Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


At the end of the day, I love my school. It's in a good location. I feel pretty safe (although I have lived in Richmond for over 7 years), and I feel like it's worth my tuition.


Overall it a good school for minority students, but the administration is not as diverse as you'd expect it to be.


Virginia Commonwealth University is possibly the best decision I have ever made. Walking through the streets of Richmond is so interesting because of the amount of diversity I experience. It is not only diverse with race but also with gender, age, cultures and even how people carry their selves. Nothing appears to be strange or out of the ordinary because there are so many types of people that judging them would be pointless. It is such a friendly and welcoming environment to where anyone can fit in and should not have to feel stressed about being different. Don't even think I forgot about the party life style. Frats aren't always welcoming to other guys who aren't affiliated but once you actually get in, it is the wildest thing you can imagine. I feel like I am at a rave 24/7 because of the props and hype music they play. Don't get me started about their food system. You begin as a freshman with the certain amount of swipes and dining dollars that you chosen from, and can swipe 6 times an hour. They have an all you can eat dining hall named Shafer and a Shafer-to-go downstairs if you can't stay. Right next door is Einstein Bagels. In the commons, they have subway, an express pizza hut, a chinese place called nao and zen, taco bell, chick fila, and a place called the POD that is equivalent to a 7/11. We also have a place called bleaker that has the DANKEST sandwiches and just opened a new Panda Express on Shafer street. VCU is overall a quality school and definitely needs more credit. Although, I like the fact that people underestimate the qualities of VCU because if they were to ever visit then their minds would be blown.


the diversity is the best thing about my school. It has a large student body and yes, there is a lot of school pride.


the diversity is the best thing about my school. It has a large student body and yes, there is a lot of school pride.


I absolutely love my university. When I first got there, I didn't know what to expect, but once I actually got here, I saw that it was a phenomenal institution for education and the life in Richmond is lively and good to be around. One of the best things about the school is the diversity, which VCU strives to uphold in it's university-wide programming and student organizations. There is an organization for just about anyone who wants to do almost anything at school and if there isn't one, then students often times take the initiative to begin their own! One thing I'd change is the level of advising for students. Some students run into issues when they are ready to graduate because of issues with advising not always telling them which classes to take. While I have personally never experienced these issues, I know a few students who have. It is up to the student to be proactive and try to figure out what steps to take before seeing advising to benefit themselves. VCU is one of the largest institutions in the commonwealth of Virginia and that leaves a lot of room for students and it creates a solid community at the center of Richmond. I guess you can call VCU and the areas immediately adjacent to VCU a part of "college town" Richmond. VCU students always show a lot of pride, whether in wearing a school t-shirt or going to the home and away sporting events clothed in school colors and showing immense school spirit. When the men's basketball team made it to the final four last year, VCU was thriving with pride and students flooded the streets to celebrate. That kind of school pride was moving to me and the day that they won was one of the most amazing for me. But while VCU is great, it isn't always rainbows and sunshine. As I have said before, students have concerns about advising at VCU and they also run into some issues and frustration with housing on campus. There is very limited housing on campus- especially after the freshman year- and a lot of students have to look for off campus housing, even if they want to live on campus and that can sometimes be a pain with our lottery system, but most of the time, students are able to make do.


I love VCU!


My favorite thing about VCU is the amount of help available to the student body. If you ask, there is probably someone to answer. The only thing I'd consider changing is the financial aid office, the lines are always long. Even though VCU is the largest public University in Virginia, it still feels like a small-town school. It's weird. When I tell people I go to VCU they usually look at me strange, but I don't care! I love it here. It's completely built into the city of Richmond. I bleed Black and Gold. Aww yeah.


My overall opinion of VCU is that it's underrated. After attending another large, well-respected university in Virginia, I have found that VCU is often forgotten or looked as being not that great of a school. The diverse group of students and professors at this university is one of the things I like most about the school, as well as it's location in such an exciting city such as Richmond. There is always something to do and places to hang out with friends, and it's hard to ever really be bored here.


Richmond is not cool. It is dirty. Although there are many historic and important things in downtown Richmond, the Monroe Park Campus of VCU is absolutely disgusting. The people, the buildings, and most importantly the God awful employees (not the professors, they are fantastic). The best thing about this school is that it is extremely easy to work hard and earn your degree. If I had to change something, I would change the fact that Richmond owns Monroe Park and not VCU, so we could get rid of the horrible and frankly frightening homeless population from, oh, I don't know...our campus. The administration and professors are one of the best parts of this school. They work so hard and diligent to make sure we students get a good education. 10/10 for them. As far as "college life," stay in a group past midnight, don't go on West Marshall St. ever, and never...I repeat never look at a ghetto person on the street in the eye because of course...that is just insulting. The most frequent student complaints comprise of everything I wrote above. Seriously.


