Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are plenty of things to brag about. The first being we have some great therapists/counselors that are free to use if you're a student here. We have a wonderful library, and I really feel like I'm getting an education here. The food isn't too bad, but we also have a good party scene and as a whole we're progressive and tolerant.


I definitely brag about the diversity of the polulation and the environment the Richmond community has to offer. It is a city yet a close-knit community with people from all walks of life with all sorts of opportinuties for everyone.


I am very proud of how diligent my professors are. I have never had a teacher at this school that was not 110% dedicated to my success. My teachers do an excellent job of giving me individual style attention despite the class sizes. I never feel like I am paying VCU too much money for this reason.


If you want to experience a campus-life that is diverse and filled with the activity of a big city, then VCU is the place for you. Richmond itself is a melting pot of different cultures, beliefs, personalities and ideas, and VCU sits right in the heart and hub of it all!


When I discus with others why I enjoy going to Virginia commonwealth university, a few topics come to mind. I always tell people how proud I am at how diverse the community is. So many different types of people from different walks of life; it’s pretty amazing how many different backgrounds people have, and I enjoy getting to know as many people as I possibly can. I also talk about how every day always has something in store for me. I have never had a dull moment living in Richmond and attending the university.


The one thing I always brag about when telling my friends about my school is the opportunities I've been given at the School of World Studies for outside internships and my own individual research studies. The faculty has been absolutely amazing working with me to get my name out there and recognized by professionals in my field. I cannot stress enough how amazing it feels to be mentored by professors who truly care about where you go in life and want so badly to see you succeed.


I always start with the setting, since I'm the one that wandered out of state, describing the perks of being on-campus and mid-city simultaneously. Then I get philosophical on them and gush about the welcoming diversity VCU exudes. Being able to mix yourself in with hundreds of different cultures, beliefs, ideals and lifestyles, in a setting that encourages the differences, is a critical part of establishing your own values.


At VCU, there's never a dull moment. There's always something for everyone to do in their spare time.


The campus life, how much there is to do on campus. The staff at VCU are all very supportive and helpful. VCU goes above and beyond for their students.


I am not one for bragging, but when it comes to who I would talk about the most I would have to say it used to be my friend Sean. He helped me through a lot my freshmen year.


Our mens' basketball team, art program, and medical campus.


Virginia Commonwealth University has a nationally ranked Fine and Performing Arts Program, and, I believe, it is one of the top arts schools in the nation. This university, nestled into the heart of the city of Richmond, can boast of an impressive men's basketball team which is coached by the talented and handsome Shaka Smart. Our men's basketball team has made it to the Final four and is extremely competitive in A-10 basketball.


The art school is phenomenal and I am proud to be a member of VCUarts. I am currently studying for a major in Scientific and Medical Illustration and I have been immersed in a rich cultural environment where both my teachers and fellow students are always engaged with different ideas and are genuinley interested in growing as a whole.


The basketball team, and the chik-fil-a.


I always brag about the diversity. They say that America is becoming more and more diverse. At VCU, that's exactly how it is. Everyone is so welcoming. You can learn so much about the different cultures. In my opinion, it's a true reflection of how the world is. I can remember being a student at Virginia Tech. The school was begging minorities to attend. Not that race has ever been an issue to me, but at VCU. You will never feel out of place.....race, sexual orientation, etc. Plus VCU's in the city. Score!


The best thing about VCU is its diversity. People from all over the world come here and everyone is so accepting. Its in the city so theres so much stuff to do like going to restaurants, clubs, the river downtown, and museums.


I love to brag about all the diversity at my school. I also like to brag about the city life and how there is always something to do. I like to tell people that there is literally a group for everyone. You will make the best of friends while you are here also.


The beautiful sceneray, the nice people, the constent activities and group, but most of all the freedom to choose to whatever you want. The great feeling of control with a little bit of responsiblity is unexplanable so enjoy it as much as you can before you graduate cause once your out you have less control and more responsibilty.


The opportunities to become involved in the community are endless at VCU. There are many service clubs and organizations, but it is also easy to reach out into the city of Richmond and find a free clinic, school, or shelter to volunteer at yourself. VCU is in an extremely convenient location, with so much within walking or biking distance. And, of course, I like to brag about VCU's basketball team, especially after reaching the final four in the 2011 NCAA tournament and starting off the 2011-2012 season with a 10-3 record!


It's diversity, how much fun I had, cost effictive, how great my professors were


There is always something to do, and everyone dresses really well and is into art and music.


