Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


My freshman without a doubt went really well for a first-time experience. All my professors were very engaged and charismatic. However, I was still trying to find out how things worked around campus and where exactly to as well. During my freshman year I was doing quite well in all of my classes, except for one. This was the infamous Biology 101, growing up I always liked science, but it is nothing compared to when you take a course in college. Now my adviser suggested that I go to the tutor sessions they had but I felt since I was always an honor student in high school I didn't need a tutor. Now one thing that would have greatly helped to my advantage is this little thing called S.I. Sessions. This is where the TA of the class has a session every week to go more in depth about the lecture. If I would've known these existed I probably could've got a 'B' or even an 'A'.


The worst thing about my school is the tuition because it continues to increase.


The worst thing about my school is how disorganized the nightime shuttle service is. When I was first told about RamSafe, I expected to feel secure in the knowledge that I'd have a ride home from wherever I was on (or near) campus. Instead, I find myself waiting for up to 45 minutes to take a 5-10 minute bus ride where I could've walked home in a fraction of the time. While the bus is definitely safer, the wait time associated with it encourages the more dangerous option of walking alone at night.


When I think about the drawbacks to the campus. The only thing that I can think of that I do not like, honestly has to be the sidewalks. Every sidewalk you walk on is bumpy, crooked, and awkward. I must say the first couple of months that I have attended VCU were pretty embarrassing because of the numerous occasions that I have tripped or stumbled over myself walking on these sidewalks. It’s always funny when it happens and it still catches me by surprise.


I think that the worst thing about my school is that there aren't more languages taught there. Some of the langauges that are taught there are only offered during certain semesters so that also creates problems. I wanted to take Chinese and Japanese. Chinese 101 is only offered during the fall and I can only take Japanese through another school, so this is very frustrating and I wish that VCU had more langauges and sections for the langauges available.


Out-of-state tutition fees and the finanical aid assitance currently are the most unsettling at the moment at Viriginia Commonwealth University. The unversity has gone up in tuition for the pass couple of years, out-of-state student pay more than twice than in-state-students and finanical is especially scarce for students who are out of state because some scholarships only cater to residents of Virginia. Transfer students (that do not come from a community college) have a diffcult problem finding finanical aid for help pay for expenses.


The worst thing is by far, the traffic. If you are new to the Richmond city environment, then you will be very confused on how to get around, and the conjestion and traffic can be unbearable if you don't know how to get around.


The worst thing about my school would be how there are two campuses. It is inconvenient and difficult for students to stay on time when having to travel between campuses because they are residing on the MCV campus. Especially since it is a dominantly freshman residence hall it is frustrating because freshman are not familiarized with the way university schedules work. After a while the MCV residents will obtain knowledge on how to properly navigate between the two campuses and stay on time, but it is still a hassel to wake up 1 or 2 hours before class begins.


There's a bit of a homeless issue in Monroe Park, and because it's an urban environment with lots of people who do not attend VCU, there's a pretty high crime rate for a college campus. Additionally, with construction constantly going on, there are lots of gas leaks that occur regularly. The food here is all generally fatty as well, and the buildings themselves aren't really aesthetically pleasing - they blend with every other brick-and-mortar building in the Greater Richmond area, making the city as a whole a bit of a dirtty eyesore.


the food


Work load can be quite exhausting at times but that is expected for college. Some of the buildings are old and could use some improvement such as the bathrooms.


I think the worst thing about VCU is the fact that many professors do not take the free "How to Teach" course offered. As a result, many of the professors are not effective at teaching material for comprehension. Students tend to learn material for tests only.


Our costume design program, which I am a part of, is poorly funded. The number of students we take is not limited to who qualifies, but to the space we have available in our one classroom. We have had to fight for basic classes to learn our skills while other programs like fashion design receive far more funding, space, and resources, despite our work being equal in quality. We have done extraordinarily well with what we have, but we should not have to fight for an education.


The worst thing about my school is the best thing: the city. I love the tall buildings, the lights, the history and the culture. However, the amount of homeless and unemployed is hard on me because I know I can't help them all.