VCU is a great school with a lot of great programs. It is in the heart of Richmond but it can also be considered a city within a city. There are a lot of events that happen around the city and the VCU community, so there's plenty of things to do.


I love VCU. Its medium school size is amazing. Sometimes you are in a big lecture hall, sometimes you have small classes. All the teachers ive had are very helpful and interested in the students. When asked for help they are right there with no hesitation.


Since VCU is the largest public university in the state of Virginia, I have the opportunity to make tons of friends from various backgrounds, participate in numerous student organizations, study abroad, and declare 2 majors and 2 minors. Some people may see the large university as a down fall but I believe it offers so many endless opportunities. I had the chance to study abroad twice and I just received an internship at the Virginia Capitol. I started as an art major, but decided it wasn't for me so I am now on a pre law track with a B.A. in Philosophy (ethics and public policy concentration), and B.A. in Political Science (Public Policy concentration), and a minor in History and Spanish. I also joined a sorority and am a senator in our student government association. The opportunities here are endless!


I honestly believe that VCU is a great school. The best thing about VCU I believe is the diversity. I love being able to walk around Campus and feel like I'm on a world tour. VCU has a very large population and I had no problem adjusting to it, I feel it's just right for me. It's a major difference where for me I was born and raised in the Islands (Bahamas) where everything is on a small scale. So it was new and exciting to go to a school where the population was bigger than the population of the place where I've grown up and lived all my life! When I'm on campus I spend a lot of my time in the academic buildings specifically the engineering building and I'm sure many of the other engineering majors can agree to the same! I believe VCU is a school that goes beyond in order to protect and meet the needs of the students. I believe that the majority of administrators do their jobs with excellence and are really passionate about the students.... However I do wish that there were more opportunities to meet with the higher powers within the university so that they're more reachable and relatable. A moment I will never forget is when our school made it to the sweet 16 for the first time, then to the elite 8 and finally to the final four in the NCAA men's basketball. After our basketball team made it to the Final Four school pride rocketed like never before. There was such a buzz on campus and for once we were all in unity in that we were proud to be VCU students. I believe that, that school pride is still present today and will continue to trickle down into the pipeline of incoming students. VCU is a great school and they're always expanding to fit the needs of students whether it be new classroom buildings, new dorms, new eateries or new parking decks, as students we can see that our money is being reinvested into the school to create a better learning and social environment for us all.


VCU is perfect for me, and it can be perfect for a lot of people- it really depends on what you're looking for. If you're into a very typical "four year experience", then you might want to look somewhere else. No one holds your hand here, and that's something I really love. This school has taught me how to be independent and make my own success, while still offering me opportunities to make friends and take advantage of my education at every turn. The school is definitely in a very urban setting, which can be looked at as both a positive and a negative. Yes, it can be dangerous to live here, if you're not being street smart. You should always watch your back and be aware, but that's just the basics of living in any city. Richmond is rich in both culture and history, and there are so many great things to see/taste/do here. The school WILL see you as just a number, but that doesn't mean that all the faculty will. I have had incidences where the administration has lost my paperwork, and times when I simply cannot find the right channels to get things done when dealing with the school itself. Transferring was a bit of a hassle, to say the least. But all said and done, if you keep a log of your paperwork and are fairly organized, it won't be a big deal. Faculty here, specifically the art professors/admins really care about students. Art students are NOT simply just a number, and are definitely treated very well. The food here is very average. I am an extremely picky person when it comes to what I eat, and I am more than satisfied. This could be because I live off-campus and make food at home about half the time, but my experiences at Shafer and the Student Commons have been mostly very positive. I've heard, however, that it's a bit tricky finding things to eat if you are a first-year student and a vegan.


I like the size of vcu. It is the largest school in virginia but it doesnt seem like it because we have two campuses, an undergrad campus and also a medical campus but also only about a quarter of the students live on campus. I like that we are sort of in a city but at the same time it is our campus. I wouldnt call it a college town. We have a lot of awesome little restaurants and cool places that only some people know about. you can go to clubs but you can also find a lot of house parties, one thing that most colleges have either one or the other of. My farthest class is a 15 minute walk but i can get there in less than 5 if i bike and less than 10 if i walk fast.