The best things about VCU are the diverse student body and the Starbucks in the library.


That my school is best known for its Medical College.


I brag to my friends about the city life here at VCU. I love not being crowded in by farms but living on a campus that connects the campus with the real life so you are not as sheltered from the outside world.


What I enjoy the most about Virginia Commonwealth University is that even if you come here not know anyone, you can still find a nice group of friends to study and hang out with. VCU is the largest college in the state of Virginia and offers a diverse variety of people to learn from and become friends with.


How artsy it is and how everyone is so different.


that iit is one of the best schools that anyone could ever want to attend. there is always something going on and the campus is very lively all the time. we have an excellent dining facility and the professors are the best. we have so many oppurtunities to succeed.


My school not only has a great football team but they are pushing there standards for education higher then the past few years, so I know I am getting a great education. The law school here has the highest pass rate for the LSAT then any other Texas university.


I brag about Virginia Commonwealth Universities' awesome art programs. I am studying fashion merchandising and I thingk VCU is the best school for that subject. They are a well-known art school and really live up to their standards. I also love my dorm room because I have a kitchen which most freshman in college do not get. The school also has a great security for the dorm rooms and I always feel safe.


When telling my friends about my school I always empahsize how excellemt the academics at virginia commonwealth university are. They are always are looking for ways not only to encourage the student to do well but they offer facilities that aid in our learning processes. These services are obtainable through the university college. Such services like the writting center; where we can get assistance in writting paper and the campus learning center; where tutoring in any subject is offered. The learning experience is even more enhanced through other alternatives beyond the classroom.


That it has high school spirit and the Basketball team. And the overall atmosphere of the campus.


I love the environment. I wasn't used to an urban environment but now when I go away for a weekend, I miss the city life. Also, the people that you meet at VCU are lifelong friends.


great partys, lots of chill people


I can see the diversity on campus which I have never seen before which is very good thing. I also tell them about how people are friendly and helping nature. I am going to describe a little course curriculum which they are interested in.


I brag about being far enough away from home, but not too far that I can't ever see my family, and I especially brag about living in a small but historically and culturally rich city as opposed to a suburb. Most of my friends go to community college or are at home with their parents still, so the fact that I even go to college gives me something to brag about. I have to say that I brag about the location and not the school, although students in the art program would about both.


I don't really brag about anything. I mostly have to defend my school when I tell people I attend VCU. Everyone always says "Oh, don't get shot!" This annoys me to no end, so I always have to defend VCU by saying how diverse the population is, how you get the best of both worlds with the city and the James River, and how there is such an amazing music scene around the Richmond area.


I brag about how diverse the campus is. Also, there is always something to do in the surrounding city of Richmond, VA.


The big and diverse campus.


How great the campus is!


That VCU's graduate advertising program [VCUbrandcenter] is number one in the country.


Our school is one of the only schools with the Real Estate development degree.


My school and my city has culture and an identity. Its real life in the city, not like JMU where all the kids party and ruin the town. In JMU, the students rule the town. At VCU, the city rules over the students. This really helps to acheive independence and maturity.


The fact that VCU is downtown really was not my favorite thing about it when I moved here, but the city has grown on me in a way I thought it wouldn't. There is something for every taste here- fine dining (and diners), history (and clubs), theatre (and movies), and a genuinely kind population. Richmond is the biggest small town I think I've ever seen, and as VCU expands I'm sure it will only get better.


The highly educated faculty who makes progress in research each year.


the dining hall and how they make us steaks.


I usually brag about the high ranking graphic design program.


#4 best art curriculum in the U.S.


First of all, I LOVE bragging about VCU. I've actually convinced two friends to transfer here! I love to brag about the diverse group of people. When you simply look around this campus, you can't help but learn about other cultures. VCU is rich with culture and honestly, it's made me a more accepting person. I've made friends with different minorities and people from different economic backgrounds. I've learned so much about acceptance because of the people I have met. So, when I talk about VCU, this is what I love to brag about.


My school is the largest university in Virginia. I would argue that we are the most diverse as well. Being in Richmond affords students the opportunity to be apart of the REAL world. Students here do not live in a bubble. VCU is not the only life in Richmond. There is a thriving art scene and a number of Fortune 500 companies to participate in internship programs. My professors are still participating in the fields they teach. Many of my professors work at Public Relations agancies in Richmond. They give advice that is pertinent and applicable to my future career.


I brag most about how there is do much to do at VCU. Being downtown in a city means that everything is only a bus ride away: restaurants, clubs, sports, shops, festivals, ect.