Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't know.


I don't know.


To my knowledge, there is no stereotype of students at this school.


I hear a lot about how VCU is too Liberal and that all the students that go there are 'hippies' or social extremist, but there is a variety of opinions and types of students.


Artsy kids, and yes, it is very accurate but in a good way


the students in fraternity tend to act like the best students


The running stereotype among VCU students is that most of us like to party and do drugs on campus and skip class all of the time. There are also stereotypes of hipsters and stereotypes of wild members of fraternities as well as sororities. While these stereotypes may hold true for some students, it is not an accurate portrayal of the students at VCU. Most VCU students don't party and drink every night and the majority of students don't drink at all. VCU students are actually very hard working and go to class, and the Greek life at VCU is also well upstanding. VCU is very different than the stereotypes that try to define it.


The kids here party hard but worker harder


Hipsters! VCU is infamous for the allegedly large hipster population due to our nationally internationally famous art program. But what people don't realize is that while yes there are hipsters, they are not the majority by far. What they say about VCU's diversity is 100% true. Once you're here, there honestly aren't very many "stereotypes".


Being the number 1 public art school in the county, VCU students are seen largely as the art kids and hipsters. However VCU is actually very diverse.


The main stereotype of students at VCU is that everyone is either a hipster or super artsy. While we do have great art programs here and so many of the students here are creative, there are so many other types of students who attend VCU. We have great sports teams, a world-renowned medical campus, tons of service groups, and countless other groups on campus.


We have a huge greek life, but an even bigger "hipster" life. These hipsters include those who do not shower approximately every day, wear extremely dirty and smelly clothes, ripped jeans, do abnormal activities with the homeless population, exhibit no sense of self awareness or respect, and most defining ride their fixed gear bicycles thinking they own the roads.


I think the stereotype most associated with VCU is that everyone that goes here is either a hipster or nerd that wants to go to Med School. While a lot of students do eventually want to go to Med School, VCU is actually very diverse.


VCU students are mainly categorized as hipsters. After attending VCU for two years, I find this stereotype false. VCU is an extremely diverse school and I only see a very small amount of people that would be stereotyped as hipsters.


VCU is full of diversity. But the diversity is not only centered around race. VCU students all have different style and unique views. Of course VCU is known for its Art school and you can definitely tell while walking around campus


VCU is known for its art program so a lot of students here tend to be known as hipsters and indie kids. Our school is also 30% diverse and is partnered with many universities in other countries making it very intercultural.


I think that the common stereotypes of students at VCU are those who are free in expression, dressing eccentrically, unique in their talents and passions, many students are artsy, dress stylish and are those who have their own flare, they're not influenced by there surroundings but tend to bring who they are into the campus atmosphere and are able to remain true to that. A major portion of students are indeed Greek so it's very common to see students walking around in Greek paraphernalia.