I chose to go to VCU, not only for its exceptional academic programs, but also for its location and surroundings. When I tell people that I go to VCU, they automatic grasp and tell me that they love Richmond, and the atmosphere at VCU. VCU is very much a college town and offered a variety of activities to partake in. The campuses are very urban and integrated into the city, so there is never a doll moment in Richmond. Whether it’s taking classes in newly built facilities or biking down to the river to go swimming, VCU students are always on the go. There is a downtown section with tons of restaurants and bars, and an uptown section with a wide variety of shops and stores. There are two campuses for VCU. There is a medical campus known as MCV, and the academic campus known as the Monroe Park campus. There are approximately 35,000 undergrad students at VCU.


VCU is a very diverse campus... I transferred from Radford and it's so much better because there's no minorities in any classes. The school is HUGE, but that's good and bad. This is DEFINETLY not a college town, it's in the middle of the city, and it's spread out throughout the city (but not ridiculously far). The city is safer than people make it out to be. Living on campus, I've heard, is really hard because it's hard to find on-campus housing because there are not enough dorms. There's no football team, either, so if you're really into school spirit, not the best idea. Finally, the dining plan is ridiculously stupid, and the food isn't that great, so unless yuou live on campus, DON'T BUY IT. And get a parking pass- parking on the street is impossible during the week


The school is very large and its hard to get your classes before they are full. Its a very different campus feel because it is mixed into a city. I am transferring to Va Tech because I wanted a community, close campus feel than how VCU is. At VCU it is hard to see the school spirit/pride..again that's why I am going to Tech. It isnt really a college town, just a college in a city really.


I love VCU because it's in the city of Richmond. There are so many things going on here. There are tons of events year round. Just last weekend there was a vegetarian festival. In my opinion the best part of VCU is the location. For me finding myself was made easier because of the city. I'm from the suburbs of DC and this place is nothing like my hometown. Everything is pretty close by so there isn't much of a need for a car. All you need is a bike. It's a pretty liberal city and there are so many activists living here so it's easy to get involved. I love the old buildings, Belle Isle, the James river, the bumpy old sidewalks, and just the mood Richmond has. I'm from Northern Virginia but VCU feels like home for me.


Of what I've experienced so far, there are so many different things to do in VCU and all around Richmond. Being only a future freshman, I haven't gotten to experience much of the college life yet, but I can only imagine it's going to be difficult, yet fun as well as a time of major growth.


For me, the size is just right because there's almost no limit to the amount of people to meet and talk to, but for many it could be seen as too big with over 20,000 students. The best thing about VCU I think is the location. The city provides a lot of opportunities to improve a student's chosen career chances once out of school.


VCU is not an ordinary college campus - it's in the middle of a city. So you kind of get the city life combined with college. It's nice because the stores & such are right there. And some of the apartments are closer than the upperclassmen dorms. The one thing I will remember is the "Bible preachers" in front of the Shafer Dining Hall. They are so hypocritical & one even said that he wanted his wife to be educated, so he bought her a cook book. Like good theatre students we are, we just play the tribal drums & dance oin front of them.


I love the fact that VCU is in the city. To me i enjoy the fact that there is so much life, energy and diversity around. It's never boring. I especially love how animated the campus is on sunny days,whereas everyone is outside in front of shafer, either dancing, interacting, protesting, or...anything.


VCU is a great school, lots of different people, a lot of events and groups to attend. The food is hit and miss, at first it seemed good but as the first year went on it seemed to get worse. over all there is not a whole not to do around campus entertainment wise if you don't have a car other than parties, low quality hookah bars, restaurants, sport events, and movies on the weekend (seems like a good selection until a few months goes by and it becomes boring). over all it is a great campus and you can normally find fun things to do.


I think VCU fits perfectly in the great city of Richmond. There's tons of school spirit, and VCU has really helped to clean up Richmond.


It's a very diverse and lively campus. Always something to do. People are very friendly and its not hard to fit in. The city environment is great a allows freedom to explore. The city also offers many places to take a break and relax, when you aren't too busy studying. Also city life encourages you to experience what life would be like on your own. A taste of the real world.


For me, a lot of people act in a negative way when I tell them I am going to VCU. I grew up in a suburb of Richmond called Glen Allen, so the entire downtown scene was a frequent event in my life as a kid. At my school, going to VCU is considered to only be one step above a community college. This is probably because of the close vicinity and the previous belief that it was always easy to get in to. This is no longer true- VCU's acceptance standards have gone way up even in just the past 5 years. When applying to schools, VCU was always my last choice because it was so close. BUt when I step back and evaluate the situation, I know beyond a doubt that VCU is an amazing school and there is no where else I should be!


