Virginia Commonwealth University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


An edgy, independent person with an open mind. If you love different kinds and colors of people, love being in the city, and love working hard, than this school is for you.


Persons attending VCU should be self sufficient, as you are stuck in the middle of the city from the start. A conventional campus does not exist here. This student should have an open mind to diversity, culture, sexual orientation, and new ideas. This student should not only be focused but should be highly creative. Students here tend to excel if they are persistent in their pursuits as well as self sufficient.


Students attending VCU should be flexible, creative and tolerant of multiple kinds of people. Richmond is, in a word, "weird", but in the best way possible. If you love art, culture, and experiencing new things, this is the place for you. VCU is also unique in the sense that it encourages and rewards innovative students with funds to do what they love if they can propose an idea or project eloquently and succesfully.


People that attend VCU are culturally diverse and love to express themselves, so someone that should go there should have those same interests. They should be open to people of all kinds of ethnic backgrounds and should be able to break barriers between culture and religion so that everyone can come together.


Everyone should be allowed to attend this school. Virginia Common Wealth University is a state school and it shouldn't be very difficult to get into the school. VCU caters to potential college undergraduates and everyone who dreams of going to college should be allowed to. That doesn't mean that they will succeed though, VCU should still expect academic success from its students. Dreams only happen when you are sleeping, it takes hard work and ability to make your dream into a reality.


I feel that those who should attend Virginia Commonwealth University are those who are most suitable living in the city and can affiliate with their surroundings easily, but in a way that they know how to get from place to place, in case something is needed, and know their resources around campus. I also feel as if those who attend, are the ones who have committments to leadership and can bring everyone together as a team and turn them in to a family.


any student with a goal


The kind of person who loves diversity. This school id VERY liberal. The type of person that shold come to VCU is one that likes to libe int he city. VCU is literally taking up the city ir Richmond.


the people that shoud attend VCU should be anything but discriminate. VCU is probably one of the most diverse places i have ever lived and I love it


People who are open to new, different and quirky experiences, who understand the importance of learning but don't underestimate the value of injecting fun and personality into the classroom, are a really good fit for this school. There's always something to do and always something to see and those who don't take advantage of these opportunities will miss out on what it means to be a part of the diversity of VCU.


You must be an urban-living type of person. This is such an urban school, and being in the city is a beautiful, fast-paced experience, but it isn't for everybody. There is always something going on and if you're shy and not very outspoken, you may miss out on a lot.


People who are artistic and/or open-minded. We're very diverse and all types of people fit in perfectly here.


Virginia Commonwealth University is a very diverse school, thus opening up it's doors to many different students. Our art program brings forth a uniqe group of students who are interested in the arts. Also the dentist and pre-nursing major introduces students who are interested in biology. I would say VCU accomodates to many different sudent's interests, so every student will find a place at this university.


A potential student at VCU should know right up front that the environment is very diverse. This means that all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds (both ethnic and financial), from all sorts of countries, with all sorts of beliefs, go here. There are a lot of great oppurtunities to learn about yourself and about others at VCU.


The type of person that should attend this university is an individual who has the ambition to develop. Through life we are all presented with opportunity and I do believe that we all have potential but i feel tthat the individuals who truly deserve to be at this university are those who are willing and dedicated to prepare for successfull futures. Afterall it is to my greatest ideology that preparation with opportunity defines success.


I think that VCU can be for anybody because they have a wide variety of major programs and lots of extra curricular organizations actually run by students. There's also a very diverse student body at VCU. I see different ethnicites everyday and most people are friendly, so I would say that it's a well rounded environment for anybody.


In all honesty, I have found through my experiences at VCU that nearly everyone is compatible for this university. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is a home here for you. Even the people who did not originally want to attend VCU (some people from my hometown, for instance) fell in love with the people and the environment to the point where they do not want to leave just like me. I have always encouraged high school teenagers to attend VCU because I guarantee that they will fall in love with it.


Anyone who loves the city. There is always something to do and the school puts on events nonstop. VCU is also a great school for anyone who is artistically talented.


VCU is an incredibly diverse school. The university specializes in several different areas, and has a strong support system for each major. As a transfer student I feel comfortable asking for guidance, and theres an organization for every student to become active in and enjoy.


an outgoing person should attend. all who should have limited anxiety with little work/job involvment. this due to the amount of energy they can expend in their studies


A person looking for a school that is diverse, who likes to have fun, doesn't want to spend 100,000 + on schools that aren't even prestiguous, who is career oriented towards any field.


A person who loves divesity and is outgoing to learn about diffrent people and diffrent cultures.


Artsy, outgoing, organized, accepting of other religious beliefs, sexualities and political beliefs


When I think of VCU, I always think of diversity. You have to be accepting of diversity in order to attend VCU. If you are even close to being a 100% percent conservative, or a close minded person then you will probably not enjoy VCU as much as someone who is more open-minded and more liberal. VCU is not a wild school, but it is not up tight.


