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Virginia Commonwealth University has the number one public art school in the United States.


There's so much diversity. I've visited multiple universities throughout the commonwealth and I believe VCU has the most diverse population in the state and its shown through clothing, music tastes, events/programs held, clubs and organizations, and just spending five minutes in a public area and just people watching.


Our clinicals are done at one of the finest hospitals in VA, MCV. The learning opportunities are amazing.


VCU is organically integrated into the city of Richmond, and no other school blends so seamlessly into their surrounding town. Richmond is not a college town (though recently, it is changing), and I appreciated that this could provide a broader college experience for me. There is so much you learn outside the classroom. I think Richmond provided more opportunities than a small country town that is dominated by the nearby university. There are far more people in Richmond that don't attend VCU, than students. I think this is important for diversifying the perspective you get through conversations.


The enviornment at this school is completely different than anyother college I have ever visited. There is an abundance of culture around the school and lots of fun things to do, academically and socially. Our basketball team is amazing to watch and tickets to games are extremely accessible. Also, the most unique thing about this school is the amount of diversity among faculty and staff. There is always somebody new to meet with their own interesting story and life on campus is never boring.


Virginia Commonwealth University is overflowing with diversity. Whether that be race, ambitions and dreams, or personality. The school has a fantastic art program. It's ranked the number one public art school in the nation, which got me interested in the school. They truly want you to get a firm grasp of art, which is why they have a program called AFO. AFO is essentially art boot camp. Every art major must go through the program on their first year. Is is compiled of sculpture, drawing,film, print, and painting classes. It really get you experienced in the art world.


The most unique thing about my school, Virginia Commonwealth University is that it's so diverse! No matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, there are people here who can relate to you. Having this at a university is a great thing especially for those people who aren't as extroverted. It gives them a sense of security knowing that they aren't alone since going off to college and leaving their family behind.


Virginia Commonwealth University is unique compared to other schools because they are nationally ranked in multiple programs. How many non Ivy league schools can compete with Ivy league schools? Not many. Especially their art program. They are ranked #1 for public schools and #3 for both public and private schools. It is a very competitive program to get into, but if you get it you will definitely be getting an amazing education.


VCU is environmentally friendly, ironically set in a large city. I love it here, I can walk out of math class, grab some lunch (not necicarily from a VCU store), then recycle the leftovers. The river is amazing if you know the right parts to visit, and believe me, someone you run into will.


The resources that are available to the students are somethings that other schools do not have. Resources that are offered here includes, tutoring for all subjects from accounting to zoology. A writing center is available for all undergraduates. If a paper is do and a student needs help, all they would have to do is visit the center. The advising portion of the school is also very helpful. The advisors are here to make sure all students are able to take the classes that they need in order to graduate.