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Is the stereotype of students at Virginia Commonwealth University accurate?


To be honest I really have not heard much about the stereotype of VCU students and if there is a common stereotype amongst students, no one really told me what it was! So I really cant say if its accurate I know but I do know that on this campus your free to be you, people may not always agree with who you are or what things you're into but everyone has to live their life and whether it's right or wrong that's on you..the consequences always follow..


everyone thinks this school is full of indie-culture art students, but that is definitely not the case. VCU does not have any stereotypes. We have 33,000 students.


I guess in a way, they are- but no one stereotype prevails here. There definitely are a lot of idiots here, but there are also a lot of very brilliant and talented people as well. There are "rejects" from other universities, but there are other people who made VCU their first choice- like me. There are pretty fair amounts of liberal and conservative people here and though there are definitely a lot of "art freaks", there are many preppy and "normal" kids, as well.


i would say no. My classes are hard and if you werent smart you wouldn't pass them but also i chose to go here because i liked the campus and the diversity, the mix between city and a college campus but not too much of a big city is awesome, unlike uva and va tech which are college town and not much to do there. With the whole violence thing, ive seen it and heard about it but if you make good choices and don't put yourself in bad situations than you have nothing to worry about. THere are also a lot of safety services that vcu offers and you should use them when you are in need.


No, VCU students have an array of academic majors. VCU students specialize in fields of medicine, art, business, engineering, education, advertising, and social work; just to name a few. VCU is best known for these majors and many others. The undergrad and graduate programs for these majors are among the best in the nation.


for the most part, yes... it's a VERY diverse campus which is GREAT




not sure have not started school yet


Not really, VCU is located in the city of Richmond and any city isn't completely safe. Luckily VCU is located in the Fan area and that's the safest part of Richmond. The other surrounding neighborhoods are alright, and at night time, it's better to walk in a group. That's common sense though, in any city it's best to not be alone at night. The party stereotype isn't true either. There are of course parties, but they are not very wild and every night. There is so much to do in Richmond other than party.


not with everyone, this school is very diverse and filled with different people and a plethora of backgrounds