VCU is a very different school. The students that make up the campus at Virginia Commonwealth are diverse and open-minded. The ideal VCU student is unique, and open to new things. Also, the ideal student is responsible and independent. VCU is perfect for meeting new people and growing to find out who you are and what you want. VCU isn't for cookie-cutter students. We're all incredibly diverse and unique.


An open-minded person would definitely enjoy VCU, there is a broad range of people and personality types. Also, someone looking to expand their perspective of the world you benefit from going here.


Any kind of person should attend this school because it is a university in which anyone could fit in. A person attending this school should be open to diversity of cultures and like the urban school environment. Even if there are aspects of this university that at first do not seem appealing VCU has a way of growing on students and becoming an amazing school.


I think a very outgoing, social, well-balance individual would like attending VCU. The city of Richmond, where the university is located, is a very lively and loud place. The students of VCU put much emphasis on parties, night-life, and social gatherings. I think someone who enjoys keeping to themselves, or just prefers just being in the company of friends as apposed to immense parties, would feel like a bit of an outcaste, as I do.


The type of person that should attend this school are students that are dedicated and serious about their work and future. Students should also be active and willing to try new things. Here is the city life and there are plenty of things to do outside and in school. There is a diverse student population at this university and easy to make friends so the person should be open to all other ideas and actions. I would say a mixture of a dedicated person and someone looking for new things to explore they would be ther perfect candidate.


The type of person that should attend VCU are the intelligents or the artists, the singers or the athletes, the dorks or the cool kids; basically any and everyone. VCU is diverse & offers just about everything you could possibly need for just about anyone; offering students the opportunity to pursue academics in all areas from the school for arts, for business, for nursing, for engineering, and thats just to name a few. Located downtown, VCU is a great place because you can live that city life or travel fifteen minutes to West End & feel like you're at home.


In order to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, one should be able to deal with people of very diverse backgrounds and religions. One should also be able to deal with large crowds of people. The school is very large and if you do not know who you are or tend to feel lost in large crowds, then Virginia Commonwealth is not the school for you.


Any person open to new things and new people would love to attend this college. There is always something new to try and new things to learn about life and yourself here.


Any person who is very out going, likes big crowds, and loves the city atmoshpere should attend VCU. Being a big campus, someone who is willing to go out and talk to people and introduce themselves would do well. VCU is also very diverse. People who are different and proud of it would fit in perfectly. There are so many different people and styles that people aren't judged.


Artistic, culturally diverse


Somebody who is acceptible to diversity and someone who is capable to going to a university or college in the city.


VCU is a very diverse school. On campus, can be found punk art students to professional business students and all walks in between. Students looking for a diverse group of people, classes, and city should attend VCU.


Students who want a more diverse surrounding. There are many different cultures here and opportunities to get to know each one.Those who wish to study or major in some type of art. VCU is primarily an art school. Those who are not exactly sure about what they want to do at this point. There are many majors here to choose from thus an undecided has an opportunity to dabble in a little of everything.


A person who really like diversity or want to learn about many different cultures in one setting should attend this school.


Someone who is open-minded, loves the city and enjoys a variety of people and ideas from all walks of life should apply here.




A very eccentric, indifferent, and open-minded individual. My school is very liberal yet, at the same time all kinds of people of races from all over the world, different religions and political parties go to my school. You can be your true self here and anybody who you want to be. That is what makes my school unique.


Someone who is very driven and knows who they are and what they want in life is a good candidate for VCU. It is such a diverse community that almost anyone could make something of themselves there. VCU has strong art, medical, law, business, and engineerings programs.


The type of person that should attend this school would be someone who is very open minded. Also, someone who is willing to try new things and see a world in which they may not be used to. Someone who is open to diversity.


Honestly anybody can attend VCU it's very diverse. there is no one race that would fit in more than the other


Someone who is open to new ideas and experiences should definitely consider VCU. There are always a number of recreational and cultural activities going on in the Richmond area, and there are so many opportunities for learning hands-on in whatever career someone is interested, be it business, medicine, engineering, or an art-related field.


There is no specific kind of person. Anyone looking for a great education at an affordable rate in a great campus community.


A student who is completely open minded to learn new things. They have to want to really learn more about there major and do outside work to really get where they want to be after graduation. Have a voice and make sure that it is heard, everyones opinion matters. If you are shy and don't like to interact with people it will be hard to go far at the Virginia Commonwealth University.


The person MUST BE opened minded because Virginia Commonwealth University is a very diversed school. You also must have a lot of pride for the school.


In my opinion, Virginia Commonwealth University is perfect for a student interested in pursuing a career in medicine or research. The School of Humanities and School of Engineering are excellent venues for learning science and engineering disciplines, and MCV is just one GRTC busstop away from volunteering to gain valuable medical experience. Also, the BioTech park has a full range of research opportunities for those are more research oriented. Also, VCU has a highly reknowned School of Arts. Although admission is difficult, a four year degree from VCU School of Art will surely lead to the student to success.


like the city, comfortable in diverse surroundings, arts or engineering major