe, or Korea, a professor can teach but they have first hand experience. It's also pretty cool making friends with internationals.


The location of VCU is very unique. It is found in the middle of Virginia's capital, in downtown Richmond. There are so many things to do in the city, especially on the weekends, so there is almost always something for everyone. I do not think that I could have gone to another university and found myself enjoying being there as I do when I am at VCU.


VCU is the most interested and exciting college campus to be at.


It's located in a big city and is the biggest public university in Virginia. There is a lot of racial diversity. It's well known for its medical school and art school.