VCU is an amazing school because of its diversity. Walking around campuses it is a guarantee you will hear a different language, if not several. Being located in the state capital, it gives students lots of opportunities not as available to students at other schools. When I tell people that I go to VCU I make sure to add in the part about being in the art school because that tends to get better responses. But overall I could not see myself at any other university.


VCU i have to admit is pretty large but it is important not to loose yourself in the crowd. It is important to make as many friends as you can ans also to stay focused on what you are there do work. The best thing about VCU i would say is the diversity ofthe school. There are so many different people on the campus that you can meet.


I wish sometimes classes were smaller because my first choice university was actually smaller then VCU. I chose this school because I was so close. I live off campus and at home. That makes my tuition cheaper but harder to get information. Basically if you live at home you have to do all the work to get 75% of your information. They usually just send you everthing to your dorm. If they send it by mail to your house sometimes thing gets mixed up, but if you stay of thing its fine.


I love being in the city. You're basically in the real world while in college so when you graduate you aren't shocked as a result of being tucked away on a campus somewhere in the woods.


The best thing about VCU is the diverse population and how interesting everyone on campus is. You have so many faculty members and counselors who are there for you every step of the way and who are looking out for you. This school is just right. When I tell people that I go to VCU they say things like, "Didn't you guys beat Duke in Basketball?" (yes) and "Don't you guys have great programs and a high percentage of graduates?" (yes) This isn't your ordinary college town because there is always something going on and somewhere to be. Richmond is amazing and fun and colorful. There are so many historic buildings, parks, shopping, entertainment, and extracurricular activities to do here. It is also centrally located in the city, not to mention only a few hours away from Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach, and Williamsburg. So much to do and so little time to do it in. VCU's administration is great. They are always there to help you and set you on the right track. I would recommend anyone who is on our staff. They are there for you 24/7 via phone, email, facebook or AIM. There is a lot of school pride and it is getting stronger and stronger every year. Since I have been at VCU our Greek Campus Life and Student Organizations have increased each year and have brought something unique and special to the table. Their school pride shows every time they bring an event, concert, exhibit or presentation to campus. One experience that I will always remember about VCU is being one of the main founders of my sorority Alpha Epsilon Phi. One of my best friends and I had an idea to start a new sorority on campus, and VCU being what it is and making anything possible, helped make this possible. I will always remember the struggles of getting started, the assistance from CPC and the encouragement from the VCU faculty that helped bring this dream into a reality. It is something that has changed my life forever and I will always remember the lessons that this experience has taught me.


Big school, but you always see people you know. Extremely diverse. Something for everyone. Community feel. Great location in the city.


VCU is HUGE! For a body of 32,000 students, it takes a lot of guts to direct all of that "traffic" we call a "University". The learning environment is especially diverse, making it more and more difficult to get sucked into something alone. The beauty of BIG is that it comes with COMFORT and COMMUNITY. Being a huge body of students, we cannot deny the fact that everyone can find a group of kids to call their "family" or their "friends" or "peeps" or something! There is no excuse for not finding a family in the huge mass of academic scholars we like to call 'VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY'....RAMS!


The best thing about VCU is that it is very diverse. There is a great selection of classes. I also think the teachers are great. VCu is pretty large. I spend most of my time in the library. VCU is downtown so there is usually things to do. The most frequent students complaints are about managing school and work.


VCU is a great place to be. Personally, I don't like the limitations found at so-called "normal" college campuses. Many colleges, especially those of Virginia, have very specific campus boundaries. You are always at school. I love VCU because of the urban-setting. When I'm not in class, I'm in Richmond. Richmond is such a cool city, and there's always something going on. No matter what you're into, we have it here. From art exhibits (like First Fridays, an art exhibition including all the art galleries along Broad St.), to local theatres (such as the Firehouse Theatre and Theatre IV), to sporting events (including the VCU sports teams, the Richmond Kickers, and the Richmond Braves) there's something here for everyone. My favorite thing about living in Richmond and going to VCU is the opportunities to try new things and collect new experiences. You end up finding more about yourself than you ever imagined.