The sidewalks are the worst thing about VCU. In a lot of places the bricks are out of place and it really is like you're walking through a maze and/or hopping, skipping and dancing your way to class. And when it rains or snows it gets worse. You have to be very careful that you don't trip, slip, fall or all of that combined.


It is very hard for me to pinpoint something as "the worst" thing about my school, since I love it so much. The one thing that makes me a little nervous however is the location and the safety risk. I love Richmond, but it's not exactly the safest city. I feel comfortable on campus, for the most part, but can't help feeling worried on late-night walk homes from the library. Despite the crime, Richmond is an amazing city with lots of opportunity and I couldn't see myself at any other school than VCU.


Months ago, my dreams of achieving quality food were not only shattered, but I was forced to waste valuable money on the worst food by a lie that VCU is "committed to providing quality food..."The dining services are the worst due to their failure to satisfy my vegetarian diet, ill-prepared meals, and uninviting tastes. As if being strictly vegeterian without sufficient nutrition is not challenging enough, the only items VCU serves are artificial, tasteless foods that excel in the amount of sugar, fat, and calories. The meals discourage a healthy lifestyle and force students to yield to malnutrition.


I would say, in my opinion, that there is nothing that I feel is a worst thing about VCU. This school is very different to each individual. Someone may view it as terrible, but I love it.


The only bad thing about my school is that it's located in the city and the city can be quite dangereous sometimes.


Even though the campus is in the city and is open, the outer areas of the campus are sketchy. The core of the campus aka Monroe Park is crawling with police and feels very safe. Broad Street has a lot of VCU buildings however there is not the same security feeling as the central part of campus.


The worst thing about my school is that people tend to think we are just the weird art school. VCU is more than just the top art school in the country. We have the most diverse campus with the most authentic students. If you want Ugg Boots and North Face Jackets, then one of those frat heavy football schools may be fore you. If you want a real life cultural experience in the city, then VCU is the place to be! Ugg boots are welcomed of course. We also have a big-time basketball program. Go Rams!


The worst thing about my school would be its lack of a football team. While our basketball, soccer, field hockey, Quidditch, and other sports teams excel athletically, the lack of a crucial Fall sport that works to invoke school spirit in students makes the school not as viable a candidate for prospecitve appliers as those schools with a football team. A Fall Homecoming and football team would be the final puzzle piece, completing an already amazing school.


Most people make this school out to be more dangerous than it is. Though it is in Richmond and there are a lot of crime incidence it's not that bad as long as you use common sense. But I love most everything and this is the only thing I can think of besides tuition which keeps rising -__-


The worst thing about my school is the course registration process because it is often difficult to register for desired courses. This becomes easier as a junior and senior.


Since VCU is in the city, it is difficult to find parking and it is also very expensive. At night it can be dangerous due to the poverty in surrounding neighborhoods.


Since I came to VCU as a transfer student from another state with an Associate's degree in a specialized program, I thinnk the worst thing about VCU is that they don't accept all credits from my former insitution, even though I had already obtained an Associate's Degree. The advisors made me take more general education classes, and didn't really help me to figure what I needed to do or who I needed to talk to in order to fix my credit transfer situation.


While a diverse campus, I have found the culture to be marred by both a poor southern mentallity and preoccupation with punk rock, neither of which I find particularly appealing or easy to engage with.


There is many diverse cultures and races, but they tend to only hang out with each other. Indians with indians, arabs with arabs etc. I wish we could all hang out together more often.


The worst thing about VCU is the fact that I can't afford to attend year round. The city of Richmond is a student's dream. There is a well-established art community. There are hundreds of outdoor activities; the James River is your backyard. The city has a comfortable relationship with bikers. Who needs a car? On days too yucky to go outside, VCU’s Carey Street gym is a fitness nut’s dream. Swimming, rock wall climbing, exercise equipment and classes and more combined in one amazing building.The worst thing about VCU is having to leave it.


The school is in an urban environment. Certain dangers come with the territory, so it's important to keep informed on safety laws and to always have a backup plan for transportation.


The wors thing about Virginia Commonwealth University is the crime that occurs. Since my college is in Richmond, Virginia, crime occurs most oftenly. Even though VCU police offers various ways for students to be safe, it has always scared me to walk alone at night or to even consider taking night classes.