VCU is in Richmond, which other than the college, is a pretty trashy town. There is a lot of poverty here, and a lot of racial tension still. The college itself is in two areas: Monroe Park Campus (which is in the "Fan" the historic part of Richmond) and The MCV Campus (mainly medical students..and downtown). Most people spend their time at the student commons or any surrounding restaurant/bar/coffee house. During the summer, it's like a ghost town in comparison.


The best thing about VCU is that, you are always available to have what you want. Do you want people from same country? Do you want to be a part of a brother/sisterhood? Do you want to feel like you are actually part of the university community and be active? Do you just want to go to your professor's office and ask a question that bothers you for days? Do you want to yell from the top of your lungs at the school game or NCAA tournament? Do you want to be accepted for just being yourself? Then, you have to come to VCU! If you think you can handle these all,please be one of the thousands of mighty RAMS!!


The main thing I would change at VCU is parking. Students have to park there cars in either a two hour parking only zone or have to keep feeding coins in the meters. I think that VCU students shoudl beable to get a sticker to put on there car and not have to worry about paying to park, even if the sticker cost $20. atleast they paid up front and don't have to worry to keep going back to the car every 1 hour and 45 minutes to make sure there car didn't get towed or ticketed. I like the size of the school even thoguh you have to walk clear across a few blocks to go from class to class. I wish that VCU couls have a trolly that would pick up students to drop them off at the corners of each building. When I mention VCU to my friends or other people they ask me how I like it but I have never heard anyone say anything wrong about VCU. Overall, I believe VCU to be a good school and they always have handouts of umbrellas, pens, paper, key chains, etc. of VCU logos for free.


Its a big school, but it is also diverse. There is room for everyone and people for everyone. Because its spread out in the city, there is plenty to do. If not, there is always some type of event somewhere.


I LOVE VCU. It was the best decision of my life, and I could care less about being in Richmond. And honestly? I can't wait to live in an apartment here. Richmond is as safe as you make it and if you don't do stupid things to put yourself in danger then there really is nothing to fear. As for a "college town?" Who needs one when you have a whole entire city? In terms of one thing I could change? I would fire VCU's Greek advisor. She is by far the worst and most controlling person on campus. At this point in time, if you were looking at VCU for its greek lifeI would tell you to go elsewhere. That is exactly how bad it is right now.


The best thing about VCU is the urban environment. If I could change one thing, it would be the parking restrictions on the street. My school was big, but just right. When I decided my major, the school size had no impact on me. People react positively when I told them I went to VCU. I spent most of my time on campus in the commons, Shafer, the library, and the Siegal Center. I have never had any conflicts of interest with the administration. Biggest controversy?....not sure. Yes, there is a lot of school pride, mostly due to the men's basketball team's successes. There are many unusual things about VCU, none of them overly negative. That's what makes it such a unique place to learn. I will always remember my advisor being straight up and honest with me when I was struggling academically. He inspired me to graduate and get my act together. Student complaints?...probably about parking or budgets but I am out of the loop on this stuff.


The best thing about VCU is some of their falculty. I wish I could change the director of the Women's Studies Department. My school is expanding too much and not adjusting correctly. Most people don't care about where I go to school. I used to spend a lot of time in the Commons, but now I just go to class and come home. The biggest controversy on campus is always the damn crazy christians and anti-abortion people; I've seen women walk but and cry at the pictures and people become beyond pissed by their ignorant comments. There isn't a lot of pride on campus, but I don't think anyone really cares. VCU is unusual in it's large number of adult students. I will always remember meeting the three falculty members that changed my life, Dr. Zyzniewski, Dr. Condit and Prof. Cutchin. The most frequent student complaints are that the parkig sucks and teachers don't realize that a majority of our students work at least one job while being a full time student.


the best thing about vcu is the hugely different types of people that you meet. sometimes in class groups ill end with with a mom who has gone back to get her degree, someone from india, a guy who got a perfect score on his SATs, and a classmate i had from high thing i would change is parking, but thats the city, not vcu...... the school size is great! i have 300 students in one lecture class and 20 in another, depending on the course. and its soo fun to see hundreds of kids on campus when its nice out.......people react differently, many people remark about how much they love richmond, and some are impressed with i tell them that i am premed, because MCV is such a good medical school......... i spend most of my time on campus in class or in the commons or on the compass hanging out.......both! college town and what college town, especially with the fan right here and all of the families that live there....... vcus adminstration is good, they could be better in the commons though, sometimes they inhibit student oranized activities from doing good pride is reat at basketball games, much more rare around campus though......unusual about VCU-people are scared of livin in the city, but its actually more fun than ive had living at home. and although its a city, its so tight knit, whenever i go out, even downtown, i always see people i know....... one experience i will always remember is when some kids brought a slip and slide to the compass and were in theyre shorts running and sliding, even though there was only pavment beneath it..... complaints-i dont know, parking?