The worst thing about my school is the crime that has begun to occur recently, around and on the campus. This is a bad thing for the school because if the crime increases parents will be less likely to send their students to VCU in the future. Additionally, the goal of the univeristy to produce educated students will be affected because students being put in harms way may affect their performance academically.


VCU takes pride in being a school of "diversity" but when everyone there is described as "diverse", there is a lack of variation between students. Everyone there is trying to make a statement of their own individuality by living outside the boundaries of conformation; however, that is conforming in itself. Maybe I am closed minded, but if everyone does the same thing to stand out, then who shines the brightest? I would rather get noticed by my achievements rather then the amount of piercings found in my nose. This mindset seems to make me a minority at VCU.


I believe the price of the college and the price of living would be the worse thing about my school.


The worst thing would have to be the individual classes. There are some that have a occupancy of 400, while others have only 30; however, each professor has to tend to a large number of students no matter the size of their classes. In turn, it makes it difficult for the student to establish a helpful relationship with the professor. While there are other resources available for aid aside from direct contact with the professor, the student usually has to find these resources on their own.


No comment


How open the school is. There is no "campus atmosphere". I know it's in the city, so there are going to be homeelss people, but it's a little much. VCU should do more to limit where the homeless people are allowed. Seeing random people you know aren't college students sitting on the patio to the dorm is not welcoming at all.


The worst thing about VCU is the Shafer Dining Hall. The food doesn't taste good and makes you sick


We are in a city. There are homeless people who beg, and as I said in my last answer it seems that everybody smokes so if someone has asthma they might want to rethink.


The worst thing about VCU is some of the conditions the buildings are in. They are not at all means uninhabitable, but since they are older city buildings repurposed for educational functions, some classrooms are not able to deliver the best classroom experience for the students.


I feel the worst thing about our school is the lack of a coehsive school pride, although it exists I feel the school could do a better job enhancing school pride. I feel that more on campus housing and traditions would really brighten out school pride. Although I have to acknowledge that our new president is addressing these issues and things are being done, I just wish that when I started my education here that it was more school spirited.


There is a serious lack of school spirit. No football team. The alumni need to make their prescence known on campus.


The classes are too big, theres no place to have any form of real communication between the students and the professor. Anyone who isnt used to large classroom settings should not attend this university.


The worst thing I have noticed about Virginia Commonwealth University is the fact that the line for the Financial Aid office is super long and takes hours to go through; it makes the DMV look like heaven.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the small freshman dorms . Other than that i absolutlely love my school .


The professor's are not that caring about you, so you are basically on your own when it comes to learning the material. You can try to talk to them about grades and other things going on that may be affecting your life, but they aren't lenient towards you at all. They can care less about your grades and they have the "if the students fail, more money for me because they are going to have to take my class over again" attitude.


The worst thing about my school would be the commute. I decided to leave off campus which set me at a disadvantage because VCU is an amazing campus and great school. I wish I would have dormed so I can have the full experience and opportunity of using all that VCU has to offer. Being that the commute is my choice for this topic, that says a lot about how I view VCU because it is the only thing I can classify as the "worst thing".


My school has some issues with the customer service provided from financial aid, accounting, housing, etc. There are many times when it is extremely difficult to get in contact with someone to get a problem resolved. It is so frustrating that at times a parent has to get involved, even though the students are supposed to be adults and handle situations on our own, at times, we are forced to call on mom and dad.


The worst thing about my school, only being there for one semester, after being transferred from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, have to be the transferring of credits. My plan was two years at a community college then transfer to a four-year institution, and VCU was my choice. Apparently, transferring my credits wasn't as advertised. It took a lot of work to get my credits to count towards my major at VCU: requiring me to go to the office a few times, printing out new paperwork, and requesting another transcript because they probably lost it the first time.


The worst thing about my school is that there is nothing not to love, and that can be a great disadvantage. This is that the school administrators will go on with the idea that the school is doing great and that there is nothing to change, whereas other schools are making changes that would allow there campuses to expand and cater well for their students.