The best thing about VCU is watching how this university is changing the whole atmosphere of the Richmond community for the betterment, while doing the same thing for the school itself. Many of the things that VCU is doing now, I won't get to see finished before I graduate. But knowing that VCU is doing them still make me feel proud about attending VCU. I know that my degree from VCU will mean a lot when I graduate in 2009, but I also know that with the way VCU is improving everyday, that my degree from VCU will be even more valuable after I've graduated. The school I think is a good size. 30,000 students is a lot, but it doesn't really feel like that many students go here. The class sizes of upper level classes are definitely good, they are large by any means, but they're large enough to encourage some good participation from the students. The only thing I would change about VCU, is the lack of on campus housing for upperclassman. VCU guarantees housing for first year students, but after that their chances of getting an on campus apartment are slim to none. There are plenty of off-campus housing that are right next to campus. A VCU student will never have trouble finding somewhere to live in Richmond near the campus, but there comes a certain experience with living on campus with other students that I think Residential Life and Housing should take more initiative to foster.


I really enjoy VCU's atmosphere, even if it's a little bit big for my taste. I usually spend most of my time in the library, because I really enjoy the setting and the resources available to me. The reaction when I say I attend VCU is very positive, as many people I know also attended here. I see lots of school pride and I am very proud to be a Ram!!


I like VCU's diverse population. I would change the University's sidewalks, roads, etc. because there are potholes EVERYWHERE. I like the size. I don't think people know where or what it is when I tell them I go to VCU if I'm out of state. In state, mixed or no reactions. I spend my time in class if I'm on campus. I think it's a 50/50 mix of school pride. Complaints- the food is only good half of the time and the people who work in the Commons are kinda crappy at customer service.


I think the best thing about VCU is its diverse group of students. You are so many different kinds of people that you can meet here which is a great way to enhance your college experience instead of having the same type of people in a school. I think the one thing i would change is just how the school buildings are set up..a lot of other campuses are more enclosed in a way and sometimes i would like to see VCU that way as well and also parking here sucks. The overall size of VCU is pretty adequate for me but it may seem small to other people compared to other universities. When i tell people I go to VCU they ask me if its true that people get shot there all the time or if its really dangerous and stuff like that. I spend most of my time either on campus in class, work off campus, or at home. Rarely do i get to just hang out in the student commons anymore. VCU administration is fine. The biggest controversy i think that isnt recent but recent enough is the whole Taylor Behl incident that happened i believe last year because it happened so close to campus that it was really shocking and scary for everyone. I think theres alot of school pride as far as to our basketball team since we dont have a football team we mainly put our energy into supporting the basketball team instead. But as an overall school pride i dont think we have a lot or i dont think every person has school pride. I think the experience ill most remember is being a part of a sorority and in that fact chartering one here at VCU during my college career. I think the most frequent complaints from students is probably parking because its def. hard to find parking for people who drive to school and tickets are an issue as well.


the best thing about vcu is the city surrounding it. id change the lack of school spirit into a student body that could outshine any other school. my school is just right. even though im pretty sure we are the largest school in va, we have two campuses. people react negatively because i guess vcu has a bad rep. i always say virginia commonwealth university instead of just vcu. i spend most of my time on campus in class or at the library otherwise its too crowded to hang out in the student commons areas what college town... there is nothing college town about richmond. as a student orginization leader, vcu and the administration have no clue as to what this university is doing. they know about what the public sees, but not who their real clients are and how they use the campus. the admin does nothing for their main constituents, the students. especially in the greek life area, administration does nothing to support or help. biggest recent controversy on campus: in greek life, major changes to the system. in general, i guess the protestors who take it a little too far? there is some school pride. it is located in the seigel center. only during basketball games. you see more school sweatshirts from other schools running around campus then anything. i wish our student body was more school spirited, perhaps if the rep vcu has wasnt so bad people wouldnt be afraid to be spirirted. unusual about vcu?: greek like represents 4% of the student population i think that is quite different from other major schools one experience i will always remember: assassination week. two orginizations (a sorority and a fraternity) play watergun games for an entire week around campus (outdoors) and it was a blast but we are no longer allowed to participate in that event because administration thinks it makes us look like heathens? most frequent student complaints: overcrowded classes, crappy service at student centers food service wise